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Pedigees 336-340: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 336

       Gerard de CAMVILLE (-1139)
   Richard de CAMVILLE (-1191)
Richard de CAMVILLE (-1190) [previous]
   Millicent de RETHEL 

Pedigree 337

           Geoffrey de MANDEVILLE 
       William de MANDEVILLE (1062-1130)
           Athelaise de BALTS (1040-)
   William de MANDEVILLE 
          *Eudo de RIE (-1120) [more]
       Margaret de RYE (1075-)
          *Rohaise de CLARE (1055-1121) [more]
Geoffrey de MANDEVILLE (1130-) [previous]

Pedigree 338

Matilda de BIDEN DE ROCHFORD (1134-) [previous]
   Alice MAUDIT 

Pedigree 339

           William I de MOHUN 
       William II de MOHUN (-1155)
   William III de MOHUN (-1176)
                  *Rudolph de Alost GANT (-1058) [more]
               Gilbert de GAUNT (1034-1095)
                  *Gisela of Luxembourg (-1058) [more]
           Walter de GAUNT (-1139)
                   Hugh Montfort-Sur- RISLE 
               Alice de MONTFORT 
                   Unknown Wife 
       Agnes de GAUNT 
                  *Eudes of Brittany (-1079) [more]
               Stephen I of Brittany (-1135)
                  *Agnes of Cornwall (1018-) [more]
           Maud (Matilda) of Brittany 
               Hawise de GUINCAMP (-1135)
William IV de MOHUN (1159-1193) [previous]
                  *Roger_I de CONCHES (990-1040) [more]
               Ralph_III de TOENI (-1102)
                  *Adelaide of_Barcelona (1004-1051) [more]
           Ralph_IV de TOENI (-1126)
                  *Simon_I de MONTFORT (1026-1087) [more]
               Isabel de MONTFORT 
                  *Elizabeth de BROYES (-1066) [more]
       Roger III de TOENI (1104-1158)
              *Waltheof_II (1045-1076) [more]
           Alice of_Northumberland 
              *Judith of Lens (1054-1086) [more]
   Godeheut (Godehold) de TOENI (-1186)
                  *Baldwin_VI (I) de_Mons of Flanders (1030-1070) [more]
               Baldwin_II of_Hainault (1056-1098)
                  *Richilde von EGISHEIM (-1088) [more]
           Baldwin_III of_Hainaut (1087-1120)
                  *Henry_II of_Brabant (1021-1078) [more]
               Ida of_Louvain (1065-1139)
                  *Adelaide of Orlamunda (1045-1086) [more]
       Ida (Gertrude) of Hainault 
                  *Dietrich FLAMENS (-1092) [more]
               Gerhard I Flaminius (-1138)
           Adelaide (Yolande) of Gueldres 
                  *Peter - William V (VII) (-1058) [more]
               Clementia of_Aquitaine (1048-1129)
                  *Ermensinde de LONGWY (-1058) [more]

Pedigree 340

       William de BRIWERE 
   Henry de BRIWERE 
William de BRIWERE (1145-1226) [previous]
   (Miss) de WALTON 

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