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Pedigees 266-270: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 266

   Peter SALTEBY 
Agnes SALTEBY  [previous]
   Margaret FANSLEY 

Pedigree 267

_____ PLESSINGTON  [previous]

Pedigree 268

                  *John KNYVETT (1239-) [more]
               John KNYVETT 
                  *Mabel HORTON (1243-) [more]
           Richard KNYVETT (1291-)
                   William de ENGAYNE (1243-)
               Johanna de ENGAYNE (1269-)
       John KNYVET (1322-1381)
               John WOURTH (1269-)
           Johanna (Joan) WOURTH (1295-)
   John KNYVET (1358-1418)
                   Ralph BASSET (1250-1291)
               Richard BASSET (1273-1314)
                  *Alianore WADE (1254-) [more]
           Ralph BASSET (1300-1341)
                  *Roger de HUNTINGFIELD (-1302) [more]
               Joan de HUNTINGFIELD 
                  *Joyce d' ENGAINE (-1312) [more]
       Eleanor BASSET (1325-1388)
           Joan STURDON 
John KNYVET (-1445) [previous]
              *John de BOTETOURTE (-1324) [more]
           Otto (Otes) de BOTETOURTE (-1345)
              *Maud FitzThomas  [more]
       John de BOTETOURTE (1333-1377)
   Joan de BOTETOURTE 
           Robert WEYLAND 
       Katherine WEYLAND 
               Thomas de BALDOCK 
           Cecily de BALDOCK 

Pedigree 269

                  *Adam de CLIFTON (1306-1366) [more]
               Adam de CLIFTON (1308-1366)
           Constantine de CLIFTON (1329-1372)
                   Robert MORTIMER (1287-)
               Eleanor MORTIMER (1313-)
       John de CLIFTON (1353-1388)
                   William POLE (1275-1328)
               William de la POLE (1302-1366)
                   Elena (1279-)
           Catherine de la POLE 
                   Walter de NORWICH (1280-)
               Katherine de NORWICH (1306-1381)
                  *Katherine de HEDERSETT (1282-1340) [more]
   Constantine CLIFTON (1372-1395)
          *Ralph CROMWELL (-1398) [more]
       Elizabeth CROMWELL (-1393)
          *Maud BERNACKE (-1419) [more]
Elizabeth CLIFTON  [previous]
      *John HOWARD (1365-1438) [more]
   Margaret HOWARD (-1433)
           John PLAIZ (-1389)
       Margaret PLAIZ (-1391)

Pedigree 270

              *Reginald de GREY (-1308) [more]
           John de GREY (1260-1323)
              *Maud de LONGCHAMP (-1302) [more]
       Roger de GREY (-1352)
   Reynold de GREY (1319-1388)
                  *Henry de HASTINGS (1194-1250) [more]
               Henry de HASTINGS (1235-1268)
                  *Ada of_Huntingdon  [more]
           John de HASTINGS (1262-1313)
                  *William de CANTELOU (1216-1254) [more]
               Joan de CANTELOU (-1271)
                  *Eva de BRAIOSE (-1255) [more]
       Elizabeth de HASTINGS 
              *William de VALENCE (1225-1296) [more]
           Isabel de VALENCE (-1305)
              *Joan de MUNCHENSI (-1307) [more]
Reynold GREY (1362-1440) [previous]
       Roger le STRANGE (-1382)
   Alianor le STRANGE (-1396)
          *Edmund FITZALAN (1285-1326) [more]
          *Alice de WARENNE (-1338) [more]

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