Pedigees 216-220: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 216

   Thomas IRELAND 
Avena IRELAND  [previous]
   _____ VILERS 

Pedigree 217

   Robert BRETON 
Isabel BRETON  [previous]

Pedigree 218

          *William WENTWORTH of Wentworth-Woodhouse  [more]
       William WENTWORTH of Wentworth-Woodhouse 
          *Isabel POLLINGTON  [more]
   William WENTWORTH 
           Robert HOOTON 
       Isabel HOOTON 
               Edward SKELTON 
           Lucy SKELTON 
Thomas WENTWORTH  [previous]
           Henry TINSLEY 
       Walter TINSLOW 
   Lucy TINSLOW 
           Walter BRETT 
       Lucy BRETT 

Pedigree 219

   William FLEMING 
Isabel FLEMING  [previous]

Pedigree 220

                  *Thomas FITZWILLIAM (1226-1266) [more]
               William FITZWILLIAM 
                  *Agnes BERTRAM  [more]
           William FITZWILLIAM 
                  *Richard GREY (1200-1250) [more]
               Agnes GREY 
                   Lucia de HUMES 
       William FITZWILLIAM (1290-1341)
               John METHAM 
           Agnes METHAM 
   John FITZWILLIAM (-1349)
           Edmund DEINCOURT 
       Isabel DEINCOURT (-1348)
John FITZWILLIAM (-1385) [previous]
                  *Alexander RERESBY  [more]
               Isodore RERESBY 
                   Amarilla OMFIELDS 
           Ralph RERESBY 
                   John de EINCOURT 
               Amica de EINCOURT 
                  *Annabella de PLESLEY  [more]
       Adam RERESBY 
                   Ralph NORMANVILLE 
               Ralph NORMANVILLE 
           Margery NORMANVILLE 
   Joan RERESBY 

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