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Pedigees 826-830: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 826

      *Herman Billung of Saxony (905-973) [more]
   Bernhard Billung of Saxony (940-1011)
      *Hildegarde of Westerburg  [more]
Bernhard II of Saxony (995-1057) [previous]
           Liuthar II (-0929)
               Oda of Saxony 
       Henry von STADE (929-976)
   Hildegarde von STADE (974-1011)
           Elli I 
       Hildegarde von RHEINHAUSEN 

Pedigree 827

               Leopold of Bavaira (-907)
           Arnulph "the Bad" (-937)
                   Berthold of Swabia, Pfalzgraf of Swabia 
               Cunigunda of Swabia 
       Berthold I of Bavaria (-980)
               Eberhard of Friuli 
                  *Engeltron  [more]
           Judith of Fiuli von SULICHGAU 
                  *Louis I "the Pious" of Aquitaine (778-0840) [more]
               Gisela of France (819-874)
                  *Judith of Bavaria (800-843) [more]
   Henry von Schweinfurt (-1017)
               Lothar I 
           Lothar II von WALBECK (-991)
       Eileswintha (Heliksuinda) von WALBECK (990-1015)
           Mathilda von ARNSBURG (-0991)
               Frederuna von Ringleheim 
Elica von SCHWEINFURT (1000-1055) [previous]
               Poppo III 
           Otto I of TULLFELD (-982)
       Otto II of TULLFELD (-1008)
   Gerberge von GLEIBERG (952-)

Pedigree 828

  *Sancho Garcie_III "the Great" of Navarre (990-1035) [more]
Ramiro I de Aragon (-1064) [previous]
   Sancha de Aybar 

Pedigree 829

  *Bernard Roger de Conserans (-1035) [more]
Gilberga Hermesinda de Conserans (-1054) [previous]
  *Gersende de Bigorre (-1038) [more]

Pedigree 830

                  *Conrad "the Old"  [more]
                  *Gismode of_Worms  [more]
           Conrad "the Wise" 
       Otto (Otho) II (947-1004)
              *Otto I "the Great" (912-973) [more]
           Luitgardis of Germany (-0947)
              *Eadgyth (Edith) (-0946) [more]
   Henry_II of Spires (-0997)
           Henry of_Verdun 
       Judith of Verdun (-977)
Conrad_II "the Salic" (-1039) [previous]
          *Eberhard_IV (870-972) [more]
       Gerard of_Lower_Alsace (-1024)
          *Luitgard of_Tier  [more]
   Adelaide of Nordgau (-1045)
          *Siegfried (922-998) [more]
       Eva of Luxembourg (-1020)
          *Hedwig of Alsacian Nordgau (-992) [more]

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