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Pedigees 756-760: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 756

       Giovanni II 
   Guaimar III (-1031)
       Sikelgaita of Salerno 
Waimar IV (1010-1052) [previous]
       Pandulf III the Old 
   Gaitelgrima of Benevento (-1027)

Pedigree 757

       Porpora of Amalfi 
Porpora of Tabellaria (-1036) [previous]
   Aldara of San Massimo 

Pedigree 758

                   Sancho I Garces of Navarre 
               Garcia III Sanchez of Navarre 
                  *Toda Aznarez  [more]
           Sancho II Abarca of Navarre 
       Garcia_IV Sanchez of Navarre (964-999)
           Urraca Fernandez 
   Sancho Garcie_III "the Great" of Navarre (990-1035)
           Fernando Vermudez 
       Ximena of_Asturias (-1032)
           Elvira Diaz de Saldana 
Fernando_I the_Great (1016-1065) [previous]
           Garcia Fernandez 
       Sancho Garcia (965-1017)
           Aba of Ribagorza 
   Nuna (Munia Mayor) of Castile (-1066)
           Pedro Fernandez 
       Urraca Perez (-1025)

Pedigree 759

           Ordono III of Leon (926-955)
       Vermudo II "el Gotoso" of Leon (953-999)
           Aragonta Pelaez 
   Alfonso_V of Leon (994-1028)
          *Garcia Fernandez  [more]
       Elvira Garcia (970-1017)
          *Aba of Ribagorza  [more]
Sancha of_Leon (1013-1067) [previous]
           Gonzalo Menendez 
       Melendo Goncales (-1028)
           Ilduara Pelaez 
   Elvira Melendez of Gallicia (996-1022)
           Nuno Gutierrez de Celanova 
       Tutadonna Nunez de Celanova (-1025)

Pedigree 760

  *Robert_II the_Pious (970-1031) [more]
Robert I "the Old" of Burgundy (1011-1076) [previous]
  *Constance of_Provence (-1032) [more]

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