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Pedigees 646-650: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 646

  *Baldwin II of Boulogne (976-1033) [more]
Eustace I of Boulogne (1004-1049) [previous]
  *Adele of Holland  [more]

Pedigree 647

      *Regnier_III (920-) [more]
   Lambert_I "The Bearded" (950-1015)
      *Adele of Toxandrie  [more]
Mathilda de LOUVAIN  [previous]
                  *Louis II "The Stammerer" (846-0879) [more]
               Charles_III the_Simple (879-929)
                  *Luitgrade of Saxony  [more]
           Louis_IV d'Outre-Mer (920-954)
                  *Edward "the Elder" (-924) [more]
               Aedgifu of England (-951)
                  *Alfflaed (878-919) [more]
       Charles of_Lorraine (-992)
                  *Otto I "the Illustrious" (836-912) [more]
               Henry I "the Fowler" (-936)
                  *Hedwig of Germany (856-903) [more]
           Gerberga of_Saxony (-984)
                  *Thiederich (872-917) [more]
               Matilda of_Oldenburg (878-968)
                  *Reginhilde von FRIESLAND (858-) [more]
   Gerberge of Lorraine (975-1008)
          *Herbert III (955-1000) [more]
          *Hermengarde of Bar-sur-Seine (970-1035) [more]

Pedigree 648

      *Torf "The Rich" Baron DE TOURVILLE (930-955) [more]
   Touroude de PONT-AUDEMER (-1040)
      *Ertemberge de Bricanbert BARTRAM (-1001) [more]
Humphrey de VIEILLES (980-1044) [previous]
      *Unknown  [more]
   Woerta de CREPON (942-)

Pedigree 649

       Galeran_II de MEULAN 
   Hugh I (-1005)
Waleran III (990-1069) [previous]
       Robert "the White" of AMIENS 
   Adelaide of Amiens 
       Adelaide of Senlis 

Pedigree 650

      *Baldwin_II "the_Bald" (863-918) [more]
   Jean de CONTEVILLE 
      *Aelfthryth (Ethelwida) of_Wessex (877-929) [more]
Oda CONTEVILLE (994-) [previous]

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