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Pedigees 576-580: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 576

           Robert MUSCEGROS (-1253)
       John MUSCEGROS (1232-1275)
              *William II MALET (1176-1217) [more]
           Hawise MALET (1200-1287)
              *Alice (Aliva) BASSET (1184-1263) [more]
   Robert de MUSCEGROS (1252-1280)
           William AVENAL 
       Cecily AVENAL (-1301)
Hawise de MUSCEGROS (1276-1340) [previous]
      *William de FERRERS (1193-1254) [more]
   Agnes de FERRERS (1244-1281)
      *Margaret de QUINCY (-1280) [more]

Pedigree 577

   William le BOTILLER 
William le BOTILLER (1296-1361) [previous]

Pedigree 578

  *Richard FITZALAN de_Arundel (1266-1301) [more]
Margaret FITZALAN  [previous]
  *Alasia de_Saluzzo (1271-1292) [more]

Pedigree 579

                  *Ebal I (1087-1130) [more]
               Bartholomew (1110-1158)
                   Adelaide (-1141)
           Ebal III (1133-1174)
       Ebal IV (1158-1235)
           Jordane (1134-1158)
   Pierre I (1190-1257)
                  *Gerald II (-1061) [more]
               Aimon I (1050-1128)
                  *Tietburge of Savoy  [more]
           Amadeo I (1100-1178)
                  *Louis de Faucigny (-1060) [more]
               Ida of Faucigny (-1191)
                  *Tietburge of Savoy  [more]
       Beatrice of Geneva (-1235)
                  *Pons I de CUISEAUX  [more]
               Hugh CUISEAUX 
           Matilda de CUISEAUX (-1137)
William de GRANDISON (1255-1335) [previous]
                  *Ulric (-1130) [more]
               Rudolph I (-1146)
           Ulric II (-1191)
               Emma de GLANE 
       Ulric III (-1225)
   Agnes von NEUENBURG (1205-)
                  *Egon III (1085-1158) [more]
               Egon IV (-1196)
           Egon V (1152-1230)
               Kunigunde von WASSERBURG (-1168)
                   Hedwig von FORMBACH 
       Yolande d' URACH (1180-)
                  *Conrad (-1152) [more]
               Berthold IV (1152-1186)
                  *Clemence de NAMUR (-1158) [more]
           Agnes von ZAHRINGEN (-1239)
                  *Hermann (-1123) [more]
               Edith von FROHBERG 

Pedigree 580

               William TREGOZ (1100-1131)
           Robert I de TREGOZ (1168-1213)
               Agnes (1112-1198)
       Robert II de TREGOZ (1200-1265)
          *Sibyl de EWYAS (1165-1236) [more]
   John de TREGOZ (1245-1300)
          *William II de CAUNTELO (1180-1251) [more]
       Juliane de CAUNTELO (1219-1285)
          *Melicent de GURNAY (1183-1260) [more]
Sybl de TREGOZ (1270-1334) [previous]
       Fulk FITZWARIN 
          *Ralph_VI de TOENI (1189-1239) [more]
       Constance de TOENY (-1266)
          *Petronilla de LACY (-1288) [more]

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