File 88: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE


Althelreda of_Dunbar [Pedigree]

Daughter of Gospatrick 1st Earl of Dunbar (1040-1074) and sister_of Edmund

Married Duncan_II May-Nov King of Scotland (1060-1094)

Children: [listed under entry for Duncan_II May-Nov]

References: [AR7],[Weis1]

Alvaro Rodriguez de Asturias [Pedigree]

Married Maria Pelayez de Cisneros Cifontes


  1. Roderigo Alvarez Count in Asturias (-1066) m. Teresa Lainez

References: [RFC]

Alvidis [Pedigree]

Married Hugh Bardoul I de Broye

Children: [listed under entry for Hugh Bardoul I de Broye]

Alwara (0955-) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Athelstan Mannesson (0925-)

    b. Abt 0955
    r. Mercia, Eng.

Married Leofwine Earl of Mercia (950-1028)

Children: [listed under entry for Leofwine]

References: [GENSERV],[AR7]

Amabel [Pedigree]

Daughter of William FitzDuncan of Scotland (1095-1153) and Alice de RUMELY (-1187)

Married Reynold de LUCY (-1198)

Children: [listed under entry for Reynold de LUCY]

References: [GENSERV]

Amabilia [Pedigree]
    ev. Living 1281

Married Sir John COMYN (-1273)

Children: [listed under entry for John COMYN]

References: [AR7]

Amadeo I Count of Geneva (1100-1178) [Pedigree]

Son of Aimon I Count of Geneva (1050-1128) and Ida of Faucigny (-1191)

    b. 1100, of Genf, Genf, Switzerland
    d. 26 Jun 1178

Married second Matilda de CUISEAUX (-1137)


  1. William I of Geneva Count of Geneva (1130-1195)
  2. Beatrice of Geneva (-1235) m. Ebal IV Seigneur de Grandson (1158-1235)
  3. Comtesson of GENEVA

References: [RFC],[WallopFH],[ES],[PlantagenetA]

Amadeo I Count of Savoy [Pedigree]

Son of Humbert I of SAVOY Count of Savoy (975-1042) and Auchilia of Burgundy

Married Adelaide of Albon & Grenoble


  1. Tietburge of Savoy m(1) Gerald II Count of Geneva (-1061)
  2. (Miss) de SAVOY

References: [RFC],[PlantagenetA],[Talbot1]

Amadeo IV Count of Savoy (1197-1253) [Pedigree]

Son of Thomas I of SAVOY Count of Savoy and Maurienne (1178-1233) and Beatrix (Marguerite) de Geneva and Faucigny (1179-1257)

    b. 1197
    r. Savoy, France
    d. 24 Jun 1253

Married first Anne Duchess of Burgundy (1192-1242)


  1. Beatrice of Savoy (1224-1259) m(1) Manfredo III Marquis de Saluzzo (-1244)
  2. Marguerite of Savoy (-1254)

Married second Cecile des BAUX (-1275)


  1. Beatrix II of SAVOY (-1292)

References: [GENSERV],[ES],[CharlemagneD],[MRL],[WallopFH], [PlantagenetA],[RoyalAAF],[AR7]

Amadeus (-827) [Pedigree]
    r. Langres
    d. AFT 827


  1. Anscar Count of Oscheret (-898) m. Gisela (Volsea)

References: [Theroff]

Amadeus II Count of Savoy, Maurienne, Marquis of Italy (1046-1080) [Pedigree]

Son of Otto_I Count of Savoy, Maurienne (1020-1060) and Adelaide de Montferrat (1034-1091)

    b. ABT 1046
    d. 26 Jan 1080

Married Jeanne of GENEVA (-1070)


  1. Humbert_II Count Maurienne, Savoy, Marquis of Italy (1062-1103) m. Gisele of_Burgundy (1070-1133)
  2. Adelaide de MAURIENNE

References: [RFC],[ES],[WallopFH],[LDS-AF],[AR7],[PlantagenetA]

Amadeus III Count Savoy, Maurienne (1088-1148) [Pedigree]

Son of Humbert_II Count Maurienne, Savoy, Marquis of Italy (1062-1103) and Gisele of_Burgundy (1070-1133)

       On the 2nd Crusade.
    b. 1088, Chateau-Montmeillan, Savoy, Switzerland
    d. 30 Aug 1148, Nicosia, Cyprus

Married Matilda (Majes) de VIENNOIS (-1145)


  1. Matilda of_Savoy (1125-1157) m. Alfonso I of Portugal 1st King of Portugal (1110-1185)
  2. Humbert III Count of Savoy, Marquis of Italy (1136-1188)
  3. Alix (Elsa) de SAVOY Dame de Chateauneuf-en-Valromey m. Humbert III Sire de Beaujeu (1120-1174)

References: [ES],[PlantagenetA],[Talbot1],[Paget1],[AR7],[MRL], [Theroff]

Amaury Count of Hainault [Pedigree]

Married Countess of Cambray


  1. William de BASTINBOURG Count Hainault (-1001) m. Albreda MONTFORT DE ESPERON

References: [PlantagenetA]

Amelia (-1010) [Pedigree]
    d. AFT 1010

Married Boso I Vicomte de Chatellerault (-1014)

Children: [listed under entry for Boso I]

References: [ES],[RFC]

Amelia of Aulnay (-1072) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Cadelon IV Vicomte d'Aulnay and Arsendis (Ersendis) (-989)

       Stuart (Royalty for Commoners, p. 233) says that she is the daughter of Geraud de Montignac and Nonia de Granol.
       Some authorities agree with this lineage, but Isenburg agrees with Stuart.
    d. 1072

Married Bernard I Count of La Marche Count de la Marche, Perigord (986-1047)

Children: [listed under entry for Bernard I]

References: [ES],[PlantagenetA],[AR7],[Talbot1]

Amelie Arques [Pedigree]

Married Geoffrey d' Arques

Children: [listed under entry for Geoffrey d' Arques]

Ameline (-1065) [Pedigree]
    d. AFT 1065

Married Geoffroy I de PREIULLY (-1040)

Children: [listed under entry for Geoffroy I de PREIULLY]

References: [ES],[PlantagenetA]

Ameline [Pedigree]

Married Arnulf de HESDIN Seigneur de Hesdin (1038-)

Children: [listed under entry for Arnulf de HESDIN]

References: [MRL],[GENSERV]

Ameline [Pedigree]

Married Geoffroy III de THOUARS Vicomte de Thouars (1040-1123)

Children: [listed under entry for Geoffroy III de THOUARS]

References: [Theroff],[ES],[PlantagenetA]

Amice [Pedigree]

Married John II le STRANGE (-1233)

Children: [listed under entry for John II le STRANGE]

References: [MCP]

Amice de_Montfort [Pedigree]

Daughter of Ralph de_Gael de_Montford Earl Norfolk (1080-1143)

       REF AR7. She was the dau. of Ralph de_Gael de_Montford (1080-1143).

Married Sir Robert BELLOMONT (BLANCHMAIN) 2nd Earl of Leicester Earl Leicester (1104-1168)

Children: [listed under entry for Robert BELLOMONT (BLANCHMAIN)]

References: [AR7],[Weis1]

Amicia of Gloucester Countess of Gloucester (1160-1225) [Pedigree]

Daughter of William FitzRobert 2nd Earl of Gloucester Earl of Chester (1121-1183) and Hawise BEAUMONT (1134-1197)

    b. ABT 1160, of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, Eng.
    d. 1 Jan 1225
    d. 1 Jan 1224-5

Married Richard de CLARE 6th Earl of Clare (1153-1217)

Children: [listed under entry for Richard de CLARE]

References: [RD500],[WallopFH],[ConverseA],[AR7],[YorkshireV], [PRES.GED],[ES],[PlantagenetA]

Aminiana (Munia) [Pedigree]

Married Garcia Sanchez Count of Gascony

Children: [listed under entry for Garcia Sanchez]

Anarawd ap Rhodri Prince of Gwynedd (857-) [Pedigree]

Son of Rhodri Mawr "the Great" ap Merfyn Prince of Wales (789-) and Angharad Verch Meurig (825-)

    b. ABT 857
    r. Gwynedd, Wales
    d. 916


  1. Idwal Foel "the Bald" ap Anarawd (883-) m(1) UNKNOWN
  2. Elise Ap Anarawd (885-)

References: [GENSERV]

Andelicia [Pedigree]

Married William MALBANK

Children: [listed under entry for William MALBANK]

References: [PlantagenetA]

Andrew_II King of Hungary (1176-1235) [Pedigree]

Son of Bela_III King of Hungary (1148-1196) and Agnes de_Chatillon (1153-1184)

       REF Weis1. King of Hungary 1205-1235.
       Forced to issue the Golden Bull "Magna Charta of Hungary" in 1222.
    b. 1176
    d. 21 Sep 1235

Married first Gertrude of_Meran (-1213)


  1. Bela_IV King of Hungary (-1275) m. Marie Laskarina
  2. Elizabeth of_Hungary St. (-1231)

Married second Yolande de COURTENAY


  1. Yolande Princess of Hungary (1213-1251) m. Jaime I "the Conqueror" de Aragon King of Aragon (1207-1276)

Married third Beatrice von ESTE (-1245)

References: [RFC],[ES],[Weis1],[MannEd]

Andronicus Angelus [Pedigree]

Son of Constantinus Angelus and Theodora Comnena

Married Euphrosyne Castamonita


  1. Isaac_II Angelus (1155-1204)

References: [AR7],[Theroff]

Andronicus Ducas [Pedigree]

Married Maria


  1. Irene m. Alexis_I Comnenus Emperor of the East (1048-1118)

References: [AR7]

Anfrica of Scotland [Pedigree]

Daughter of William_I "the Lion" King of Scotland (1143-1214) and Isabel de AVENAL

       Her father was not married to her mother.

Married William de SAY (1137-1177)

Children: [listed under entry for William de SAY]

References: [CP],[WallopFH]

Angharad Ferch Llewelyn Queen of Powys [Pedigree]

Married Owain ap Hywel Dha King of South Wales (-988)

Children: [listed under entry for Owain ap Hywel Dha]

References: [RGD],[AR7]

Angharad Ferch Maredudd Queen of Powys (982-) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Maredudd ap Owain ap Hywel Dda and Asritha

    b. ABT 982, of Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales

Married first Llywelyn ap Seisyll Prince of North Wales 980-1023

Children: [listed under entry for Llywelyn ap Seisyll]

Married second Cynfyn ap Gwerystan of Powys King of Powys Prince of Powys

Children: [listed under entry for Cynfyn ap Gwerystan of Powys]

References: [PlantagenetA],[AR7],[RGD]

Angharad Verch Hywel (920-) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Hywel "Dda" (the Good) ap Cadell Prince of Deheubarth (887-) and Elen Verch Llywarch (893-)

    b. ABT 920
    r. Dynevor, Llandyfeisant, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Married Tudur "Trefor" Ap Ynyr (918-)

Children: [listed under entry for Tudur "Trefor" Ap Ynyr]

References: [GENSERV]

Angharad Verch Iago (948-) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Iago Ap Idwal (908-) and Iago Ap Idwal (915-)

    b. ABT 948
    r. Gwynedd, Wales

Married Lluddica Ap Tudur (930-1037)

Children: [listed under entry for Lluddica Ap Tudur]

References: [GENSERV]

Angharad Verch Meurig (825-) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Meuric ap Dyfnwal Lord Caerdigan

    b. ABT 825, Caer Seiont, Wales
    r. Ceredigion, Wales

Married Rhodri Mawr "the Great" ap Merfyn Prince of Wales (789-)

Children: [listed under entry for Rhodri Mawr "the Great" ap Merfyn]

References: [GENSERV],[RGD]

Angharad of Flint [Pedigree]

Daughter of Owain ap Edwin Lord of Flint (1058-1105) and Morfydd (1048-)

    b. of Tegaingl, Flintshire, Wales

Married Gruffudd ap Cynan Prince of North Wales King of Gwynedd (1055-1137)

Children: [listed under entry for Gruffudd ap Cynan]

References: [PlantagenetA],[AR7],[Moncreiffe]

Ann (1595-1669) [Pedigree]
    b. 1595
    d. 1 Oct 1669, Hingham, MA

Married Clement BATES (1595-1671)

Children: [listed under entry for Clement BATES]

References: [Bates1]

Ann (1632-1717) [Pedigree]
    b. 1632
    d. AFT 17 Sep 1717

Married Miles THOMPSON (-1708)

Children: [listed under entry for Miles THOMPSON]

References: [GDMNH]

Ann (1603-) [Pedigree]
    b. 1603
    r. Scituate, MA

Married John WILLIAMS (1600-1694)

Children: [listed under entry for John WILLIAMS]

References: [LDS-AF]

Ann (1605-1636) [Pedigree]
    b. ABT 1605, Rye, Sussex, Eng.
    d. ABT 1636, Canterbury, Kent, Eng.

Married Nathan LORD (1590-1625)

Children: [listed under entry for Nathan LORD]

References: [GENSERV]

Ann (1552-1595) [Pedigree]
    b. 1552
    r. Sandy, Bedford, Eng.
    d. 29 Jul 1595, Sandy, Bedford, Eng.

Married Thomas LANGLEY (1548-1600)

Children: [listed under entry for Thomas LANGLEY]

References: [GENSERV]

Anna (1600-1664) [Pedigree]
       REF Bailey1, REF Scituate1.
       Widow Anna Vinal appeared in Scituate with three children in 1636.
    b. c. 1600
    d. 6 OCT 1664, Scituate, MA

Married Stephen VINAL (-1636)

Children: [listed under entry for Stephen VINAL]

References: [LDS-AF],[Scituate1],[PlymouthCH]

Anna (886-914) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Leo_VI Emperor of Byzantium (866-912) and Zoe Tzautzina (-899)

    b. 886-8
    d. c. 914

Married Louis_III the_Blind Emperor of the West (883-928)

Children: [listed under entry for Louis_III the_Blind]

References: [AR7]

Anna (1504-) [Pedigree]
    b. ABT 1504
    r. Walsham, Suffolk, Eng.

Married Thomas RYSE (1500-)

Children: [listed under entry for Thomas RYSE]

References: [GENSERV]

Anna of Germany [Pedigree]

Daughter of Heinrich IV Holy Roman Emperor (1050-1106) and Bertha of MAURIENNE (1051-1081)

Married Vulkan (Stephen Uros) Grandzupan of Serbia (1080-1130)

Children: [listed under entry for Vulkan (Stephen Uros)]

References: [JAMS]

Annabelle [Pedigree]

Married Thomas del FELD (1330-1391)

Children: [listed under entry for Thomas del FELD]

References: [FieldFH]

Anne [Pedigree]

Married Hatevil NUTTER (1598-1674)

Children: [listed under entry for Hatevil NUTTER]

References: [GDMNH]

Anne Duchess of Burgundy (1192-1242) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Hugues III de BOURGOGNE Duke of Burgundy (1148-1192) and Beatrice de VIENNOIS (1162-1228)

    b. ABT 1192
    d. END OF 1242

Married Amadeo IV Count of Savoy (1197-1253)

Children: [listed under entry for Amadeo IV]

References: [ES],[CharlemagneD],[MRL],[GENSERV]

Anne [Pedigree]

Married Nathaniel HERSEY (-1629)

Children: [listed under entry for Nathaniel HERSEY]

References: [GENSERV]

Anne [Pedigree]

Married Thomas BARLOW (1570-)

Children: [listed under entry for Thomas BARLOW]

References: [GENSERV],[GMB]

Anne (-1541) [Pedigree]
    d. AFT Apr 1541, Folkingham, Lincoln, Eng.

Married John EMERSON (1490-1539)

Children: [listed under entry for John EMERSON]

References: [GENSERV]

Anne de Leon (-1092) [Pedigree]
    d. ABT 1092

Married Eudon_I Viscount de Porhoet et de Rennes

Children: [listed under entry for Eudon_I]

References: [Theroff],[AR7]

Anne of Essex [Pedigree]

Daughter of Hugh of Essex

Married Sir Thomas PRAYERS (-1348)

Children: [listed under entry for Thomas PRAYERS]

References: [CP],[WallopFH]

Anne of Russia (1036-1075) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Yaroslav I Grand Duke of Kiev (-1054) and Ingigerd (Anna) Olafsdottir Princess of Sweden (1001-1050)

       Debrett's Kings and Queens of Europe (1988): Anne of Kiev was the
       mother of Henry's two surviving sons.
    b. 1036
    b. ABT 1024
    r. Kiev, Ukraine
    d. 1075
    d. AFT 1075

Married first Henry I of France King of France (1008-1060)

Children: [listed under entry for Henry I of France]

References: [AR7],[Weis1]

Anne of_Gloucester Countess of Buckingham (1383-1438) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Thomas of_Woodstock 1st Duke of Gloucester (1354-1397) and Alianor de BOHUN Lady (1366-1399)

       REF Weis1. Anne of_Buckingham. Third husband was William Bourchier.
    b. Apr 1383
    b. Apr 1383, of Pleshy, Essex, Eng.
    r. Pheshy, Essex, Eng.
    d. 16 Oct 1438

Married first Thomas STAFFORD 3rd Earl of Stafford (-1392)

Married second Edmund STAFFORD 5th Earl of Stafford (1377-1403)

Children: [listed under entry for Edmund STAFFORD]

Married third Sir William BOURGCHIER Comte d'Eu (1374-1420)

Children: [listed under entry for William BOURGCHIER]

References: [GENSERV],[MCS4],[WallopFH],[FarisPA],[Weis1]

Ansbertus "the Senator" [Pedigree]

Son of Tonantius

       REF AR7. Gallo-Roman Senator. This generation and previous 4 are from
       David H. Kelley, in NEHGR 101:112.

Married Blithilde


  1. Arnoldus Bishop of Metz

References: [AR7]

Anscar Count of Oscheret (-898) [Pedigree]

Son of Amadeus (-827)

    r. 888, Italy
    d. AFT 898

Married Gisela (Volsea)


  1. Adalbert Margrave of Ivrea (880-923) m(1) Gisela of Friuli (880-910)

References: [Theroff],[ES],[Weis1]

Anschitil Vicomte of the Bessin [Pedigree]
    ev. Living 1031


  1. Ranulph I Vicomte of the Bessin m. Alice of_Normandy

References: [AR7]

Ansculf (1014-) [Pedigree]
    b. ABT 1014, Eng.


  1. William FITZANSCULF (1044-)

References: [GENSERV]

Anselm Count of Noyou (-966) [Pedigree]
    d. AFT 966


  1. Anselme ArchChancellor of Burgundy m. Adelaide of Oltigau

References: [RFC]

Anselme ArchChancellor of Burgundy [Pedigree]

Son of Anselm Count of Noyou (-966)

Married Adelaide of Oltigau


  1. Auchilia of Burgundy m. Humbert I of SAVOY Count of Savoy (975-1042)

References: [RFC],[PlantagenetA],[GENSERV],[ES]