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File 109: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE


Hugh II de Gournay [Pedigree]


  1. Hugh III de GOURNAY (1044-1110) m. Basilia de FLEITEL

References: [PlantagenetA]

Hugh II of St. Pol Count of St. Pol [Pedigree]

Married Elisenda de PONTHIEU


  1. Rosetta de ST. POL m. Rodelphus (Raoul) 3rd Count Guisnes (997-1036)

References: [RFC],[WallopFH],[EnglishP],[PlantagenetA]

Hugh III of Maine Count of Maine [Pedigree]


  1. Herbert I of Maine Count of Maine (-1051) m. Bertha of CHARTRES (-1085)

References: [RFC],[ES],[PlantagenetA],[AR7]

Hugh Magnus Prince of France (1057-1101) [Pedigree]

Son of Henry I of France King of France (1008-1060) and Anne of Russia (1036-1075)

       Duke of France and Burgundy, Marquis of Orleans, Count of Amiens,
       Chaumont, Paris, Valois, and Vermandois.
       A leader of the 1st Crusade.
       REF Dewey1. His mother is listed as Anne of Prussia.
    b. 1057
    d. 18 Oct 1101, Tarsus, Cicicia

Married Adelheid de VERMANDOIS Countess of Vermandois (1062-1120)


  1. Agnes de Vermandois
  2. Isabel de VERMANDOIS Countess of Leicester and Meulan (1081-1131) m(1) Robert de BEAUMONT 1st Earl of Leicester (1049-1118)
  3. Mahaut de VERMANDOIS (1084-) m(1) Raoul I de BAUGENCY (-1130)
  4. Alice of Paris

References: [Weis1],[MRL],[Dewey1],[AR7],[Paget1],[RFC], [LDS-AF],[Talbot1],[MannEd],[Theroff]

Hugh VI von Egisheim Count Dagsburg [Pedigree]

Married Mathilda of Dugha Egisheim


  1. Henry I von EGISHEIM Count of Egisheim and Dagsburg (-1065) m. (Miss) von MOHA

References: [RFC]

Hugh de Chastellerault (-1075) [Pedigree]

Son of Boso I Vicomte de Chatellerault (-1014) and Amelia (-1010)

    b. of Chatellerault and Rochefoucaud, Poitou, France
    d. 1075

Married Gerberge de la ROCHEFOUCAULD (-1058)


  1. Boso II Viscount de Chastellerault (1036-1092) m. Eleanor de THOUARS (1050-1093)

References: [Paget1],[ES],[RFC],[WallopFH],[AR7]

Hugh de_Creil Count of Clermont in Beauvaisis Count de Clermont (1030-1101) [Pedigree]

Son of Renaud I de CLERMONT Count Clermont (-1087) and Ermengardis de CLERMONT

       Count of Mouchy and Creil.
    d. 1101
    b. 1030, of Clermont, Beauvais, France
    d. 1101, of Northamptonshire, Eng.

Married Marguerite de ROUCI (1035-)


  1. Renaud II Comte de Clermont (-1162) m(2) Clemence of Bar-le-duc (-1183)
  2. Adelaide de_Clermont (1074-) m. Gilbert FitzRichard de CLARE 2nd Earl of Clare (1066-1114)
  3. Richilde de CLERMONT m. Dreux II de Mello Seigneur de Mouchy
  4. Ermentrude de CLERMONT (1051-) m(1) Hugh d' (Lupus) AVRANCHES Earl of Chester (-1101)

References: [AR7],[ES],[PresidentsA],[Talbot1],[PlantagenetA], [MRL],[RoyalAAF]

Hugh of Bourges Count of Bourges [Pedigree]

Married Roheut of France (870-)


  1. Richilda of Bourges m. Thibault of Chartres Viscount of Troyes Count of Tours, Chartres

References: [AR7],[RFC]

Hugh of Essex [Pedigree]


  1. Anne of Essex m. Sir Thomas PRAYERS (-1348)

References: [CP],[WallopFH]

Hugh of_Kevelioc Earl of Chester, Viscount Avranches (1147-1181) [Pedigree]

Son of Radnulf de GERNON 2nd Earl Chester (1100-1153) and Maud of Gloucester (1120-1189)

       Cyfeiliog was a small territory (cantref) in medieval Wales. The
       river Dyfi intersected the northwestern corner of it and formed
       part of its western border. Machynlleth and Tarfolwern are two
       centres shown on my map. The rough reference is 52 deg. 40 min.
       (Lat.) 3 deg. 45 min. (Lon.).
    b. 1147, Kevelioc, Monmouth, Eng.
    d. 30 Jun 1181, Leeke, Stafford, Eng.
    bur. Chester, Cheshire, Eng.

Married first Bertrade de MONTFORT (1155-1227)


  1. Maud of_Chester (1171-1233) m. David de HUNTINGDON Earl of Huntingdon (1144-1219)
  2. Ranulf of Chester Earl of Chester
  3. (Miss) de MESCHINES
  4. Agnes of Chester Lady of Chartley (1174-1247) m. William de FERRERS 4th Earl of Derby (1168-1247)
  5. Hawise of Chester Countess of Lincoln (1180-1241) m. Robert de QUINCY (1172-1217)
  6. Mabel of_Chester (1172-) m. William d' AUBIGNY Earl of Arundel (1165-1220)
  7. Amicia de MESCHINES (1167-) m. Rafe (Ralph) de MAINWARING (1155-)
  8. Tanglust KEVELIOC (1170-)

Married second unknown


  1. Amicia de MESCHINES (1178-)

References: [Royal92],[AR7],[CP],[Weis1],[ConverseA],[WallopFH], [Moncreiffe],[RD500],[MRL],[PlantagenetA],[MCS4], [GENSERV],[APC],[PresidentsA]

Hugh the Abbot Count of Andech (794-844) [Pedigree]

Son of Charlemagne King of Franks (742-814) and Regina (Reginopycrha) (770-)

    b. ABT 794, Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia
    d. 7 Jun 844

Married Adelaide of France


  1. Petronille of Andech Countess d'Anjou (825-) m. Tertulle the Breton Count d'Anjou Seneschal of the Gatinais (821-)

References: [GENSERV],[MRL],[RoyalAAF],[RFC]

Hugh_I Magnus Duke of France (895-956) [Pedigree]

Son of Robert I King of the West Franks (-923) and Beatrix de VERMANDOIS (880-)

       Count of Paris, Orleans, Vexin, LeMans
    b. ABT 895
    b. Abt 900, Paris, Seine, France
    d. 16 Jun 956, Dourdan, France
    d. 16 Jun 956, Deurdan
    bur. Deurdan

Married second Hedwig of Saxony (-965)


  1. Hugh CAPET King of France (939-996) m. Adelais of_Aquitaine (-1006)
  2. Emma of Burgundy (943-0968) m. Richard I "The Fearless" of Normandy 3rd Duke of Normandy (933-996)

References: [AR7],[GENSERV],[Weis1],[Theroff],[MRL],[Paget1], [RFC],[ES]

Hugh_II of_Ponthieu Count of Ponthieu (-1052) [Pedigree]

Son of Enguerrand (Isambart) I Count of Ponthieu, Montreuil (-1046) and Adele of Holland

       Count of Montreuil, Seigneur de Abbeville
    d. 20 Nov 1052

Married Bertha of Aumale


  1. Enguerrand II of Ponthieu Count of Ponthieu (-1053) m. Adeliza of Normandy (1030-1081)
  2. Guy_I of_Ponthieu Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil (-1100) m. Ada of AMIENS (-1066)

References: [AR7],[RD500],[RFC],[MRL],[CP],[Weis1]

Hugh_III of_Hohenburg Count in the Alsacian Nordgau [Pedigree]

Son of Eberhard_III Count in the Nordgau and Northern Hamelant (-898)

       REF RFC. Count of Hohenburg in Alsaice, advocate of Luden.
    d. 940

Married Hildegarde


  1. Eberhard_IV Count of Alsatian Nordgau (870-972) m. Luitgard of_Tier

References: [RFC],[PlantagenetA]

Hugh_V Count in the Nordgau Count in Lower Alsace (928-986) [Pedigree]

Son of Eberhard_IV Count of Alsatian Nordgau (870-972) and Luitgard of_Tier

       Count in Lower Alsace
       Count in the Nordgau.
    b. ABT 928, of Egisheim, Haut-Rhin, France
    ev. Living 951
    d. BEF 986
    d. BEF 986

Married Berlinda of Ortenburg


  1. Gisela of Lower Lorraine m. Gerhard III Count of Alsace (-1045)
  2. Hugh_VI Count of Egisheim and Nordgau (960-1049) m. Heilwig of Dagsburg (970-1046)
  3. Eberhard V Count of Lower Alsace

References: [RFC],[PlantagenetA],[ES],[MRL]

Hugh_VI Count of Egisheim and Nordgau (960-1049) [Pedigree]

Son of Hugh_V Count in the Nordgau Count in Lower Alsace (928-986) and Berlinda of Ortenburg

    b. ABT 960
    r. Egisheim, Haut-Rhin, France
    d. BEF 1049

Married Heilwig of Dagsburg (970-1046)


  1. Hugh VI von EGISHEIM Count Dagsburg (-1049)
  2. Hildegarde of_Egisheim m. Richwin Count of Scarpone (-1028)
  3. Gerard II Count in Alsatian Nordgau (-1038) m. Berta of Burgundy
  4. Gertrude von Egisheim (-1077) m. Ludolf von BRAUNSWEIG Count in Darlingo, Markgraf von Westfrisia (-1038)
  5. (Miss) von EGISHEIM
  6. (Miss) von EGISHEIM (1000-)

References: [RFC],[MRL],[AR7],[LDS-AF]

Hugo de Calvacamp [Pedigree]


  1. Rodulf_I de TOSNY

References: [Theroff]

Hugues Sire de Beaumont-sur-Vingeanne et d'Autrey [Pedigree]


  1. Alix de Beaumont-sur-Vingeanne et d'Autrey m. Guy de VERGY Sire de Vergy

References: [Theroff]

Hugues Sire de Montdoubleau [Pedigree]

Son of Bodo (Eudes) de NEVERS (-1023) and Adele d' ANJOU Comtesse de Vendome (990-1033)

       This person is unknown to Isenburg, chart 723b.


  1. Unknown

References: [PlantagenetA]

Hugues Seigneur de l'Isle-Bouchard (-1030) [Pedigree]

Son of Bouchard II Seigneur de l'Isle & de Riviere and Hermengarde de Villaines

    d. AFT 1030


  1. Agnes de l' ISLE-BOUCHARD (-1140) m. Archambaud (-1083)

References: [ES]

Hugues chatelain de Douai [Pedigree]

Married Adele de Cambrai (-1046)


  1. Hugues I chatelain de Cambrai m. Ade de Rumigny

References: [Theroff]

Hugues I chatelain de Cambrai [Pedigree]

Son of Hugues chatelain de Douai and Adele de Cambrai (-1046)

Married Ade de Rumigny


  1. Hugues II chatelain de Cambrai, sn d'Oisy m. Heldiarde de Mons

References: [Theroff]

Hugues II chatelain de Cambrai, sn d'Oisy [Pedigree]

Son of Hugues I chatelain de Cambrai and Ade de Rumigny

Married Heldiarde de Mons


  1. Simon d'Oisy chatelain de Cambrai (-1171)
  2. Clemence de Cambrai-Oisy m. Guillaume de Bethune (-1138)

References: [Theroff]

Hugues III Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1110) [Pedigree]

Son of Routrou_I Vicount of Chateaudun Count Mortagne, Vicomte de Chateaudan (-1049) and Adeline de_Domfront

    d. 1110

Married Agnes de FRETEVAL


  1. Geoffroy II Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1141) m. Hawise
  2. Mahaut de CHATEAUDUN (-1130) m. Geoffroy II Grisegonelle Comte de Vendome (-1145)

References: [PlantagenetA],[ES]

Hugues IV Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1180) [Pedigree]

Son of Geoffroy II Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1141) and Hawise

    d. ABT 1180

Married Margaret de MONTDOUBLEAU


  1. Hugues V Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1191) m. Jeanne de PREUILLY (-1211)

References: [PlantagenetA],[ES]

Hugues V Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1191) [Pedigree]

Son of Hugues IV Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1180) and Margaret de MONTDOUBLEAU

    d. 1191

Married Jeanne de PREUILLY (-1211)


  1. Geoffroy IV de CHATEAUDUN (-1218) m. Alice de FRETEVAL

References: [ES],[PlantagenetA],[Paget1]

Humberge [Pedigree]

Married William IV of Auvergne Count of Auvergne

Children: [listed under entry for William IV of Auvergne]

Humbert I Seigneur de Salins [Pedigree]

Son of Alberic I Vicomte of Narbonne and Artela of Macon

       Inherited part of the vicounty of Narbonne.
    d. 957

Married Windelmode de ESCUENS


  1. Adela of Salins m. Gui I Count of Tonnerre (-970)

References: [RFC],[PlantagenetA]

Humbert I Seigneur de Salins [Pedigree]

Married Windelmode de Escuens


  1. Wandalmodis de SALINS m. Domnus Guigues II Sire de Vion (-957)

References: [ES],[PlantagenetA],[RFC]

Humbert_II Count Maurienne, Savoy, Marquis of Italy (1062-1103) [Pedigree]

Son of Amadeus II Count of Savoy, Maurienne, Marquis of Italy (1046-1080) and Jeanne of GENEVA (-1070)

       Marquis of Turin.
    b. ABT 1062
    d. 14 Oct 1103

Married Gisele of_Burgundy (1070-1133)


  1. Adelaide of_Savoy (1092-1154) m(1) Louis_VI the_Fat King of France (1081-1137)
  2. Amadeus III Count Savoy, Maurienne (1088-1148) m. Matilda (Majes) de VIENNOIS (-1145)
  3. Agnes of Savoy (1105-1183) m. Archambault_VII de BOURBON Sire de Bourbon (-1173)

References: [ES],[WallopFH],[LDS-AF],[AR7],[RFC],[MRL],[Weis1], [PlantagenetA],[Talbot1],[Theroff]

Hunda-Steinar of England Earl in England [Pedigree]

Married Alof Ragnarsdottir


  1. Biorn Hundasson
  2. Sigurd Hundasson

References: [RGD]

Hunroch Margrave of Friuli [Pedigree]

Married Engeltron


  1. Eberhard of Friuli Margrave of Friuli m. Gisela of France (819-874)

References: [AR7],[RFC],[RGD],[Weis1]

Hunrock (Unrouch) Count in Teisterbant [Pedigree]


  1. Godizo Count in the Betuwe (-1018) m. Bertha (Bave)

References: [RFC]

Hunydd fil Eunydd [Pedigree]

Daughter of Eunydd ap Gwernwy Lord Dyffryn-Clwd and Eva fil Llewellyn (1024-)

    b. of Powys, Wales

Married Maredudd ap Bleddyn Prince of Powys (-1132)

Children: [listed under entry for Maredudd ap Bleddyn]

References: [PlantagenetA],[BurkeGRF]

Hwala [Pedigree]

Son of Bedwig


  1. Hathra

Hyfaidd Ap Bleiddig (820-) [Pedigree]

Son of Bleiddig (Bledri) (790-) and Tangwystl Verch Owain (794-)

    b. ABT 820
    r. Dyfed, Wales
    d. 893


  1. Llywarch Ap Hyfaidd (867-)

References: [GENSERV]

Hywel "Dda" (the Good) ap Cadell Prince of Deheubarth (887-) [Pedigree]

Son of Cadell ap Rhodri Mawr King of South Wales (861-) and Rheingar (0865-)

    b. ABT 887
    r. Deheubarth, Wales
    d. 950

Married Elen Verch Llywarch (893-)


  1. Owain ap Hywel Dha King of South Wales (-988) m. Angharad Ferch Llewelyn Queen of Powys
  2. Angharad Verch Hywel (920-) m. Tudur "Trefor" Ap Ynyr (918-)

References: [GENSERV],[RGD],[AR7]

Iago Ap Idwal (915-) [Pedigree]
    b. ABT 915
    r. Gwynedd, Wales

Married Iago Ap Idwal (908-)

Children: [listed under entry for Iago Ap Idwal]

References: [GENSERV]

Iago Ap Idwal (908-) [Pedigree]

Son of Idwal Foel "the Bald" ap Anarawd (883-) and Mereddon Verch Cadwr (887-)

    b. ABT 908
    r. Gwynedd, Wales

Married Iago Ap Idwal (915-)


  1. Angharad Verch Iago (948-) m. Lluddica Ap Tudur (930-1037)

References: [GENSERV]

Iago III ap Idwal King of Gwynedd (974-1039) [Pedigree]

Son of Idwal

       Skull cleft with axe by his own men.
    b. ABT 974, of Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales
    d. 1039

Married Avendrig of Powys (984-)


  1. Cynan ap Iago Prince of North Wales (-1060) m. Ragnaillt (1025-)

References: [PlantagenetA],[Moncreiffe]

Ida (-1180) [Pedigree]
    d. ABT 1180

Married Guy_II of_Ponthieu Count of Ponthieu Count Ponthieu (1116-1147)

Children: [listed under entry for Guy_II of_Ponthieu]

References: [RFC],[ES],[Talbot1]

Ida (-1315) [Pedigree]
    d. AFT 18 May 1315

Married first Sir Roger BERTRAM Baron Mitford (1224-1273)

Children: [listed under entry for Roger BERTRAM]

References: [CP],[YorkshireP],[BurkeP],[WallopFH]

Ida [Pedigree]

Married Isaac de MONS (-1140)

Children: [listed under entry for Isaac de MONS]

References: [PlantagenetA]

Ida (1220-1315) [Pedigree]
    b. ABT 1220, Raby, Durham, Eng.
    d. AFT 18 May 1315

Married Robert NEVILLE (1223-1282)

Children: [listed under entry for Robert NEVILLE]

Ida [Pedigree]

Married Thomas de MULTON (-1271)

Children: [listed under entry for Thomas de MULTON]

References: [GENSERV]

Ida (Gertrude) of Hainault [Pedigree]

Daughter of Baldwin_III of_Hainaut Count of Hainaut (1087-1120) and Adelaide (Yolande) of Gueldres

Married Roger III de TOENI Lord of Flamstead, Hertford (1104-1158)

Children: [listed under entry for Roger III de TOENI]

References: [ES],[MRL],[AR7],[Theroff]

Ida de la Forez [Pedigree]

Married Artaid_V Count of Forez

Children: [listed under entry for Artaid_V]

References: [AR7]

Ida de_Chiny and de_Namur (1083-1117) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Otto_II Count of Chiny (-1125) and Adelaide of_Namur (1068-1124)

       REF MRL. Moncreiffe says that she was the daughter of Albert III,
       Marquis of Namur. But, Isenburg agrees with this presentation.
       Cokayne (Vol. I, p. 235) also says it is Albert III, Count of
    b. ABT 1083
    d. 1117-22
    d. ABT 1125

Married Godfrey_I of_Brabant "The Bearded" Count of Brabant (1060-1139)

Children: [listed under entry for Godfrey_I of_Brabant "The Bearded"]

References: [AR7],[RFC],[MRL],[WallopFH],[Moncreiffe]

Ida of Faucigny (-1191) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Louis de Faucigny Seigneur de Faucigny (-1060) and Tietburge of Savoy

    d. 1191

Married Aimon I Count of Geneva (1050-1128)

Children: [listed under entry for Aimon I]

References: [RFC],[Moriarty],[WallopFH],[Talbot1]

Ida of Lorraine (1040-1113) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Godfrey_III "the Bearded" Duke of Lorraine (-1069) and Dada

    d. 13 Aug 1113
    b. ABT 1040, Bass, Lower Lorraine, France
    d. 13 Aug 1113

Married Eustace II of Boulogne Count of Boulogne (1030-1080)

Children: [listed under entry for Eustace II of Boulogne]

References: [AR7],[Paget1],[RFC]

Ida of_Louvain (1065-1139) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Henry_II of_Brabant Count of Lorraine and Louvain (1021-1078) and Adelaide of Orlamunda (1045-1086)

    b. ABT 1065
    d. Apr 1139
    d. AprIL 1139

Married Baldwin_II of_Hainault Count of Hainault (1056-1098)

Children: [listed under entry for Baldwin_II of_Hainault]

References: [Weis1],[AR7],[Theroff],[ES],[PlantagenetA]

Ida von Sachsen (1035-1117) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Bernhard II of Saxony Duke of Saxony (995-1057) and Elica von SCHWEINFURT (1000-1055)

       REF AR7. Probably daughter of Bernard_II and Elicia.
    b. ABT 1035
    d. AFT 1117

Married first Albert III Count of Namur (1030-1102)

Children: [listed under entry for Albert III]

Married second Frederick II Count Luxembourg, Margrave Antwerp, Lord Saarbrucken (1005-1065)

References: [Paget1],[MRL],[RD500],[RFC],[WallopFH]

Idnerth Lord of Builth (1020-) [Pedigree]

Son of Cadogan Lord of Builth and Margaret fil Brockwell

    b. ABT 1020, of Radnorshire, Wales

Married Gwenliann fil Aaron


  1. Dyddgu of_Builth (1060-) m. Llywarch ap Trahearn Prince of South Wales (1070-1128)

References: [RoyalAAF],[AR7]

Idwal [Pedigree]

Son of Meurig

    d. 996


  1. Iago III ap Idwal King of Gwynedd (974-1039) m. Avendrig of Powys (984-)

References: [PlantagenetA],[Moncreiffe]

Idwal Foel "the Bald" ap Anarawd (883-) [Pedigree]

Son of Anarawd ap Rhodri Prince of Gwynedd (857-)

    b. ABT 883
    r. Aberffro, Malltraeth, Anglesey, Wales
    d. 942

Married first UNKNOWN


  1. Iago
  2. Ieuaf (Levan)
  3. Meurig

Married second Mereddon Verch Cadwr (887-)


  1. Iago Ap Idwal (908-) m. Iago Ap Idwal (915-)
  2. Meurig Ap Idwal (917-)

References: [GENSERV]

Igor Grand Prince of Kiev [Pedigree]

Son of Rurik Grand Prince of KIev

    d. 947

Married St. Olga


  1. Svatislav_I Grand Prince of Kiev m. Maloucha

References: [AR7]

Igor I of Kiev Prince of Kiev (875-) [Pedigree]

Son of Rurik of Kiev Prince of Kiev (800-)

    b. ABT 875
    d. 945, murdered

Married Olga of Kiev Regent of Kiev (890-)


  1. Svyatoslav I Suitislaus of Kiev Prince of Kiev (942-) m(1) Malusha
  2. Halgu (Oleg)

References: [RGD]

Ilderude [Pedigree]

Married Hirchinbert (-983)

Children: [listed under entry for Hirchinbert]

References: [PlantagenetA]

Ilduara Pelaez [Pedigree]

Married Gonzalo Menendez

Children: [listed under entry for Gonzalo Menendez]

Imagi of Luxemburg (1000-1057) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Frederick I of Luxemburg Count of Luxemburg (965-1019) and Ermentrude von GLEIBERG

    b. ABT 1000
    d. 21 Aug 1057

Married Guelph (Wolfard) of Altdorf Count of Altdorf (-1030)

Children: [listed under entry for Guelph (Wolfard) of Altdorf]

References: [RGD]