Vol V File 1: The Genealogy of Genevieve Simmons James

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Vol V File 1: The Genealogy of Genevieve Simmons James


Revision Date: January 6, 1996

The Genealogy of Genevieve Simmons James

Volume One

The Ancestry of Genevieve Simmons

(Descending from the Penn Family and the Van Burkleo Family to Dora Mae Van Burkleo and Leonard Pierce Simmons and finally to Genevieve Simmons)

Compiled and Written by

Homer Beers James

Published by

JANDA Consultants

1636 Jamestown Place

Pittsburgh, PA 15235


Copyright (c) Homer Beers James 1995


The initial material for this volume comes primarily from Bobbye Miniard, a distant cousin of Genevieve Simmons James, from Bulverde, TX, near San Antonio. She had contacted Greta Simmons Laakso in 1991 for additional information on the family history. Later information has been received from Tracy Lee Van Burkleo, Jr. in 1995.

I use Brother's Keeper, an IBM-compatible computer program which facilitates the systematic compilation of genealogical records. From this point I started a serious study of available information in public libraries, university libraries, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family History Library, and other sources, using the names of the various ancestors in the Negus records.

Another source of information is the late Christina Van Burkleo Kenneaster, regarding members of the Van Burkleo family.

Based on the currently available information, this ancestral record originates in England for its most distant time in the past (Pendleton and Pettus lines,) about the end of the 15th Century. It is however, quite logical to assume that the Van Burleos came from Holland. Records in the IGI data base, maintained by the Mormons, show a number of Van Burkleos in NJ and Maryland in the 1700's who were associated with the Reformed Dutch Church. Further investigation is warranted in this area.

Homer Beers James

1636 Jamestown Place

Pittsburgh, PA 15235

May 31, 1995


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.1. Simmons Line

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