Vol II File 20: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

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Vol II File 20: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

30. Mowbray Line

Ref: Wurts, pp. 106-109.

Ref: Burke, pp. 386-388.

The Mowbrays, Dukes of Norfolk, were from an ancient period a great baronial family, and made succession of fortunate alliances. The royal match of John Mowbray, Lord Mowbray, with Elizabeth Segrave, whose mother was Margaret, Countess of Norfolk, daughter and heir of Thomas, Earl of Norfolk, son of Edward I., may be considered the first step from the baronial rank. King Richard II., constituted Thomas, son of the great alliance, Earl Marshal in 1386, when his grandmother, Margaret, was also advanced to be Duchess of Norfolk. The duke, preparing in 1398 to fight a duel with Henry, Duke of Hereford, afterwards King Henry IV., was banished and died in exile the next year. The family was restored and continued for four generations down to Anne, the infant daughter and heiress of John, 4th duke, whom King Edward IV., married, as a child, to his 2nd son, Richard, Duke of York, then a young boy, and he made a settlement of the title and estate upon him and his heirs. She died immediately afterwards, in 1478, but the Duke of York continued in possession till he was murdered with his brother, King Edward V., by his uncle, Richard, on June 20, 1483. All Edward's plans for seizing the Mowbray property being thus terminated, and Richard III., wishing to secure vigorous allies, the succession to the estates were allowed to open to the Berkeleys and Howards, the heirs of the daughters of the duke. who died in exile in 1400, eighty-three years before, and King Richard,, on the 3rd day of his reign, June 28, 1483, created William Berkeley, Viscount Berkeley, Earl of Nottingham, and John Howard, Lord Howard (who had been raised to be a baron by his brother, Edward), at once Duke of Norfolk and Marshal of England (Burke, pg. 386).

The family was founded originally by Nigil de Albini (See details of the Albini (Aubigny) Line elsewhere in Volume II.)

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