Vol I File 13: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

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Vol I File 13: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

Part H.

Ancestors from Bavaria, Hasbania and Lorraine

1. The Duchy of Bavaria, Hasbania, and Lorraine to Eleanor of Aquitaine

Reference: Wurts, Part 3, pp 430-431.

2. Descent From Thierry (Theoderic) to Eleanor of Aquitaine

Ref: Moriarity, "The Plantaganet Ancestry."

Ref: Correspondence from A. B. Wilson, January 11, 1996 (soc.genealogy.medieval)

  1. Thierry (Theoderic), born circa 730, died 804, Count of Autun, married Aude (Aldana), born circa 732, died 804, daughter of Karl Martel (?).
  2. William I. de Gellone, born circa 765, died May 28, 812, Count of Toulouse, married Kunigunde.
  3. Bernard I, born circa 795, died 844, Marquis of Septimania, married Dhuoda, who died after Feb 2, 843.
  4. Regelinde, born circa 830, Countess of Agen, married Wulgrin I., Count of Perigord & Angouleme, born circa 815, died May 3, 886.
  5. William II, born circa 864, died circa 918, Count of Prigord and Agen, married Regilinde, born circa 864. Ed. Note: Moriarity identifies Regilinde as daughter of Robert "the Strong", Count of Paris and Marquis of Anjou, but most sources do not make any identifications.
  6. Emma of Perigord, born circa 905, married Boso I., born circa 905, died after 975, Count of Marche & Prerigord, son of Sulpice de Charrox, Count of Haute-Marche.
  7. Adalbert I., born circa 945, died 997, Count of Haute-Marche, married Aisceline de Limoges, born circa 950, died before 997, daughter of Geraud, Viscount of Limoges.
  8. Bernard I. de la Marche, born circa 986, died 1047, married Amelia de Montignac, born circa 990, died 1072, daughter of Geraud de Montignac and Nonia de Granol.
  9. Almodis de la Marche, born circa 990, died November 17, 1075, married Pons II (William, Count of Toulouse), born 990, died circa 1061, son of William III. Taillefer, Count of Toulouse.
  10. William IV, born in 1040, died in 1094, Count of Toulouse, married Emma of Mortaigne, born circa 1058, daughter of Robert, Count of Mortaigne.
  11. Philippa (Maud) of Toulouse, born circa 1073, died November 28, 1117, married William VII., born October 22, 1071, died February 10, 1126/1127, Count of Poitou, (William IX., Duke of Aquitaine). See elsewhere in Vol. I.
  12. William (Guillaume) X. of Aquitaine. See elsewhere in Vol. I.
  13. Eleanor of Aquitaine. See elsewhere in Vol. I.

See continuation of this lineage elsewhere in Volume I.

Part I.

Early Scandanavian Ancestors

1. Early Kings of Denmark and Sweden

2. Swedish Nobility

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