Vol I File 7: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

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Vol I File 7: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

3. The Capetian Dynasty - French Kings from Hugh Capet to the Bellomont Line and Henry Plantaganet


Also, there is another line from Henry I of France and Anne of Kiev, as follows:


Another line of ancestry continues from above.

2. Edith of France, daughter of Hugh Capet, married Regnier IV, Count of Hainault, died in 1013.

3. Beatrice of Hainault, married Eblo (Ebles) I, Count of Rouci and Reimes.

4. Alice (Adela) of Rouci, married Hildouin (Hildwin) IV, Count of Montdidier. They had two children: Marguerita and Andre.

5. Andre de Rouci, Lord of Rameru, married Alice _______.

6. Adele of Rameru, married Gauthier (Walter) II, Count of Brienne.

7. Erard II, Count of Brienne, died in 1189, married Agnes de Montfaucon.

8. Jean de Brienne, crowned King of Jerusalem in 1210, Emperor of the East, born in 1148, died in 1237, married Berengaria of Leon., daughter of King Alphonso IX. of Leon and his wife, Berengaria of Castile.

9. Jean de Brienne, son of Jean de Brienne, died in 1296, married in 1251, Jeanne Chateaudun.

10. Blanche of Brienne, married William de Fiennes, living in 1270.

11. Margaret Fiennes, married in 1280 to Edmund Mortimer, 1st Lord Mortimer, born in 1261, died in 1304, great grandson of Llewellyn the Great.

12. Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March, married Joane Geneville.

See continuation of this lineage in the Mortimer Line in Volume II.

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