Vol I File 6: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

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Vol I File 6: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

2. The Frankish Kings to Charlemagne


Returning to the second marriage of Louis I., the Debonaire, with Judith. From this marriage there were at least two children:


Returning to Gisela, the second child of Louis I., the Debonaire.

30. Gisela, married Eberhard, Count of Burgundy, son of Henrok, Duke of Frioul. They had a daughter Hedwige. Details are not available of each generation of descendants but it is recorded that she was also the grandmother of Duke Burkhardt, who died in 911, from whom descended Ulrich von Uerikon, Swiss knight, born in 1259. She was also the ancestress of Amicia Meullent, daughter of William Muellent, 2nd Earl of Gloucester, wife of Richard de Clare, the Surety. See this lineage elsewhere in Volume II. Gisela and Eberhard also had a son, Berengar I., King of Italy, 888, Emperor, 915, died in 924.

31. Hedwige, married Ludolph, Duke of Saxony, died in 864. They had a son, Otto.

32. Otto the Great of Saxony, reigned from 880 to 912. He married Hedwige and they had a son, Henry.

33. Henry I. of Germany, born in 876, died in 936, Emperor (918-936). He married Matilda. They had a daughter, Hedwige.

34. Hedwige (Hedwig), married as his second wife Hugh Magnus, the Great, Duke of France, who died in 956, son of Robert I., Marquess of Neustria, King, 922-923; nephew of Eudes, Marquess of Neustria, King, 887-898; and grandson of Robert the Strong, Marquess of Neustria, who died in 866. They had the following children:


We next examine the descent from Lady Berthe, Charlemagne's seventh child:

29. Lady Berthe, born 779, died 853, married Angilbert, Governor of Ponthieu and Abbe of St. Richaire. They were the parents of Nithard.

30. Nithard, Governor of Ponthieu in 814, father of Helgaud.

31. Helgaud, Governor of Ponthieu, who had Herluin.

32. Herluin, Governor of Ponthieu in 864, whose son was Helgaud II.

33. Helgaud II, Governor of Ponthieu, died 925/926. His son was Herluin II.

34. Herluin II, 1st Count of Montreuil, who died in 945, leaving a son, Rotgaire.

35. Rotgaire, 2nd Count of Montreuil, died 957, who had William I.

36. William I, 3rd Count of Montreuil. He was the father of the following two children:

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