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Howdy! And welcome to the Texas McCleskey Genealogy Web Page! You may be a descendant of the McCleskey Clan or related surnames, or perhaps you're just "visiting" this home page out of curiosity or some other special interest. We welcome you all and hope you find what you're looking for In return, we hope that you will share with us information we don't have.

The information which you will see on these pages represents the efforts of a number of people, but is the primary 'brainchild' of Peggy McCleskey Broughton, a native Texan who has a passion for learning about the past and her own genealogical history. She has long wanted to expand on the story of the McCleskey Family of Scots/Irish heritage, specifically their emigration from Georgia and settlement in Texas. That's the story you will find in these pages. Perhaps you will find new cousins in the descendants lists (COMING SOON!), see McCleskey landmarks, discover interesting facts, tread on "hallowed ground", solve some genealogical puzzles, or simply be entertained. But most of all, the objective of this home page is to inspire and educate you regarding the McCleskey Families' struggles to create new homes in the west.

Hook 'em Horns!

What's the "Texas Connection"? After the Civil War, many Southerners decided to move west, away from the battlegrounds of Georgia, Alabama, and other southern states, hoping for a new start. Among them were some of the descendants of James McCleskey (1755-1842) and John Louis McCleskey who moved to Texas. Those are the pioneers we wish to learn about and honor by seeking out their stories and history for publishing on this web page.

What's the Georgia Connection? The history of the McCleskey Family in Georgia is being well-documented and family members in that geographical area have established a 70-year long tradition of annual family reunions, the publication of family histories, and even other web sites related to the McCleskey Heritage.

Texas What would you like to know about the McCleskey ancestors? Bringing the stories of these people to their descendants can be very important -- to become proud of not only the Scots/Irish heritage, but of the spirit and courage with which these McCleskeys left their Georgia homes to establish a new life in the dry plains of Texas. Learning about their lives can help their progeny to gain insights into their identity, provide inspiration for leading their own lives, and introduce them to other family members and cousins.

Hopefully, these pages will provide a vehicle for gathering accurate information and records, help those who cannot do their own research, establish closer communication and identity among family members, and promote the preservation of the McCleskey heritage and local histories. Until this site grows and we can determine specific categories of information, we will keep adding to the "Gallimaufry". Wanna know what that is? Check it out!

How can you help? You can help by sharing whatever you know about these McCleskey family members who came to Texas. Who were they, where were they born, where did they settle? How did they live? What were their communities like? How did they overcome struggles, epidemics, and political conflicts within their own families, and how did they rejoice in successful crops, healthy children, music and adventures? What were some of their inspirational experiences, and episodes of importance?

If you have birth, death, and marriage dates and locations; cemetery listings, land records, maps, photographs, or other important McCleskey information that you would like to share, please contact us. Your contributions will be acknowledged and properly credited.

Texas Share your information and make suggestions... Contact the Webmistress -- Peggy McCleskey Broughton (or) you may contact her colleague-- Dolores Reed

Find your relatives... Although research services cannot be provided by the authors of this web page, we will be maintaining a listing of the e-mail addresses of McCleskey researchers, with their permission. In the future, databases of the McCleskey clan may be made available at this home page.

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