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Death of J. H. McCleskey of Ranger, Texas

J. H. Mccleskey of Ranger died Friday night and was buried Saturday afternoon at Merriman. Rev. C. H. Ray of Weatherford officiating. Mr. McCleskey was 63 years of age and lived for a few years in Parker County, forty-five years ago. He was a native of Georgia, coming to Texas with his parents when a young man. He had lived in the Ranger country for a number of years and was well known throughout that section. It was on Mr. McCleskey's holdings that the first big oil well in the Ranger field was brought in.

Deceased is survived by his second wife and four children; four sons, Will, Top, John and Dan. the later residing at Weatherford; One daughter Mrs. C. H. Todd of Ranger. Deceased is a nephew of Warren B. McCleskey of Weatherford, who was present at the funeral.

Obituary for J. H. McCleskey- found in the Weekly Herald, Weatherford, Texas on Thursday 26, of July, 1918

Mrs. W. B. McCleskey Dies At Her Home In This City

Mrs. Hannah Elmeta McCleskey, age 88 years, wife of the late Warren B. McCleskey, died at her home 211 West Columbia, Saturday afternoon at 5.

Born in Louisiana, Mrs. McCleskey was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Watson, early settlers of this county, with whom she came here when a child of three years. Except for one year, she had been a continuous resident of the county for 85 years.

When 23 years old, she was married to Warren B. McCleskey, rancher and farmer, who was a pioneer in the cattle business in this section and a partner of C.B. Rider until Rider's death in 1885.

Mr. McCleskey died in 1920 and surviving are 4 daughters and 3 sons: Mrs. R.L. Hebbard, Saskatchewan, Canada; Mrs. Elmo Walls, Lubbock;,Mrs. Bess M. Turpin,Fort Worth; Mrs.John A. Miller, Colton, Ca;, N.W. McCleskey, Big Springs, Tx;George H. McCleskey, Clarendon, Tx; and Ned McCleskey, of Mineral Wells,Tx, interment at Dicey.

Obituary from the Daily Herald [town,state?], 29 April 1940; submitted by Lars Kristiansen.

Warren B. McCleskey

Another of Parker County's oldest citizens passed away when Warren B. Mccleskey died Saturday morning at the residence at 311West Oak Street, at the age of seventy years. His death was very sudden, being caused by a stroke of apoplexy. When the storm came up Daturday morning at 3:30, he was awaken by his wife and went to the front porch and took some chairs in the house. He then returned to his bed. As he sat upon the side of the bed, he complained of feeling bad, but declined to permit his wife to call a physician at first, but she later phoned, and then called Mr. Sam and Will Newberry, who live next door. Shortly after they arrived, and before the physician arrived, Mr. McCleskey passed away, living only about 60 minutes from the time of the attack.

Mr. McClesksey had been in exceptionally good health for the past few months, and has been attending to his numerous business affairs as ususal. Friday night he had been to the home of a neighbor, where he visited until about ten o'clock and we understand, he contemplated a trip to Graham Saturday, to look after his holdings in the new oil field opening up in that county.

Deceased was born in Gainsville, Georgia, coming to this county with his brother in 1869. He was married to Miss Hannah Watson in 1870. and he and his wife settled on a farm in the Dicey community whre they lived for several years. They have been residing in Weatherford for twenty-five years or more.

He was a member of the Baptist church and served the church as Sunday School Superintendent for ten years and only lately resigned and withdrew his letter from the church at that place.

He was a progressive citizen and was one of the largest landowner of this county, owning three or four farms in Parker County, in addition to a ranch in Young county and other holdings.

He was named County Food Adminstrator in 1917 and served the county for fourteen months. He was a good man and a good citizen and had the respect and admiration of all who knew him.

He is survived by his wife and nine children: Mrs.M.A, Hebard, Biggers Canada, ; Mrs. Elmer Wall, Lubbock; Mrs. ? A. Miller, Weatherford; Mrs. Bessie Page, Ft. Worth; George, Ned, Dave, W.C. and N.W. McCleskey.

Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon by Rev. M.E. Weaver, pastor of the First Baptist Church of this City and internment made in the Dicey Cemetery.

Obituary appeared in the Weatherford Democrat [Weatherford, Texas}] on June 25, 1920; furnished by Lars Kristiansen.

Cemetery in Bristow Cove, near Aurora, Alabama

For those who wish to see McCleskey grave markers in other states, visit the "Hills of Ivy" website, which shows maps and photos of grave sites in South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. Among them are McCleskey graves in the Bristow/Bristis Cove Cemetery of Aurora, Alabama. Richland Cemetery, near Mertens, Hill County, Texas

Richland Cemetery in ???, Texas

The oldest documented grave in the Richland Cemetery is that of Mary E. Langford McCleskey who was buried there in 1883. Mary was the wife of David Henderson McCleskey (1825-1864, sometimes referred to as the II), who was presumed killed in the Civil War Battle of the Wilderness in Virginia on May 6, 1864.

Erath County Cemeteries

Mt. Zion Cemetery, north of Ranger, Stephens Co., TX
It is said that Ezekiel Jackson McCleskey (1860-1926) gave the land for the Mt. Zion Cemetery, and that the first burial there was a McCleskey. Some verification of this is required, but Charles S. McCleskey indicates that "The oldest McCleskey grave in the cemetery appears to be that of 'M. M. McCluskey' b. 2 Jan. 1849, d. 1879.' This is a native stone, the letters chiseled by hand. I have not identified this person." (p. 43, Descendants of James and Joseph McCleskey, published 1978, by Charles S. McCleskey).