Genealogy of Doug Arbuckle & Kelli Mansel
These pages are devoted to genealogy information on over 14,800 individuals that are the ancestors and relatives of Doug Arbuckle and Kelli Mansel. This web site contains all of the information that I have about these persons. See Note below regarding information on living persons.
If you find errors in this information, please provide me with the corrections.

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The Index pages show the names of all persons on this Web site, arranged in alphabetical order by surname and then by given name, where the Surnames page lists only the surnames on the site.

Selecting a name from the Index will take you a "family card" for that person. The "family card" shows the person, their spouse (if any), parents of the person and spouse (if any), and children (if any). Clicking on the link for the person or their spouse will take you to a "person sheet" for that person, which will display all information in the database for that person.

A camera icon on a page means that there are one or more images associated with the item the icon is next to -- this can be an individual or a family. Depending on the page, images may include photos of people or places, scanned images of record pages or maps, photos of tombstones, etc. Click on the camera icon to see what images are available.

Small numbers marked as hyperlinks are Source references -- clicking on these hyperlinks will take you to the appropriate location on the Sources page, for more information on that source.

Selected ancestors and relatives of Paul Taylor ARBUCKLE have additional land record and/or recorded Will transcriptions online in the following Web sites:
MDGenWeb Cecil County Archives at:

PAGenWeb Philadelphia County Archives at:
In many cases you can also access this information by following a source link on this site. There are also source links from this site to various newspaper obituary transcriptions on both of the county sites mentioned above.

NOTE: This site does not knowingly include information on living persons that I have in my database. This means we're not listed on the site, either!
DISCLAIMER: I strive for accuracy of the information herein, but there are undoubtably some errors. Sources are listed so that you can judge the information's accuracy for yourself.


I have come into possession of the photo collection of Mollie Duella BORLAND Arbuckle.  Unfortunately, most of the photos are unmarked.  These photos are a treasure trove if we can only identify the individuals.  Based on the photos I've identified so far, it appears that the collection contains both family members and friends.  I have also found multiple photos of the same individuals, taken at different points in their lives.  This collection can be found at

I look forward to your help -- contact me if you identify anyone and please tell me how you did it!