Saratov Area Map

This page was begun 19 June and updated 2 July 2001 --rak.

The road to Stahl-am-Karaman and on to Marx is the large orange line going off from Engles to the upper right-hand corner of this map.  The main road south to Astrakhan is the large orange line going south from Saratov on the west side of the Volga.  The city of Kamyshin is on that road just south of this map.  The river road to Galka comes up out of it.

X marks the spot for the village locations.

X marks the approximate location of docks which had been provided for the colonists by 1798.  Three are shown here.  A fourth such was at or near Marxstadt on up the Volga to the northeast.  There had been docks at Saratov and what is now Engels when the colonists first arrived.  Then docks were put in place at Kamyshin just south of this map.  And later the four docks specifically for the colonists were added.

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