My Visit to Rosenberg, 19 May 2001

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Rosenberg today is a village of considerable size, many times larger than Alexandertal is today.  The following three pictures give a pretty good idea of this.  They were taken from left to right rose3.JPG (39966 bytes)  rose2.JPG (45231 bytes)  rose1.JPG (34707 bytes) from the cemetery which is southeast on a hill across the railroad tracks from the village.  In the first picture on the right you can just see one or two graves and some of the collective farm buildings which surround the cemetery on three sides.  Ed Hoak believes the fact that Rosenberg retained its size is due to its being the headquarters for the collective farm over the years.

In the cemetery there are quite a few German graves.  Here are two of them.  rosegr1.JPG (128996 bytes)  rosegr2.JPG (88716 bytes)  As you can see the second is very freshly decorated.  They are Alexander Schneider and Ignat Lambrecht.

I talked to the postmistress and a few older Germans who believed that several German families had come back here in the 1980's.  They said that a Dahlinger family still lived in this house, rosedahlhouse.JPG (84307 bytes)but no one was at home when we knocked.  Other families said to still be living in the village were: Hildermann, Hauser, Schweigert and Weidman.

Once again our driver "took" pictures of Ed and I and families, but I found when I got home that none actually got taken.  We spent a hour and a half looking for "Rosa Martin" for whom we had something from a relative in the states.  We had almost given up when we found the postmistress who took us to Rosa's home.  Her name had been Russianized to Martinov and people no longer knew her by the name Martin.

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