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Neu-Kolonie, aka Kustarevo-Krasnorynovka, Kustarewo- Krasnoyarowka, and Neu-Colonie, a Roman Catholic colony, was founded in 1776.  Its official population was 250 (in 1798), 3,463 (1912) and 1,847 (1926) {Mail, volI, p.22}.

For the exact location of Neu-Kolonie, click on the Saratov Area Map.

In August 1798 Popov, the official census taker, reported:

This colony is located ... on the Wiesenseite, along the dry river bed of the Denisov River.  It is 102 versta [1 verst is slightly longer than 1 km.] from Saratov, 18 from Seelmann, and 8 from the boat landing on the Volga.... All are of the Roman Catholic faith ... The foreigners residing here ... first settled in two colonies, one named Leitsinger, and the other Keller [both destroyed by the Kirghiz in 1774, pp.18,20], [which were located] between Hoelzel and Seelmann... (Mai, vol.I, pp.166)."

My Possible Neu-Kolonie Ancestors

Increasingly I do not believe I am descended from these people, despite the fact that the Beltz Family Chart done by Pleve says that I am.

161. Anna Elenora (mnu) BELTZ (1729-aft.1788?)

80.  Johannes BELTZ (10 Aug.1753-23 Dec.1836)

Anne Elenora and Johannes apparently were in this colony a very short time if at all.  If they survived late 1774 destruction of  Leitsinger Johannes was married and in Kutter before the 17775 census there.  If here, Anna Elenora surely continued doing  whatever she had gone to Leitsinger to do in order to support herself and her children.

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