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Huck, aka Splavnukha or Splawnucha, was founded as a Lutheran colony by the Russian Government on 15 August 1767.  Its official population was 319 (in 17697), 380 (1773), 694 (1798), 9,600 (1912), and 4,921 (1926) {Mai, vol.I, P.17}.

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In 1798 the official census taker Sixtel reported:

"This colony is located ... on the Bergseite, along Elkhovka Creek ... 75 versta [a verst is slightly more than a km] from Saratov, 110 from Kamyshin and from neighboring colonies: Norka, 10 and Doenhof, 6; and 30 from the Volga boat landing.... All are of the Reformed faith, belonging to the congregation in Norka, where there is a pastor, but there is a church in this colony.  Small children are taught reading, writing, and religion by a schoolmaster under the supervision of the pastor, in a school building (p.111)."

"The colony is bordered on one side by state quit-rent lands contracted with the Saratov Treasury Champer by colonists of this colony and by peasant Khodyakov of the village of Topovka.  On the other sides it is bordered by farmland of the colonies of Norka, Doenhof, lands belonging to local landowners of the village of Bobrovka, the village of Topovka, and by state-owned steppe.... According to ... the inhabitants, there are currently under cultivation 30 desyatina (1=2.7 acres) ... and 1,000 ... are suitable for cultivation ... only in places can they pasture stock.  They supplement farming and production on the above by lands rented from the peasants of the village of Topovka, [and] from their quit-rent lands (166 desyatina).  For hay fields on arable land they have no more than 30 desyatina.... They generally use dung fuel for heat (pp.111-12)."

"This colony has a lack of farmland and hay fields.... they can be allocated more from the adjoining lands, for the government's quit-rent land, and from the state-owned steppe ... They have no other insufficiencies.  Division is into three fields.  They farm with plows; they do not fertilize the land.  In the low-lying places, harvests are generally good, but on the higher elevations, it is only mediocre.  They are all engaged in farming.  Of the trades there are: one watchmaker, two blacksmiths, and two bootmakers.  They have two flourmills located on Splavnukha Creek.  There are no orchards or apiaries.... A small number of them live well, but the most of them in mediocre condition.  Buildings are of wood, and excluding 12 new homes, are in dilapidated condition.  There is one stone building.... none of packed clay.... Some of the farmyards are fenced, a few with wattle.  After harvest they thresh the grain on communal threshing floors, separated from the colony, for the most part, but some thresh in the farmyards themselves.  This places all the inhabitants in danger of fire.... They sell the grain in ... Saratov and to surrounding colonies.... The common grain store is in order and constructed in a suitable place.  Currently they have rye, wheat, and oats stored in it ... (p.112)."

My Huck Ancestral Families


11. Christina (b.15 Dec.1853) of Huck married Heinrich Jakob BELTZ in Kutter on 19 February 1882 (BFC).  She died 9 Nov.1947.

22. Johann Oswald (26 Dec. 1812-aft.1857)

44. Georg Philipp (10 Oct.1783-aft.1857)

88. Johann Hermann (23 June 1757-27 Oct.1795)

176. Johann Conrad (16 May 1728-aft.1767)

The exact dates, except for Christina, are from the Schlegel Family Chart (hereafter SFC) done by Prof. Pleve.

SFC says Johann C. was of the Reformed faith, a farmer from Wolferborn village, Isenberg who arrived in Oranienbaum on 8 Aug.1766 and in Huck on 1 July 1767.


23. Catharina (25 Dec. 1814-aft.1857) m. 11 Jan.1834 Johann Oswald SCHLEGEL.

Her birth date is from the Schlegel Family Chart (hereafter SFC) done by Prof. Pleve.

Zitterkopf is a Huck name and since SFC gives no other village as her birthplace, it also seems to assume Huck.  So far I do not know her exact parentage, but her grandparents surely are obvious.  

In the 1798 Huck census (Mai, vol.I, pp.501-16) there are the following possible fathers for Catharina: hhd#21 Johannes 37, Adam 3; hhd#23 Peter 45, Adam 7, Johannes 5; and hhd#27 Adam 48.  Peter 45 and Adam 48 would have been 59 and 64 when Catharina was born in 1814 -- either could have been her dad, had they in the interim married new young wives, but -- they both seem unlikely.  Adam 3 would only have been 19 in 1814, so seems an unlikely father for Catherine.  Johannes 37 and his wife Regina 31 would have been just barely possible as Catherine's parents (their eldest child would have been 22 in 1814), but Regina would have been 47 -- barely possible? or she might have died and Johannes married a younger woman??  The brothers Adam 7 and Johannes 5 (sons of Peter 45) look most likely, but in this case, cousin Dennis Zitterkopf, the village coordinator for Huck, who is descended from Peter, has what appears to be a complete listing of Peter's descendants -- Catherine is not in the list.  It is just possible that either Adam 7 or Johannes 5 as a newly-wed temporarily was living away from Huck with his new wife in 1814 -- in which case Catharina probably would not have been in Dennis' list of descendants which seems to be taken from Huck church records.  

Taking all the foregoing into consideration, as a working assumption, I am guessing that Johannes and Regina were Catharina's parents.  Whoa! Hold the phone! Cousin Helen Hile writing to me on 24 Nov. 2001 suggested that Johannes and Regina's son Adam married Barbara Michel on 13 Jan 1814 and that these two are the most likely parents of Catherine.  I agree, but it is still a guess.  If anyone has better information, please let me know at [email protected].  Thanks.  Otherwise, the following seems to be my Zitterkopf lineage.

46. Adam (1795-??) m. Barbara MICHEL

92. Johannes (1760-??) m. Regina SCHNEIDER

184. Johann Konrad (1714-aft.1798) m. Katarina Charlotte Noll (1725-aft.1775)

Household #22 in the Huck 1775 census (AHSGR trans. and pub.): ZITTERKOPF, Konrad 60, wife Katarina Charlotte 50, offspring: Johann Adam 23, Johann Peter 21, Johannes 15, and Eleonora 13.5.

Household #21 in the Huck 1798 census (Mai, vol.I, p.504): ZITTERKOPF, Johannes 37, wife Regina (SCHNEIDER) 31, daughter Katharina 6, son Adam 3 .

Household #23 in the Huck 1798 census (p.505): ZITTERKOPF, Konrad 85, wife Charlotta (GEMER) 81[second wife], son Peter 45 and his family: wife Katharina (WEIGAND) 41 and children: Elisabeth 19, Charlotta 15, Maria Elisabeth 11, Adam 7, Johannes 5, Michael 3, and Regina 1.


45. Jeanetta (7 Oct.1790-2 Aug.1842) m. 1 Mar.1810 Georg Philipp SCHLEGEL.

90. Konrad (1770-aft.1798)

180. Jakob (1735-aft.1775)

Exact dates are from the Schlegel Family Chart (hereafter SFC) done by Prof. Pleve.

Household #32 in the Huck 1775 census (AHSGR trans. and pub.): Jakob PROTSMAN [BROTZMAN] 39, wife Anna Elizabeta 42, sons: Johannes 15 and Konrad 5.

Household #70 in the Huck 1798 census (AHSGR trans. and pub.): KOCH, Peter 71, wife Katarina (ECKART) 57, son Heinrich 22 (insane), deceased daughter Katarina's husband: Konrad BROTZMAN 28, his children: Johanneta 7 and Oswald 3.


91. Katarina (abt.1771-bef.1798) m. Konrad BROTZMANN.

182. Peter (1727-aft.1798)


47. Barbara (1797-??) m. Adam ZITTERKOPH.

94. Johann Georg (1775-??) m. Rozina BAUER from Shcherbakovka

188. Ludwig Georg (1725-bef.1798) m. Margareta UNKNOWN.

The 1798 Huck census household #49 has MICHAEL, Georg 20, wife Rozina BAUER from Shcherbakovka, dau Barbara 1/4.  The 1775 Huck census household #46 has MICHEL, Ludwig Georg 49, wife Margareta 42, son Johann Jakob 18, son Johann Georg 6, dau Anna Eva 15, dau Anna Margareta 1/2.



183. Anna Katarina (1741-aft.1798) m. Peter KOCH.


89. Anna Margaretha Nagel (13 Aug. 1754-24 Mar. 1840) m. Johann Hermann SCHLEGEL.

Exact dates are from the Schlegel Family Chart (hereafter SFC) done by Prof. Pleve. SFC also says Margaretha was born in Waechtersbach.


93. Katarina Charlotta (1725-aft.1775) m. Konrad ZITTERKOPF.


93. Anna Regina (18147-aft.1798) m. Johannes ZITTERKOPF.

186. Philip (1720/24-aft.1798) m Anna Barbara Unknown

Household #55 in the Huck 1775 census (AHSGR trans. and pub.): SCHNEIDER, Philip 51, wife Anna Barbara 49, offspring: Johann Adam 20, Anna Elisabeta 16, Johann Jakob 15, Anna Regina 8.

Household #57 in the Huck 1798 census (AHSGR trans. and pub.): SCHNEIDER, Philip, widower, 78, son Jakob 38 and Jakob's family: wife Katarina (STRUP) 30, and offspring: Adam 11, Daniel 9, Johannes 6, Jakob 4, and Philip 1.


187. Anna Barbara (1726-bef.1798) m. Philip SCHNEIDER.

181. Anna Elizabeta (1732-aft.1775) m. Jakob BROTZMANN.

I do not know anything about the origins of these women.  If you can help, please e-mail me at [email protected].  Thanks!

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