8 David Kraus

8 David Kraus (1843 Schilling, Russia-1922 Roxbury, KS)

This page last updated 20 June 2001 -- rak.

Great granddad was quite short, not much above 5 feet, I am told.  By all accounts he was a natty dresser and had a towering temper.  Evidently, he was never not in a full three-piece suit, whether at church, at work in the fields, or at play.  My first wife's uncle Harley Witt told me that David would often take him fishing with him.  One time they had had pretty good luck and had several catfish on a stringer.  When they lifted it out of the water, parts of all of the fish were missing!  A turtle had obviously eaten a feast.  Well, great granddad blew up, started cursing a blue streak in German, and refused to leave the pond or stream until he, using part of a fish for bait, caught that turtle on his hook.  Then he threw the turtle on the ground and, fully dressed in his three-piece suit, still cursing in a loud and terrible voice, jumped with both feet up and down on the turtle until it was smashed to smithereens.  Guess it did not pay to mess with David Kraus!

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