73 L.K. Reich

73 - Louisa Katharina Reich 1848 - aft 1798

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Louisa Katharina's full name and age 50 are given in the 1798 Galka census, household #7.  No village of origin is given for her and the Reich family is not mentioned in the 1767 Galka First Settlers' List.  Given her age, she most likely started out from Germany with her family of origin.  Where they settled, I do not yet know, but it likely was not far from Galka.

In the 1798 Galka census, in household #43 there is Johann Heinrich Reich 43 from Schwab -- it seems a good bet that he is a younger brother and that she came from the same place as he ... Next door to him at #44 is Susanna (Reich) Gemsemer age 44, born in Germany of course. Neither Reich or Gemsemer seems to be a Galka name (neither is in the Galka FSList), but no origin is given for the Gemsemer family ... In 1798 there are no Reichs listed in the Schwab census.  I do not yet have access to the Schwab First Settlers' List.

In 1798 besides Galka, Reichs are listed in Grimm, Norka, Paulskaya and Yagodnaya Polyana.  Only one Reich is listed in the movement tables as leaving any of those 4 colonies.  I do not yet have access to First Settlers' Lists for Norka, Paulskaya and Yagodnaya Polyana.  Possible siblings of Louisa Katharina Reich are:

Valentin in Grimm,  age 52 with kids ages 11-28; V is also in the Grimm First Settlers' List listed as coming from Darmstadt with his young wife and his mother age 58; no siblings are mentioned so it is highly unlikely that he is Louisa K's sister;

Johannes in Norka, age 51 with kids ages 1-24;

Gertrude in Paulskaya, age 43, wife of Karl SCHULD age 46 with kids 6-22;

Johannes in Yagodnaya Polyana, age 45 with kids 4-24; one of his daughters went to Kolb to marry in early 1798.

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