144 Christian Dahlinger

144 Johann Georg Dahlinger 1699 - 1762

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This man's widow, Maria was listed as age 50 in the 1767 Galka First Settlers' List.  She and her sons were Lutheran farmers from "Baden-Durlach, Langenalb".  The Karlsruhe Landeskirche Archiv tells me he was born 31.10.1699, and died 4 February 1752.  I suspect their death year was a typo for 1762 since his widow had sons born through 1761 at least one of which, born in 1758, was pretty clearly named after him.  He evidently died just after arrival in Galka and in all likelihood was a bit older than his wife.

According to the same Archiv, Georg (aka Hans Georg) had married earlier to another Maria Catharina who had died 4 June 1734, and as a widower he married second Maria Catharina, aged 28 years, 10 months, and 10 days, daughter of Michael Wackenhut, on 18 January 1735 in Langenalb.  As the groom he is classified as a "Burger".

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