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This 1823 membership list of Bark Camp Baptist Church in Burke Co GA 
appeared in Georgia Genealogical Magazine in 1981. Mrs. Robert L. Green was 
submitter. This list could contain errors due to interpretation of 
handwriting or of transcription. If you see a name that might be someone 
you are interested in, please check the original source which is said to be 
at the GA Archives and for certain in the Baptist Records Collection at 
Mercer University in Macon GA.
Delores Thompson
"Agreeable to a resolve of Conference on the 25th Oct. 1823 that the church 
book should be revised; resolved that Brethren James Stephens, John Cocks, 
Abner Belcher should transcribe the same which we the undersigned are the 
names of the members-"
1. John Stanford, Pastor, dec'd the 1st of March 1826 
2. James Stephens deacon, dec'd 18 April 1826 
3. John Cocks, deacon Dism. by Let. 21 Feb. (?) 1829 
4. Abner Belcher Dis. at Conference, Nov. 1824 
5. Moses Bryan Rec'd by Exp. 16 Oct. 1822, dec'd Nov. 1826 
6. Wm. Hart Dismissed by Letter 
7. Kaywood Alford Dismissed Dec. 1821 (?) 
8. Richard Sconyers Excommunicated Nov. 1826 
9. Leven Collens Dismissed Nov. 1827 
10. David Fitzgerald Dis. by Letter Dec. 1824 
11. Samuel Scarborough Dec'd Dec. 1824 
12. Elnathan Davis Dismissed 27 Jan. 1827 
13. Stephen Cross Dec'd Feb. 1830 
14. Esaw Bass Dismissed by Letter 
15 Jacob P. Parker Excommunicated 
16 Jesse Coalman 
17. Jonathan Scarborough 
18. Joshua Watson 
19. Wm. Tiines Dec'd 14 Aug. 1824 
20. Harman May Excommunicated 
21. Isaac Cross 
22. Charles Coalman Dec'd May 1831 
23. Benjamin Stephans Dismissed by Letter 
24. Peter Mason Dismissed by Letter 
25. Stephen Rich 
26. Joseph Hines Excommunicated 
27 .John Arington Dismissed by Letter 
28. Ezekiel Hill Ordained Deacon 
29. Noah Adams Excommunicated 
39. Elisha Harrell Dismissed by Letter, 25 Nov. 1826 
31. George Ingram Excommunicated 
32. John Pierce 
33. John Narsworthy Dec'd Oct. 1826
After #32 the clerk no longer numbered the members.
Mathew Albritton Rec'd by Exp. 22 June 1821 
Jonathan Coalman Dismissed May 23 1829 
Jacob Coalman Dismissed 1826 
Curtis Cobb Rec'd by Exp. 23 June 1821-Dis. 23 May 1829 
Daniel Overstreet Dec'd 22 May 1824 
E.H. Callaway Dismissed by Let. 25 Mar. 1823 
Elish Coleman Rec'd by Exp. 21 Dec. 1822-Dis. 23 May 1829 
Daniel White Rec'd by Exp. 1822-Dis. by Let. 21 Feb. 1829 
John Hines, Jr. Rec'd by Exp. 21 Mar. 1823-Dis. 1831 
Moses Bunn Rec'd by Exp. 21 June 1823-Exc. 24 Mar. 183- 
James Grubbs Rec'd by Exp. 24 July 1824 
Joseph Morrow Rec'd 24 July 1824 
Seburn Johnson Crossed out 
Joseph Turin Rec'd by Let. 26 Feb. 1825-Dis. by Let. 
Seburn Johnson Ree'd 30 May 1825-Dis. 23 May 1829 
Cabon Hargrove Rec'd 26 Aug. 1826 - Dis. by Let. 27 Julv ---- 
Daniel Stringer Rec'd 26 July 1822 - Dismissed by Let. 
John Magruder Rec'd 26 July 1828 
Ogbon Narsworthy Rec'd 26 July 1822 - Dec'd 1831 
Wm. Ross Rec'd 22 Aug. 1828 - dec'd 1831 
John Roberts Rec'd 22 May 1828 
Daniel Green Ree'd 1828 
Danul Hull Rec'd by Exp - Dismissed by Let. 
Benj. Green Dec'd 1828 
John McDaniel Dismissed by Letter 
Daniel Hutchins Rec. by Exp. 1828 
Jeremiah Mathews Rec. by Letter 23 May 1828 - Dis. by Let. 1831 
James Curithers Dismissed by Let. 
James (?) Bunnell 
Wm. M. Maund Ree'd by Letter - Dismissed 22 May 1830 
Wm. Narsworthy Rec'd by Exp. - Dis. 22 May 1830 
James Jenkins Baptised 22 Aug. 1830 
Benjamin Green By Experience 
Roberts Bryan By Experience 
Alfred Inman Rec'd 8 April 1831 
Daniel Inman Rec'd Apr. 1831 - Dis. May 1832 
Wm. Muphree Ree'd Apr. 1831 
James Ross Rec'd 21 May 1831 - Dismissed by Letter


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