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Notes for Basil OATRIDGE

Birth Note
Index: Jun/1925, OATRIDGE Basil, Oatridge, Marylebone, 1a 691

Registration District: St Marylebone

1925 Birth in the Sub-District of St. Mary in the County of London no 361

When & Where: 6th April 1925 6.50am Queen Charlotte Hospital

Name: Basil, Boy, no father

Mother: Alice Gertrude Oatridge, Housemaid(Domestic) of Kensington

Informant: A G Oatridge, Mother, 13 St James Sq, Kensington

Registered: 9 April 1925, by G H Bassett

Death Note
Index: Jun/1925, OATRIDGE Basil, 0, Marylebone, 1a 552

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Notes for Basil OATRIDGE

Updated on 16 Mar 2006