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Husband: John DAGGER {1} [See Notes] Birth: 1896 Winsley, Wilts {1} Murhill Marriage: 12 Nov 1921 Ada Alice OTRIDGE {2} Winsley, Wilts Death: 1981 Bradford on Avon, Wilts {1}

Wife: Ada Alice OTRIDGE [See Notes] Birth: Sep 1901 Bradford on Avon, Wilts {3} Marriage: 12 Nov 1921 John DAGGER {2} Winsley, Wilts Death: 1983 Bradford on Avon, Wilts {1}

Father: Jesse Webb OTRIDGE Mother: Emily JONES


* Small numbers in brackets { } after names and events refer to source citations below.

  1. k37: Known by Les Dagger. {1}
  2. cw8: Winsley, Wilts PR. {2}
  3. b4: GRO Index. {3}

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Updated on 16 Mar 2006