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A Pictorial Presentation

The research has now reached the point where it is possible to identify some groups of family trees, some of which are linked together. This document shares that work with those visiting this site.

The diagram below shows the overall groups of families. I have no evidence before about 1550, and it will take years before I get onto that ! However, I believe that it is no coincidence that the earliest discovered O*T*RIDGEs are all in Wiltshire: those leading to today's OATRIDGEs in the North (on the left of the diagram) , and those to today's OT(T)RIDGEs in the south (on the right).

The OATRIDGE family came into money through the Butler's Court connection, previously discussed in the Digest. That money was dispersed into other families, but it enabled other branches to thrive both in Wiltshire (the Oaksey Gentleman Farmers) and Wales with another substantial branch.

The OT(T)RIDGE side struggled along in the south, mostly involved with the weaving industry until its demise at the end of the 18th Century forced them further afield to find work. Many of them found an entrepreneurial spirit and pushed themselves up the social scale. The clan alive today are all related to each other, down to fifth cousin level.

There are 6 readily identifiable branches of the OATRIDGE clan, all going strong. Three of them are linked together through the "Stroud" and district OATRIDGEs, two have ancestry right back to the earliest North Wiltshire O*T*RIDGEs, and the Kentish links are yet to be proven.

If anyone would like a copy of the pictorial trees, please e-mail the coordinator, and he will send you a Word document with them enclosed.

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