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Although, we make every effort to publish books that are as error-free as possible, errors do occur.  As soon as we find an error,  we correct the master copy [if possible] and  publish the corrections on this page.  We appreciate your patience in writing-in corrections to our books, which were published before errors were found.  

We are especially grateful to those researchers and genealogists; who, although  busy with their own research work, are still willing to take time to let us know of any error and what the corrected data should be.  

We feel their research skills, their dedication to accuracy, plus their caring enough to share their knowledge with us,  can only help our books as well as benefit genealogical research in general.   Bless all of you and thank you.

"Oh no!  We made
'boo-boos' in these 

Marriage Records of Pittsylvania Co, VA 1767-1819  
by Anne Vestal-Miller.  
        On page 58, line 82: The groom's name should be William Chapman, and the minister, The Rev. Thomas Sparks, is a Methodist clergyman, who was authorized to perform weddings in December 1786. 
     Since there are often more than one copy of any given courthouse record, information can appear on one copy, but be missing on others.  For example, in one copy, Wm. Chapman is listed as being married on 8 November 1806, while in another copy, no date is legible.  Our special thanks to Ms. Darla Davis for this correction.

The Marriage Register of Henry County, VA, Volume II, 1879-1893 by Anne Vestal-Miller.   On page 10, line 114:  B.F. Stulz married Sallie A. Turner.  The bride's surname may have been Towns or Townes, not Turner. 
      Special thanks to John "Jay" Philpott for this correction.  If this couple is in your lineages, a second or third source for verifying the bride's surname would be very good
to have and record.

The Marriage Register of Henry County, VA, Volume I, 1853-1878 by Anne Vestal-Miller.  On page 78, line 33, John G. Craig married Sarah Williams.  Sarah's name should be Moore.  The problem is no one living today seems to know if there were two men named John G. Craig or John Craig.  One John Craig is fairly certain, the one who married Sarah Moore.  It is uncertain if Sarah's maiden surname was Williams, or if she was a widow of Mr. Williams.  
        Special thanks to John "Jay" Philpott for this correction.  We invite comments
from researchers working on this family to help solve this mystery.