Beavell, Hiram F.                Co. A, 3rd Tenn. Inf.
Blackwell, Nathan                Co. A, 21st Ala. Inf. *
Blain, James                     Co. D, 1st Mo. Inf.
Bonner. George                   Capt., Co. D 24th Ala. Inf.
Cawood, Andrew J.                Capt., 43rd Tenn. Inf. *
Daughters, James M.              Co. K, 1st Mo. Inf.
Fullford, Arthur T.              Sgt., Co. C, 57th  Geo. *
Gates, James                     Co. B, Mobile Home Guard
Grant, James M.                  Co. F, 57th Geo. Cav.*
Hamilton, W. R.                  1st. Miss. Cav.
Hobbs, David                     Co. C, 57th Geo. Inf.*
Holecomb, Josiah                 Cpl., Co. K 31st Ala. Inf.
Hyde, Thomas A.                  Co. A, 2nd Mo. Inf.
McDaniel, Stephen J.             Co. B, 36th Geo. Inf.*
Morgan, Dewitt C.                Pvt., Cherokee Light Artillery, Geo.
Morrison, Elijah                 Co. L, 36th Geo. Inf.*
Moulton, J. J.                   Co. D, 22nd Ala. Inf.
Offcutt, James R.                Co. D, 1st Mo. Cav.
Quave, Peter                     12th Miss. Cav.
Roberson, Richard E.             Co. I, 1st Mo. Cav.
Sampson, Pierce C.               Co. K, 1st Mo. Cav.*
Schneider, J. J.                 Co. G, 8th Ala. Inf.
Sharp, Jacob                     Co. H, 1st Mo. Cav.
Smith, Augustine                 5th Mo. Cav.
Smith, Edmond                    3th Mo. Cav.
Stapleton, Jerome B.             Co. C, 15th Conf. Cav.
Thomason, F. M.                  34th Geo. Inf. *
Watts, John W.                   Co. H, 34th Geo. Inf.*
Williams, Cpl. William           Co. C, 36th Geo. Inf.*
Zundel, Charles                  Co. C, 12th Ala. Inf.
* Headstones dedicated on July 30, 1999
These names are from the Confederate Grave Marker Dedication's program presented by Cdr. Alex Smith, SCV Camp 1574
 There remain nearly 275 Confederate Soldiers in Point  Clear, Alabama's Confederate Rest known but to God. Your help is sought in continuing to identify these soldiers.

Pictures from the July 30, 1999, Dedication




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