Middletons in Alabama from the Roster of Confederate Soldiers
The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865
Vol. XI, Broadfoot Pub. Co.: Wilmington, NC 1996


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Excerpts: Middletons in Alabama Regiments

Middleton, Berry        AL 36th Inf. Co.F

Middleton, B. S.       AL Cav. Moreland's Regt. Co.A

Middleton, C.D.        AL Inf. 2nd Regt. Co.F

Middleton, C.D.        AL 38th Inf. Co.F

Middleton, David H.    AL Inf. 1st Regt. Co.C

Middleton, F. J.       AL 4th Inf. Co.K

Middleton, Francis     AL 16th Inf. Co.A

Middleton, Hansel      AL 39th Inf. Co.F

Middleton, Henry H.    AL 36th Inf. Co.G

Middleton, H. P.       AL 44th Inf. Co.G

Middleton, J.          AL 56th Part.Rangers Co.I

Middleton, J.          AL 36th Inf. Co.G

Middleton, John        AL Arty. 1st Bn. Co.E

Middleton, John        AL 18th Bn. Vol. Co.A

Middleton, John B.     AL 4th (Russellís) Cav. Co.G

Middleton, John F.     AL 2nd Cav. Co.G

Middleton, John M.     AL 36th Inf. Co.G

Middleton, John T.     AL 20th Inf. Co.A Sgt.

Middleton, J. S.       AL 4th (Russell's) Cav. Co.A

Middleton, J. T.       AL 40th Inf. Co.D

Middleton, J.W.        AL 1st Cav. 2nd Co.A

Middleton, Lewis A.    AL 32nd Inf. Co.C 1st Lt.

Middleton, Lewis A.    AL 32nd & 58th (Cons.) Inf. 1st Lt.

Middleton, Martin Van Buren    AL Arty. 1st Bn. Co.E

Middleton, M. C.       AL 30th Inf. Co. G

Middleton, M. W.       AL 62nd Inf. Co.G

Middleton, Patrick H.  AL 36th inf. Co.F

Middleton, P.H.        AL 2nd Cav. Co.E

Middleton, R.          AL Cav. Moreland's Regt. Co.D, A

Middleton, Red B.      AL 36th Inf. Co.F

Middleton, Robert      AL 21st Inf. Co.E 1st Lt.

Middleton, S. J.       AL 19th Inf. Co.E

Middleton, W. A.       AL 36th Inf. Co.F

Middleton, W. E.       AL 63rd Inf. Co.E

Middleton, W. F.       AL 19th Inf. Co. E

Middleton, W. F.       AL 20th Inf. Co. D Music.

Middleton, W.H.        AL Cav. (St. Res.) Youngís Co. Sgt.

Middleton, William I.  AL 24th Inf. Co.F Sgt.

Middleton, William I.  AL 28th Inf. Co.K Cpl.

Middleton. W. C.       AL Cav. Morelandís Regt. Co. A

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