Middleton Alabama Confederate Soldiers  

Excerpts from NARA file M374, roll 31

Middleton, Berry                 Co. F 36th Ala.,    Pvt.

Middleton, Henry H.              Co. G 36th Ala.

Middleton, J.                    Co. I 56th Ala. Part. Rangers, Pvt.

Middleton, J.                    Co. G 36th Ala.

Middleton, James                 Co. G 36th Ala., original filed under J. Middleton 

Middleton, J. G.                 Co. E 1st Btn Ala. Art., Pvt., original filed John Middleton 

Middleton, John                  Co. A 18th Bn Ala. Vol., Pvt.

Middleton, J. P.                 Co. B Conf. Ala. Inf., original filed under J. G. Middleton 
Middleton, J. S.                 Co. A 4th (Russell's) Ala. Cav., Pvt.

Middleton, Martin Van Buren      Co. E 1st Bn Ala. Art., Pvt.

Middleton, M. W.                 Co. G 62nd Ala. Inf. (1st Ala. Resv.), Pvt.

Middleton, Patrick H.            Co. F 36th Ala. Inf., Pvt.

Middleton, Red B.                Co. F 36th Ala. Inf.

Middleton, Redmund B.            Co. F 36th Ala. Inf.

Middleton, Samuel M. C.          Co. G 3rd Ala. Inf.

Middleton, S. J.                 Co. E 19th Ala. Inf., Pvt.

Middleton, W. A.                 Co. F 36th Ala. Inf., Pvt.

Middleton, H. C.                 Co. G 3rd Ala. Resv., Pvt.

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