Middleton Cemetery, Monroe County, Alabama
Middleton Cemetery, near the Old Federal Road, Monroe County, Alabama
    The Middleton Cemetery is located in Monroe County along the Conecuh County line near the Old Federal Road. The oldest grave is that of Elizabeth Stroud, daughter of Luke Derbin and the wife of Eli Stroud who was slain by Indians at the Ogley Massacre in 1819.
    The following names are from graves beginning at the left front moving along the right following the graves as they are laid out more or less in a horseshoe shape. This listing was prepared on a hot day on June 11, 1998, by personal inspection and annotation prepared by D. A. Bass-Frazier, a descendant of Willis Middleton and Mathew and Drucilla Anderson.   [email protected]

Elizabeth L. Driscoll Hays Born October 18, 1905, Died June 15, 1942

Fletcher B. Hays, PFC US Army, World War I 1897- 1977

Headstone overturned face down; single grave.

Ada Gaskey Hoskin, 1864-1942

Nancy (Tiny) McNeil, Feb 13, 1855, Sept 12, 1931

William (Bill) McNeil, Jan 4, 1852 June 5, 1927

Grave marked by a large rock

Appears to be parts of markers for 3-4 graves

In Memory of Pemmie, Wife of Malachi Holley, Born . . . . 1836 Died Feb 15, 1900

Grave located to right side of Pemmie Holley’s marked with raised cement top; top broken and sections caved in

Grave located at foot of Pemmie Holley’s; could not read headstone.

Grave located to the right of the above-cited; large concrete slab with an urn on top but no name(s) found.

Daughters of Cecil and Myra Hayes:  Ruth,  Juliet,  Lois,  Patsy

Lora E. wife of L. A. Hayes   Jan 5 (could not read date)

____ Mother ? Isa G?le M. Hays   July 25, 1855 - Mar 10, 1913

Father, William M Hayes   Apl 12, 1859 - Mar 5, 1905

Daniel Driscoll   Sept 20, 1866 - Nov 11, 1940

Elizabeth Pugh Driscoll   June 28, 1871 - Jan 26, 1952

Jeremiah G. Driscoll   May 2, 1901 - Nov 26, 1971

Jesse Driscoll   July 11, 1899 - Dec 24, 1924

Marry A. Dau. of E. & D. Driscoll   Born Feb 23, 1896 - Died Jan 21, 1912

J. Driscall, Born ____sland 1820   Died May 18[9?]   Age 71 years

Millie, wife of J. Driscoll   Born June 29, 1836  - Died June 13, 1900

PVT Jackson Middleton   Co. D, 1st Regt. Confederate Cav. CSA  1842 - 1863 [this CSA marker placed as memorial by decendant Laula Middleton, May 1996]

Martha [Bond], wife of J. G. Middleton (picture of headstone)

John G. Middleton, Co. E  1st Ala. Arty. CSA (picture of headstone)

Elizabeth, wife of J. G. Middleton [born abt 1823] - died Sep. 27, 1881

Grandmother Mary Anderson   Sept. 7, 1857 - Oct. 14, 1925

Grandfather William A. Anderson   May 15, 1904

Uncle Earnest Anderson   Oct. 11, 1886

To the right of Earnest Anderson's grave is a rusted funeral marker

Three raised concrete covered graves; broken headstones, cannot read any names; one is badly broken up.

John Morgan

Nancy Morgan

Jane Morgan

At the back edge of the cemetery; obelisk now setting off its base that is made of pretty marble: Jessie Hayes   Born Aug. 15, 1827 - Died Sept. 6, 1903

Willis Middleton 1797-1889.  The original stone was broken and recently replaced but the original foot stone is still visible. There is a sunken spot the approximate size of a headstone base to the right of Willis Middleton

Malachi Holley   Born 1832 - Died Apr 22, 1870

Mathew Anderson  born Abbeville, SC March 15, 1809 - died in Monroe Co. Nov. 24, 1893

Drucilla B. Anderson, wife of Mathew Anderson born at Abbeville, SC Sept. 25, 18__

Mrs. C. P. Anderson   Sept. 21, 1862 - Nov. 20, 1923

C. P. Anderson   Apr. 11, 1848 - Dec. 20, 1916

Elizabeth daughter of Luke Derbin, wife of Eli Stroud slain by Indians at the Ogley Massacre in 1819

Elizabeth daughter of Joseph East wife of Eli Stroud Died 1819

Harriett Green McCorvey   Oct. 12, 1907 - June 4, 1993 wife of Jack McCorvey

Ruby L. Green   Jan. 3, 1910 - Dec. 12, 1993

Joe Cecil Green   Dec. 15, 1911 - May 8, 1993

Mother Savanah Green   1888 - May 20, 1960

Marvin Green   June 29, 1891 - Feb. 16, 1974

Remains of headstone of Willis Middleton
Remains of headstone and footstone for Willis Middleton,
photographed June 1998

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