Confederate Service Records, ADAH, extracts listing Middletons

Alabama Confederate Service Cards

Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Ala.

Confederate Service Record, 1861-1865. Microfilm Roll M870667

ADHA description:  Alabama Confederate Service Cards. Available on self-service microfilm. This series contains information about individual soldiers from Alabama and was compiled from original sources such as muster rolls, pension files, and records at the National Archives. Service cards typically include the name of the soldier, his home county, his age at the date of his enlistment, the date and place of enlistment, and the company and regiment. Cards may also include a list of the engagements the soldier took part in; whether he was killed, captured, or wounded; and date of parole. The source of information is often cited. Arranged alphabetically by surname.

    Note: there is a gap in the names beginning with "M" and the "Middleton" are not in strict alphabetical sequence.

Middleton, A. G.:  Capt. W. A. Pond's Co., Mobile Co. Reserves Home Guard. Pvt.  Appears on Muster roll dated Sep-Oct. 1864.

Middleton, A. W.:  Ala. St. Militia 1830-1860; 40th Regt. Capt. Resigned, Jas. Standley elected. Cert. of Election Montgomery 9 Mar 1825, Co. James Humphries, Comdt.

Middleton, A. Z.Dailey's Co. Monroe Co. Malitia. Pvt. age 19. Enlisted 19 Sept. 1864. Monroe Co., Farmer. Home Guards. Remarks: no gun. Muster Roll dated 16 Sept 1864.

Middleton, Augustus W.:  40th Regt. Montgomery. Capt. Com. 27 Aug '24. Resigned. Authority: Military Register, State Militia, 1820-32. Capt. Com. 19 Apl '25, resigned 12 Aug '28. Authority: Military Register, State Militia, 1820-32.

Middleton, Augustus W.:  5th Div. 13th Brig. 58 Regt. Maj. Com. 16 Dec 1832. Authority: Military Register, State Militia, 1832-44.

Middleton, B. J.: Co. A, Moreland's Cavl. Regt. Pvt. 1 Dec 1863. Dickson, Ala. for duration. Last paid 1 Nov 1863 by Maj. Thomson. Deserted 20 Mch 1864. Muster Roll (photo stat) 17 Sept 1864.

Middleton, BerryCo. F 36th Ala. Pvt. age 19. Monroe Co.

Middleton, C. D.:   Co. I [could be J] 38th Ala. Inf. Reg. Pvt. age 20. Mobile Co., Ala. Muster in Camp Holt. 12 Jun 1862.

Middleton, C. D.:   Pvt. Co. F 2nd Reg. Vol. Inf. enlist Mobile Co., Ala. age 23. Original roll 16 Sept 1861. Station Ft. Morgan, Ala.

Middleton, Chesley Nancy, widow: Co. A 4th Ala. Cav. pension app. 1 June 1889. Monroe Co.

Middleton, David Hinton:  b. 24 Mar 1844, Mulberry, Autauga Co., Ala.

Middleton, English:   Mobile Drafted Men, Home Guards. Leiut. Beat 1 25 July 1863. 94th Militia Returned 5 Aug 1863.

Middleton, Fleming J.:   Martha, widow. Pension application.

Middleton, G. S.:   Pvt. Co. E 33rd Ala. Inf. Jackson Co. Enlisted Aug 1862, Capterton, Ala.

Middleton, H. C.  Dailey's Co. Monroe Co. Malitia, Home Guards. Pvt. age 54. Enlisted 16 Sept 1864. Monroe Co., Ala. Farmer. Remarks: Has gun. Muster Roll 16 Sept 1864.

Middleton, Henry H.  Pvt. Co. G 36th Ala. Enl. 19 Apl 1862 Monroe Co. by R. H. Smith for 3 years. Age 28, 5'10". Born Monroe Co. Dark Complexion, Hazel eyes, brown hair. Farmer. Captured Missionary Ridge 25 Nov 1863. Original payroll signed near Dalton Ga 29 Mch 1864.

Middleton, Hugh:  Enl. Barbour Co., Beat 7. 2 dependants, family allowed $6 per year. Authority: Indigent Family Record, M.R.D.

Middleton, Dr. Hugh G.:   Surgeon in Columbia SC. Talledega Co. Mrs. M. A. Middleton.

Middleton, J. L. K.:   Co. F 32nd Ala. Regt. Authority: the Mississippian, Jackson, Miss. 7 Aug 1862. "Hospital Report of Deaths for the week ending Aug. 2 1862" signed J. W. C. Smith, Surgeon of Post per P. G. Valentine, Assistant Surgeon.

Middleton, J. M. Conecuh Co. Pvt. Co. G 36th Ala. Inf. Wounded Battle Jonesboro, witness C. G. Middleton. Discharged 1865.

Middleton, J. R. L.:   Pvt., father L. H. Middleton, Madison Co. Ala. Care Jack Flanagan, attorney. Peevey's Co. 35 Ala. inf. Claim filed 21 Apl 1863. Authority: List, Condition of Claims, 2nd Aud., C. S. Treas.

Middleton, J. S.:   Pvt. 33 Regt. Enlisted 1 Aug 1863 Anderson, Tenn. Capt. Cowens. Discharged 1864 "home sick did not return to army."

Middleton, J. F.:  Co. D 40th Ala. Inf. Pvt. 22 Mch 1862 Choctaw Co., Ala. Muster Roll, Walters, Ala. 2 May 1862.

Middleton, James S.:   Co. G 36th Ala. Vols. Pvt. Enl. 19 Sept 1862 Choctaw Co. Ala. by Capt. Patterson for 3 years. 21 age; 5'9" born Monroe Co. Fair complexion, grey eyes, light hair, farmer.

Middleton, Jeptha:   Dailey's Co. Monroe Co. Malitia Home Guards. Pvt. age 52. Enl. 16 Sept 1864. Remarks: had gun. Muster Roll 16 Sept 1864

Middleton, Jessie:   Co. A Russells 4th Ala. Cav. Pope Walkers Rangers. Enl. Montgomery, Ala. Mustered in Murfreesboro, Tenn. 1832. Ft. Donaldson Campaign, Nashville; surrendered Gainesville, Fla. May 1865.

Middleton, John Co. G 36th Ala. Born 12 Nov 1834, Monroe Co. Garland Rt. 2, 1907-08.  Tax Collector Census 1907-1908.

Middleton, Jno. B.:   Pension. Widow Patsy L. Pvt. G 4th Regt.

Middleton, John G.:   Pension application by Martha [Bond] Middleton.

Middleton, John M.:   Enl. 19 Apl 1862 Monroe Co. 26, 6'1". Born Monroe Co. Complexion dark, hazel eyes, brown hair. Farmer. Original pay roll signed near Dalton 29 Mch 1864. 1921 - Georgiana, Ala. Rt. 4 Box 22. 1921 Confederate Soldier Census.

Middleton, John R.:  Pension application by Agness. Co. E 4th Ala. Cav.

Middleton, John Sutton:   Born 2 Mch 1843, Fackler, Jackson Co. Ala. Gunters Battn., Capt. Cowans Co. Enl. Pleasant Grove, Ala. 1 Sept 1862

Middleton, John T.:   Pvt. Co. E 4th Tenn.

Middleton, Judge:   Co. A Russell's 4th Ala. Cav. Pope Walkers Rangers.

Middleton, Lewis A.:  Co. C 32nd Ala. inf. 2nd Lt. Mobile, Ala. 7 Mch 1862 enlisted

Middleton, M.:   Age 58. Dailey's Monroe Co. Home Guard. 16 Sept. 1864 enlisted. Remarks: Has a gun.

Middleton, M. C.:   English 2nd Cav. Co. enlisted 3 Oct 1864 Baldwin Co. Pvt.

Middleton, M. W.:   Dailey's Monroe Co. Home Guard. Pvt. age 16. Remarks: no gun. 16 Sept 1864.

Middleton, M. W.:   62nd Ala. Inf. Reserves Co. G.

Middleton, Marion Wesley:  Co G 62nd Ala. Inf. Enlisted Mobile 1865 served until paroled at close of war at Marion, Ala. 1921, RDF 1, Box 72, Garland, Ala. Born 1 Nov 1846, Simpinsville, Ala., Monroe Co. Pvt. Enlisted 1 Jan 1865 Mobile, Ala.

Middleton, P. H.:   Co. E 2nd Ala. Cav. Enlisted Bethel Church 29 March 1862. Age 30. Value of horse $250. Muster Roll 6 May 1862, Camp Stone.

Middleton, Patrick H.:   Co. G 36th Ala. Enlisted 17 Mar 1862 Monroe Co. by R. H. Smith. Age 31, 5'9."  Born Monroe Co. Dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair. Farmer. Transferred to  Co. F 36th 1 Mch 1864.

Middleton, R.:    Co. A Moreland's Cavl. Regt. Pvt. 1 May 1864. Dickson, Ala. Duration. Last paid 1 Nov 1863. Absent with leave of Srgt since June 1. Muster payroll 17 Sept 1864.

Middleton, R.:  Co. D. Moreland's Cavl. Regt. Pvt. 1 May 1863. Transferred Co. A 1 Jun 1864. Absent without leave since 1 May 1864. Muster payroll 14 Sept 1864.

Middleton, R. B.:   Co. F 36th Ala.

Middleton, Robt.:   Co. E 21st Ala. Inf. Regt. Pvt. Mustered in Oct. 1861. Mobil Daily Sten (?) 26 Apl 1910.

Middleton, Robt.:   Co. K 21st Ala. Inf. Pvt.

Middleton, S. M.C.:  Pvt. age 26, Planter. Monroe Co. Militia, Home Guard. Muster Roll 11 July 1864.

Middleton, Sami'l M.C.  Co. G 36th Ala. Enlisted 17 Mch 1862 in Monroe Co. by R. H. Smith for 3 years. Age 24, 5'8" Monroe Co. Complexion dark, gray eyes, dark hair. Farmer. Payroll near Dalton 29 Mch 1864.

Middleton, W. A.:   Montgomery.  Co. G 1st Battn. Hilliards legion. Capt. Age 34. Enlisted 3 July 1862 Montgomery. Nov 1863 organization broken up and Co. G became Co. G 23 Battn. Ala. Sharpshooters, part of Brigade Col. Gracie, Surrendered Appomattox C.H.

Middleton, W. G.:   Pvt. Co. G 12th Ala. Inf. Wounded, reported casualties in Montgomery Advertiser from camp near Fredericksburg March 9, 1863.

Middleton, W. F.:   Drummer. Co. D 30th Ala. Inf. 2 Apl. 1862, Choctaw Co. Muster Roll 2 May 1862

Middleton, W. H.:   Age 46. Capt. H. C. Younge Co. Gainesville, Home Guard. 3rd Sgt. age 46. Tallapoosa Count Home Guard. Mounted Inf. Muster Roll 26 Jan 1864. Youngsville, Tallapoosa County. Absent without leave since 22 Sept 1864, record dated 31 Oct 1864. Absent 22 Sept - 3 Nov 1864.

Middleton, W. J.:  Not found 50th Ala. Inf.

Middleton, W. L.:   Co. K 28th Ala. Inf. Pvt. 26 Mch 1862. Perryville, Ala. Sick at Cleveland, Tenn. Oct 27, 1862.

Middleton, W. V.:   Co. A Moreland's Cavl. Regt. Pvt. 1 Nov 1863. Dickson, Ala. Stopped on 12 March with disabled horse.

Middleton, William A.:  Co G. Hilliards Legions. Pvt. April 1862. Montgomery, Ala. Born 3 Feb 1828, Lowndes Co. 1907-08 lived in Clanton, Ala. paroled Montgomery, Ala. 1865.

Middleton, William A.  Co. G 36th Ala. Enlisted 19 Sep 1862 Choctaw Bluff. Age 28, 5'4". Conecuh Co. Complexion sallow, blue eyes, light hair. Farmer. Discharged by furnishing substitute 12 Dec 1864.

Middleton, W. J.:  Marion Co. Co H 30th Ala. Pension. Enlisted Jan 1864 Dalton, Ga. Letter - name not found. discharged 5 Apl 1865. Wounded Newhope Church, Ga.

Middleton, William J.:   Co H 30th Ala. Inf. Pvt. Born 5 Apl 1844, Ala. Enlisted Feb 1862 and continued to fall of Nashville. Reenlisted until close of War. Paroled NC. Enlisted Dalton, Ga. Sept. 1863. Home Guard, Jefferson, Ala. paroled Saulsburg, N.C. at close of War. Born 5 Apl 1843, Sterret, Shelby Co., Ala.  In Hamiton, Ala. in 1921.

          This transcription is from the microfilm that is part of the collection at the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History in Montgomery, Alabama. I have closely looked at this microfilm at ADHA. Given that this information was accumulated from many other sources, it does contain some errors. I welcome any additional information or corrections to this transcription.
Muster Roll, Company G, 36th Regiment of Alabama Volunteers

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