Mathew and Drucilla Anderson  


Photograph from Monroe Journal Cenenial Edition, 1866-1966

    Mathew Anderson was born in South Carolina, on March 15, 1809, and died on November 24, 1893. In about 1814, Drucilla  Brown Ross, was born in Abbeville, South Carolina, was the daughter of  William Ross and Nancy A. Ross, both of whom were born in South Carolina about 1775.  Mathew and Drucilla Anderson and some of their decendants areburied next to her husband in the Middleton Cemetery, Monroe County, Alabama.

    Mathew Anderson bought properly in Lowndes County, Alabama, in 1832. Mathew and Drucilla Brown Ross were married in Lowndes County, Alabama, on Janurary 3, 1833. By 1860, the Anderson's had moved to Burnt Corn, Monroe County, Alabama.

    Mathew and Drucilla's sons fought in the War in Company G of the 36th Regiment of Alabama Volunteers. On September 16, 1864, at age 56, Mathew Anderson joined Dailey's Company of the Monroe Co. Home Guard Militia. Notes indicate that he was a farmer and did not have a gun.

    TO: Pictures of Mathew and Drucilla Anderson's graves in Middleton Cemetery

    The Children of Mathew and Drucilla included:

 James P (b. abt 1833-)
 Adaline (b. abt 1835-)
 Monroe (b. abt 1838-)
 Melissa A. (24 Jul 1839-4 Dec 1908) m. James Stephen H. Middleon
 John  (b. abt 1843-)
 Margaret (b. abt 1844-)
 Emeline (b. abt 1846-)
 Marion (b. abt 1848-)
 Cleaborn P. (b. abt 1846-)
 S. Jonathan (b. abt 1850-)
 Calvin P. (b. 11 Apr 1848-20 Dec 1916)
 William (b. abt 1853-)

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