Commanding Officers and other members of the 36th Alabama  


This is a listing of the Commanding Officers, Surgeons, Chaplains, and other members of the 36th Alabama for which specific company assignments were not identified. These names were obtained from the Confederate records and appear in Alabama Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865, Unit Roster, Vol. III. Wilmington: Broadfoot Pub. Co., 1999. Further research on these names will be added as additional details are found.

Herndon, Thomas H.              Col.
Smith, Robert H.                Col.
Woodruff, Lewis T.              Col.
Smith, Richard Inge             Adj.
Harkness, R. M.                 Adj.
Adams, John C.                  Capt.

Herndon, Dabney                 Surg.
Benford, Peter                  Asst.Surg.
Pyles, N. C.                    Asst.Surg.
Silliman, James M.              Asst.Surg.

Smaw, Isaiah B.                 ACS
Smith, F. M.                    Eng.
Boyle, John P.                  Machinist

Howard, William                 Chap.
Hutton, Cornelius M.            Chap.

Morgan, John                    Music.

Lacy, M. V.                     Sgt. Maj.
Britton, Erasmus J.             Sgt.
Kejoh, A. M.                    Sgt.
Brown, J. C.                    QM Sgt.
Snedecer, Franklin B.           QMS
Crawford, R.                    Ord. Sgt.
Thomas, George L.               AQM
Tillinghast, J. W.              Ens.
Other members of the
36th Alabama Volunteer Regiment
Abbett, Matthew
Abernathy, J. T.
Alexander, Thomas
Alfred, ____
Anderson, John.
Banks, Samuel A.
Barton, William M.
Brannan, James
Bryan, Pleasant H.
Callahan, John
Carolton, Margaret
Carroll, Christopher C.
Connelly, Joseph
Cook, Isaac B.
Cooley, J. M.
Cowley, James
Cowley, W. C.
Cox, Levi
Cox, William M.
Crews, Rev. M. Crews -- buried Mansfield, Ill. Cem.; CSA Headstone 1840-1918
Curry, David T.
Dicker, John W.
Doss, William A.
Ezell, Timothy
Feagin, Andrew J.
Fox, E. W.
Garner, N. F.
Garner, William
Graham, W.
Greenlees, W. M.
Grime, J. E.
Hamilton, William R.      Conscript
Hanna, William
Henderson, P. W. -- buried in Confederate Rest, Magnolia Cem., Mobile, Ala.
Holt, Silas W.
Hutton, L. G.
Johnson, M. H.
Landry, Z. W .
Lawrence, J.
Lewis, _____
Mary, ____
Palmer, J. D.
Pate, Elijah,
Pinkston, John D.
Sasser, Henry G.
Shephered, William
Smith, F. W.
Turner, Elihu
Van Rich, Lorenzo
Vand, R. L.
Vaughan, Jonathan
Vaughn, Thomas
Walker, Kate
Welch, Edgar
Woods, Abel
Woods, Jane
Woods, John H.
Woods, Peggy
Wright, John
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