Co. K, 36th Alabama Infantry - Muster Roll with details of individual soldiers were available.
        "I certify on Honor that this Muster Roll shows the whole number and true condition at this date, of Captain A. J. Derby's Company K Alabama of the 36th Regiment Volunteers of the Confederate States, and that the "Remarks" set opposite the same of any Office or Soldier are correct."  Date: May 13th 1862.  Station: Mt. Vernon Arsenal. A. J. Derby, Capt, Commanding the Company.
       MUSTER ROLL, Of Captain A. J. Derby's Company K of the 36th Regiment, Volunteers, of the Confederate States from Ala. for 3 years or the War unless sooner discharged.
NAME                  RANK            AGE     STATE  COUNTY

Derby, A. J.          Capt.           26      Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Child, W. A.          1 Lieut.                Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Moseley, S.           2 Lieut.        23      Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Holland, Thomas       3 Lieut.                Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Fausch, H. A.         1 Sergt.        25      Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Owen, W. M.           2 Lieut.        26      Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Sharp, S. A.          3 Sergt.                Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Shelton, Thomas       4 Sergt.                Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Kingesy, A. J.        5 Sergt.        23      Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Fox, E. W.            1 Copl.         26      Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Miller, Sam'l.        2 Copl.         24      Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Anderson, G. J.       3 Copl.         21      Ala.   Tuscaloosa
Anderson, J. L.       4 Copl.         24      Ala.   Tuscaloosa

NAME                  AGE     STATE  COUNTY

Bainet, Jasper        26      Ala.    Tuscaloosa  
Buckner, W. A.        27      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Bruner, L[evi]                Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Bowen, G. W.          18      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Barker, W. N.                 Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Barker, T. J.                 Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Brown, J. Z.          18      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Croft, E. D.          50      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Cook, J.              30      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Cox, ? L.                     Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Cox, G. W.            16      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Cuningham, B. E.              Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Cuningham, A. L.      26      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Curry, J.             40      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Cooper, O.            26      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Ceibell, C. A.                Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Dodson, J. A.                 Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Dodson, E. F.         27      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Dodson, W. J.                 Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Doster, B.            19      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Erwin, C, D.          18      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Earranso? ? M.        ??      Ala.    Tuscaloosa (on fold line of Roll)
Edwards, E. M.        23      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Greene, J. T.         35      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Gosa, J. A.           25      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Gosa, A. M.           22      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Gosa, W. W.           30      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
[Hambin, J. H]
Herring, E.           28      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Houston, J. W.        21      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Howten, S.            19      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
James, T. E.          27      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
[Howton, J. C.]
Jennings, A.          23      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Jennings, M.          18      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Keziah, W. W.         19      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Loveless, O. G.       29      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Lawless, S. L.                Ala.    Tuscaloosa
[Lawrence, F.]
Morrison, J.          32      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Moses, [Thos.] M.     35      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Manderson, G. W.      36      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Manning, P. C.        35      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
McCran, W.            33      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Miller, W. W.         26      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
McDonald, W.          18      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Norwood, H. B.                Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Nevill, J.            26      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
[Newell, John A.]
Pate, J. E.                   Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Price, J. W.          33      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Price, B. F.          30      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Price, R.             23      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Poartor, W. J.                Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Perkins, J. G.        25      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Perkins, J. W.        21      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Perkins, T. A.        23      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
[Perkins, William S.]
Raybourne, J. W.              Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Ray, G. J.            23      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Rogers, S. A.         33      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Snider, Jacob         25      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Samsing, W. H.        21      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Sellars, H.                   Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Sizemore, W. M.               Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Thomas, F. W. G.      21      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Taylor, J. B.                 Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Vaughn, W. M.         18      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
Williams, J.          26      Ala.    Tuscaloosa
    This transcription is from the original Muster Roll that is part of the collection at the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History. I have closely looked at the original document along with photocopies graciously provided by ADHA. Given the age and wear of the document and the handwriting style changes in the ensuing century, it is possible that this nevertheless contains errors. I welcome any additional information or corrections to this transcription.

    IMPORTANT  NOTE: Names in brackets are from additional sources and not listed in the actual
Muster Roll. Please contact me about corrections and/or additions.

Additional informaiton:


Bruner, Levi.  Bruner enlisted on April 4, 1862, in Company K, 36th Alabama Volunteers with . J. Derby as Captain.  Bruner died July 27, 1862, while stationed in Mobile, Alabama. E-mail researcher
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Lawrence, F. A headstone marked F. Lawrence, Company K, 36th Alabama Regiment is in Row 4, Confederate Rest, Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama.  (back to Muster Roll).

Hambin, J. H.    Although he did not appear on the May 1862 Muster Roll, documents show that J. H. Hambin later joined Company K oaf the 36th Alabama. He was captured and held as a Prisoner of War at Rock Island, Illinois. Private Hambin died on March 3, 1864, and is buried at Rock Island in grave number 686.  (back to Muster Roll)

Moses, Thos. M. Thomas M. Moses was 35 when he enlisted in Company K of the 36th Alabama. He was later captured and died as a Prisoner of War at Rock Island, Illinois, on March 6, 1865. He is buried in grave number 1,914. (back to Muster Roll)

Newell, John A. Born about 1837 in Tuscaloosa County, he enlisted about 1862 in Derby's Company, Co. K, 36th Alabama. Newell died about April 11, 1862, and his widow Emily Newell is listed on the Lamar County pension rolls on July 4, 1862. Newell was listed as a "teamster."  E-mail the submitter
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Perkins, Williams S. The Lamar County Pension records book, page 56, lists William S. Perkins. His wife, Margaret L. Perkins, is approved for Class 3 Pension # 19085 on page 57. (back to Muster Roll)



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