Co. H, 36th Alabama Infantry - Muster Roll with details of individual soldiers were available.

Muster Roll of Captain J. W. A. Wright's Company H, of the 36th Volunteers of the Confederate States from Alabama for 3 years or war unless sooner discharged. This Muster Roll was dated May 13th, 1862, Mount Vernon Arsenal, Alabama, Commanded by Col. R. H. Smith.

The original document part of the permanent collection of the Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.

Officers                    Rank        Age     Where Joined for Duty
                                                State     County

Wright, J[ames W.] A.       Capt.       27      Ala.    Greene [later promoted to Major]
Allen, R[eese]. B.          1 Lieut.    42      Ala.    Greene [resigned, 24 nov 63]
Logan, C[alvin] T.          2 Lieut.    28      Ala.    Greene [died in service 29 July 63]
[Gladden, W. H.]            2 Lieut.                           [killed in action, 22 july 64]
Wilson, W[illiam] M.        3 Lieut.    38      Ala.    Greene [resigned, 4 dec 62]

Black, J. R.                1 Sgt.      29      Ala.    Greene 
Cranford, R.                2 Sgt.      25      Ala.    Greene 
Wilson, G. M.               3 Sgt.      21      Ala.    Greene 
Caldwell, W. J.             4 Sgt.      31      Ala.    Greene 
[Caldwell, Alexander          Sgt.]
Tutwiler, H. A.             5 Sgt.      17      Ala.    Greene 
McCrory, J. S.              1 Corpl.    31      Ala.    Greene 
Summy, F. C.                2 Corpl.    31      Ala.    Greene 
Davis, J. S.                3 Corpl.    35      Ala.    Greene 
Clements, B. F.             4 Corpl.    43      Ala.    Greene 
[Davidson, Robert J.        1st Sgt.]
[Dempsey, Holden            Sgt.]
[Farley, Seth               Sgt.]
[Farhy, S.                  Sgt.]
[Williams, J. R. J.         Sgt.]
[Elliott, Peter A.          Cpl.]
[Hoggle, Hugh               Cpl.]
[McCorory, John S.          Cpl.]
[Rainsford, John A.         Cpl.]
[Rice, Zeras                Cpl.]
[Rice, J.                   Cpl.]
[Summey, F. C.              Cpl.]
Privates                Age         Where Joined for Duty
                                        State   County

Abernathy, J. T.        22              Ala.   Greene
[Arrington, James]
Baker, William C.       34              Ala.   Greene
Bolton, A[mos] R.       27              Ala.   Greene
[Bowen, W.]
Boyd, W.                27              Ala.   Greene
Brazeal, Harvey         34              Ala.   Tuskaloosa       
Bremer, J. L.           32              Ala.   Greene
[Briscoe, M. J.]
Buck, M. E.             30              Ala.   Greene
[Burns, R. S.]
Caldwell, Alex          28              Ala.   Greene
[Cammack, David B.] 
Champion, J[ames] V.    18              Ala.   Bibb
Clary, J[ohn] J.[I?]    19              Ala.   Greene
[Clements, Benjamin F.]
[Creel, William J.]
Davis, E. W.            33              Ala.   Greene
Day, Nathaniel          27              Ala.   Mobile
Dobbins, J[ohn] M.      40              Ala.   Greene
[Dorris, John S.]
Elliot, P. A.           19              Ala.   Greene
Farley, Seth            25              Ala.   Greene
Fikes, Daniel           31              Ala.   Greene
Fikes, George           37              Ala.   Greene
Fikes, Tyre             34              Ala.   Greene
Gaines, N. F.           18              Ala.   Greene
Garner, Rineldo         36              Ala.   Greene
Garnet, J. F.           34              Ala.   Mobile
Geddie, J[ames] D.      32              Ala.   Greene
[Givens, Walter]
Glover, G. T.           26              Ala.   Greene
Goodwise, Henry         29              Ala.   Greene
Graves, Isaac           40              Ala.   Bibb
Griffin, Daniel         34              Ala.   Bibb
Handly, W. H.           25              Ala.   Bibb
Hasty, W[illiam] M.     29              Ala.   Greene
Halston, Patrick        42              Ala.   Bibb
[Henson, John A.]
[Hobson, Andrew B. J.]
[Hobson, Elijah]
Hoggle, Andrew          21              Ala.   Greene
Hoggle, Hugh            24              Ala.   Greene
Hoggle, J[ames] F.      29              Ala.   Greene
[Holston, Patrick]
Hughs, H. M.            49              Ala.   Greene
Hutchins, H. C.         22              Ala.   Greene
[Ingram, William A.]
Key, J[ames] M.         35              Ala.   Greene
Kinard, J[ohn] A.       21              Ala.   Greene
Kinard, M[athias] M.    25              Ala.   Greene
Kinard, W. F.           25              Ala.   Greene 
Lankford, Sam'l         21              Ala.   Greene
[Lee, Brown P.]
[Martin, Lewis A.]
McCrory, Sam'l          56              Ala.   Greene
McCrory, N[ewton]G.[J?] 21              Ala.   Greene
[Mclain, Isiah]
McCain, William         15              Ala.   Greene
[Measles, J. M.]
[Moody, Andrew J.]
Moore, Aaron                                            [also in Co. B]
[Moore, Hardy]
Moore, J. W.            23              Ala.   Bibb
[Morgan, Joseph]
Morrison, Angus         44              Ala.   Greene
Owens, Lacy             45              Ala.   Greene
Owens, William [H.]     20              Ala.   Perry
[Pennington, C. M.]
Pennington, M[artin] B. 24              Ala.   Tuskaloosa       
Permenter, Edward       42              Ala.   Greene
[Philips, J. S.]
Pinkston, W[illiam] J.  24              Ala.   Greene
Powers, J[ohn] S.       17              Ala.   Greene
[Price, M. J.]
Prisack, M. J.          23              Ala.   Greene 
[Ramsey, W. R.]
Rawlings, R[obert] R.   23              Ala.   Mobile
Reignez, W. F.          18              Ala.   Bibb
Rice, G. W.             18              Ala.   Greene
Rice, Tera              21              Ala.   Greene 
Richardson, J. P.       39              Ala.   Greene 
[Robins, Carter]
[Seale, Andrew J.]
Shiply, Levi            25              Ala.   Greene 
[Smelley, John]
[Smelley, Wilson]
[Snider, H. S.]
[Southworth, L. D.]
Spence, S. A.           25              Ala.   Greene 
[Sowell, Thomas H.]
Staggers, J. F.         30              Ala.   Tuskaloosa       
Stamps, Henry           42              Ala.   Bibb
[Taylor, J. P.]
Taylor, William         47              Ala.   Greene 
Terry, H[illiard] J.    41              Ala.   Greene 
Terry, James [W.]       42              Ala.   Greene 
Terry, M[oses P.        33              Ala.   Greene 
Terry, S. C.            38              Ala.   Greene 
Tidmore, Henry          30              Ala.   Greene 
[Tidmore, J. M.]
Tidmore, M. M.          35              Ala.   Greene 
Tingle, Jesse S.        46              Ala.   Greene 
Tingle, John S.         39              Ala.   Greene 
[Ticker, James]
Tune, John              36              Ala.   Bibb
[White, S. H.]
Wilburn, J. C.          25              Ala.   Greene 
[Woodley, William]
[Wright, J. A.]
Wyatt, H. G.            28              Ala.   Greene 
[Yearger, Everett]
[Youngblood, Newton J.]
This transcription is from the original Muster Roll that is part of the collection at the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History. I have closely looked at the original document along with photocopies graciously provided by ADHA. Given the age and wear of the document and the handwriting style changes in the ensuing century, it is possible that this nevertheless contains errors. I welcome any additional information or corrections to this transcription.

Names and information inserted in brackets were added to the May 13, 1862, Muster Roll and are from other sources .

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            Additional information:

From the Greensboro, Alabama, newspaper Alabama Beacon, January 15, 1864. "ON FURLOUGH. During the past two to three weeks we have seen on our streets quite a number of the gallant men from this region belonging to the Confederate army, who have been on short furloughs, spending the Christmas holidays with their relatives, or looking after important business matters. We have the pleasure of greeting the following: 
    . . . Lt. Black of Capt. Wright's Company, 36th Ala. Regt."  [J. R. Black began services as a Sergeant and was later promoted to 1st Lieut. and then Captain]   Back to Muster Roll

Clements, B. F. Believed to be the B. F. Clemments (spelled Clements per descendant K Rayes) that died as a Prisoner of War on Nov. 19, 1864, and is buired at Camp Chase, Ohio, in row 4, number 9, grave number 488. (Back to Muster Roll

Hasty, William M.  William Hasty joined Company H of the 36th Alabama when he was 29. He was later captured and died as a Prisoner of War in Rock Island, Illinois, on February 29, 1864. He is buried at Rock Island in grave number 671.    Back to Muster Roll

Lee, Brown P.  Although not listed on the May 1862 Muster Roll taken at Mount Vernon, Brown P. Lee later joined Company H of the 36th Alabama. He was captured and held as a Prisoner of War at Rock Island, Illinois. He died on February 1, 1864, and is buried there in grave number 343. Back to Muster Roll

Moore, Aaron.  Private Aaron Moore was captured and taken as a Prisoner of War to Rock Island, Illinois. He died at Rock Island on February 6, 1864, and is buried in grave number 383. Back to Muster Roll

Moore, J. W. An ancestor gives J. W. Moore's full name was given as Joshua Washington Moore. Joshua Moore was from Bibb County, Alabama and died in 1916. He married Amanda Handley Moore. Joshua Moore had three brothers that also fought in the War.  Back to Muster Roll
E-mail Moore's descendant

Prisack, M. J. - listed as Michael J. Prisoc, 1850 Greene County, Alabama Federal Census.    Back to Muster Roll

Rice, J.  Corporal J. Rice was listed a a member of Company H of the 36th Alabama in the Camp Chase Prisoner of War records. He died on March 11, 1865, and is buired in row 34, number 70, grave number 1,626 at the Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio. Back to Muster Roll

Wright, James W. A. From Confederate Veteran, July 1989: John Lawhon, Adjutant of Camp Sumter No. 332, Livingston, Ala., reports the deaths among its members that of Capt. J. W. A. Wright, Thirty Sixth Alabama.Back to Muster Roll

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