Co. D, 36th 36th Alabama Infantry - Muster Roll with details of individual soldiers were available.

    Muster Roll of Captain John C. Adams, Company "D" Ala. Col. 36th Regiment, C. S. A. commanded by Col. R. H. Smith. This Muster Roll was taken on May 13, 1862 at Tuskaloosa, Alabama. All of the soldiers in this company on the May 13th Muster roll enlisted in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

          Officers:                Rank       Age

        Adams, John C.                Capt       33   
        [Goodloe, W.W.]               Capt.
        [Floyd, John C.]              Capt. 
        Pruett, Dudley M.             1 Lieut.   25       [Also spelled Prewitt ]
        [Walker, J. M.]               1 Lieut.
        Strickland, Wilson,           2 Lieut.   32
        [Owen, Frank]                 2 Lieut.
        [Owen, W. M.]                 2 Lieut. 
        Williams, Martin M., [Jr.]    3 Lieut.   41
        [Hamer, Daniel J.]            1 Sgt. 
        Wallace, Geo. W.              1 Sgt.     35 
        White, R[obert] C.            2 Sgt. 
        Murray, W[illiam] A. J.       3 Sgt.     19 
        Cooly, D. G.                  4 Sgt.     32 
        Hauser, Paul J.               5 Sgt.     22
        [Hayes, W. M.]                  Sgt. 
        [Kiles, J. B.]                  Sgt. 
        [Murray, J. J.]                 Sgt.
        [Riley, Jas. T.]                Sgt.
        Carrol, A. C.                 1 Corp.    26 
        Geoimer, J. T.                2 Corp.    26 
        Snyder, William               3 Corp.    29 
        Franklin, I. L.               4 Corp.    29
        [Boyd, G. D.]                   Corp. 
        [Gurrin, J. F.]                 Corp.


        Allen, James M.         40
        Allman, G. R.           26
        [Bailey, W.D.]
        [Bangston, Benj. M.]
        [Barger, Jesse]
        [Barger, Simon]
        [Bates, L. B.]
        Baute, Littleberry      36
        [Battle, Thomas]
        Beck, A. J.             26
        [Bingham, Crane]
        [Bingham, Harris]
        [Blackster, G. W.]
        [Blanchard, Evan P.]
        [Boyd, F. M.]
        [Boyd, James L.]
        Boyd, Jasper            26
        Boyd, Thomas A.         26
        Boyd, W[illiam]         21
        Bryson, Geo. W.         40
        Burge, James            22
        [Burrage, J. B.]
        Burger, David           25
        Burger, Simon           22
        Carroll, James. M.      26
        Carroll, T. L. G.       18
        [Carroll, Thos. I. S. ]
        Carter, James           35
        [Crist, J. L.]
        Crist, T.               17
        [Clements, Ben N.]
        Collins, Owen           35
        [Cook, John J.]
        Cooly, J. M.            25
        Cooly, J. W.            30
        Cooly, W. A.            28
        [Corbal, Charles]
        [Cowley, John W.]
        Cox, Isaac              29
        [Cox, J.J.]
        Daniel, Jno. C.         34
        Daffern, H. H.          19
        [Dawson. T. M.]
        [Delameter, L.]
        Dockery, James          19
        Dooly, A[ndrew] J.      19
        [Dowdie, R.D.]
        Dowdle, R. D.           19
        Fitts, Marion J.        37
        [Franklin, William T.]
        Fulmer, David E.
        Gallant, Alfred         28
        Goodman, Jos. [C.]      33
        Goodman, Nimrod         37
        Gray, Dan'l G.          28
        Grimes, Daniel          2?
        [Gwinn, Jeptha G.]
        [Hall, William C.]
        Hallman, B. T.          18
        [Hanna, John]
        Hannah, John            29
        Hannah, William         25
        Harris, Alfred A.       18             [later Corp.]
        Harris, Benjamin        38
        [Hays, L. F.]
        [Hitt, Benjamin H.]
        [Hogg, James]
        House, James            22
        Houston, J. T.          21
        [Hoyt, Henry]
        Hudson, W. G.           28
        [Hudson, William L.]
        Hyche, Berry            21
        Hyfield, R. H           21
        Isham, Buck             18
        [Isom, Burch]
        [Jennery, J. H.]
        [Johnson, L.]
        [Jowers, Thos.]                        [Conscr.]
        Kezziah, Emanuel        18
        Kezziah, Rufus          21
        Kezziah, Thomas         40
        [Kisiah, Ruftis]
        [Kite, Reuben W.]
        Kyle, Anzi              19
        Kyle, R. W.             36
        [Lainer, William]
        Lawrence, T. J.         23
        Lawrence, W. A.         28
        Lawrence, Jno.          34            [later Corp.]
        [Leonard, J. M.]
        Lorry, T. H.            38
        [Lyman, J. M.]
        McClinton, William [H.] 23
        [McCrea, B. C.]
        McFerrin, J. B.         24
        Minor, G. W.            21
        [Mitchell, Willis P.]
        Montgomery, J. W.       25
        [Morris, William]
        [Morrow, G.M.]
        Moses, Joshua           27
        [Murphy, Michael]
        Murray, J[ames] T.      19
        [Oswaldt, Jesse]
        Oswalt, Abraham         24
        Oswalt, Jesse           30
        Oswalt, Jacob           37
        [Owen, William]
        [Peeve, J. D.]
        [Prescott, I.]
        [Prewitt, Dreury]
        Pruett, Drury           40
        Rains, E[lisha]         26
        Rains, John M.          30
        [Ray, Anderson]
        Ray, J[acob] L.         18
        Ray, William            31
        Rigsby, Wiley [T.]      18
        Riley, J. T.            18
        [Riley, John W.]
        [Riley, Robert L.]
        Riley, William          22
        [Rily, W.H.]
        [Robinson, J.]
        Rose, John M.           43
        Sandlin, Danl.          24
        [Sanellin, Daniel]
        Scales, Thomas J.       40
        [Smith, Lewis D.]
        Snyder, H. G.           37
        [Snider, John]
        Snyder, John            35
        Starkey, James B.       38
        [Tanner, G.L.]
        [Telling, George]
        Thompson, J. T.         22
        Thompson, R. F.         35
        [Thrasher, John]
        [Tillary, George W.]
        Tillery, George         24
        [Tillery, Daniel S.]
        Tillery, John           21
        [Tinder, W.]
        Turner, E.              29
        Vines, George           22
        Walden, Wm. [C.]        22
        Wallace, W. A.          33
        [Waters, Jasper]
        Watkins, W. E.          27
        Watts, D. H.            22
        Weaver, Zimery          22
        [White, D.]
        White, G[eorge] W.      26
        White, H[enry] H.       19
        White, William [T.]     26
        [Wiggins, M.R.]
        Woodell, Jesse          21
        Woodell, T. J.          18

 This transcription is from the original Muster Roll that is part of the collection at the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History. I have closely looked at the original document along with photocopies graciously provided by ADHA. Given the age and wear of the document and the handwriting style changes in the ensuing century, it is possible that this nevertheless contains errors. I welcome any additional information or corrections to this transcription.

IMPORTANT  NOTE: Names in brackets are from additional sources and not listed in the actual Muster Roll. Please contact me about corrections and/or additions.


Additional notes:

Hitt, Benjamin H. Believed to be the B. H. Hitt that died as a Prisoner of War on  July 23, 1864, and is buired at Camp Chase, Ohio, in row 19, number 27, grave number 653. (Back to Muster Roll)

Peeve, J. D. A headstone marked J. D. Peeve, Company D, 36th Alabama Regiment is in Row 1, Confederate Rest, Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama.  (Back to Muster Roll).

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