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Co. C, 36th Alabama Infantry - Muster Roll with details of individual soldiers were available.

    "Muster Roll of Captain James A. Wemyess' Company "C" of the 36th Regiment Volunteers of the Confederate States from Alabama for 3 years or the War unless sooner discharged." Muster Roll from Mt. Vernon Arsenal, May 13, 1862. Names in brackets were obtained from other sources including Names have been put in alphabetical order for ease of reference.

Wemyss, James A.      Capt.       39     Ala. Greene Co.
Stewart, Charles      1st Lieut.  50     Ala. Greene Co. [resigned, 25 Sept 1862]
Hutchinson, A. H.     2nd Lieut.  24     Ala. Greene Co.   
Britton, Daniel H.    3rd Lieut.  27     Ala. Greene Co.
Knight, W. N.         1st Sgt.    20     Ala. Greene Co.  [later Capt.]
Moore, Isaac D.       2nd Sgt.    23     Ala. Greene Co.  
Davidson, R. I.       3rd Sgt.    33     Ala. Greene Co.  
Crews, H.             4th Sgt.    22     Ala. Greene Co.  
Holbrook, Burwell     5th Sgt.    38     Ala. Greene Co.  
DuBois, John E.       1 Corpl.    20     Ala. Greene Co.  
Webb, Henry           2 Corpl.    54     Ala. Greene Co.  
Hanna, Robt.          3 Corpl.    31     Ala. Greene Co.  
Evans, Benjamin S.    4 Corpl.    25     Ala. Greene Co.  [later 2nd Lt. resigned, 4 July 63] 
[Watkins, Jno. C.]    2nd Lt.
[Henderson, William F.] Cpl.
[Marland, W. R.]        Cpl.

[Adcock, Seymour]
Avery, James B.           23        Ala. Greene Co.  
[Baskin, J. J.]
[Baumer, Joseph]                                      [Musician]
Bell, William A.          39        Ala. Greene Co.  
Behm (?), John            33        Ala. Greene Co.  
Brewer, J[erry] A.        29        Ala. Greene Co.  
Brown, J[ames] A.         30        Ala. Greene Co.   
Bryan, J. B.              25        Ala. Greene Co.  
Buchanan, J[ames] S.      34        Ala. Greene Co.  
Burton, Calvin A.         18        Ala. Greene Co.  
[Calvin, James P.]
[Calwell, B. S.]
Carlisle, T. C.           21        Ala. Greene Co.  
[Colwell, R. C.]
Cook, Isaac B.            23        Ala. Greene Co.  
[Curry, John]
[Dane, Robert A.]
Davis, B[enjamin] F.      21        Ala. Greene Co.   
Densler, F. A.            20        Ala. Greene Co.   
DeYambert, E.             34        Ala. Greene Co.  
[Dickens, Robert]
[Dickins, J. N.]
[Dorris, Benjamin F.]
[Dunlap, John]
[Dunn, Robert A.]
Drummond, W. H.           25        Ala. Greene Co.   
Edmiston, Isaac           30        Ala. Greene Co.   
[Edmiston, James]
[Edmiston, Larkin]
Edminston, Z.             18        Ala. Greene Co.   
[Elford, John R.]
[Elford, Robert]
Ellis, C. C.              23        Ala. Greene Co.    
[Ferrell, William C.]
Ferrill, W. O.            17        Ala. Greene Co.   
Gladden, W. H.            26        Ala. Greene Co.   
Gievin, E[van] P.         20        Ala. Greene Co.    
Graham, A[rchibald] C.    30        Ala. Greene Co.   
Grisit, E. F.             26        Ala. Greene Co.    
Glover, J. E.             38        Ala. Greene Co.    
[George, James]
George, William [H.]      28        Ala. Greene Co.   
Hoppel, H. H.             17        Ala. Greene Co.    
[Hagins, George W.]
Hagy, A. M.               45        Ala. Greene Co.   
Hellen, William           30        Ala. Greene Co.    
Hellen, E.                28        Ala. Greene Co.    
Hanna, R. C.              16        Ala. Greene Co.    
Hanna, A[ndrew] M.        22        Ala. Greene Co.    
Hatter, W[illiam] B.      28        Ala. Greene Co.    
Hutchinson, Joseph        19        Ala. Greene Co.    
Harris, P. T.             22        Ala. Greene Co.     
Huggins, I., Jr.          25        Ala. Greene Co.     
[Henderson, E. W.]
[Herren, Jas. C.]
[Hogg, A. M.]
[Holly, Richard]
[Houck, J. W.]
Johnson, M. C[laude]      27        Ala. Greene Co.     
Jones, Alex               23        Ala. Greene Co.      
Jones, Calvin             27        Ala. Greene Co.     
[Kennedy, J. T.]
Kinniard, T. J.           32        Ala. Greene Co. 
Lavender, B[ryant]        32        Ala. Greene Co.     
Lawrence, J.              22        Ala. Greene Co.     
Lawrence, W[illiam J.]    29        Ala. Greene Co.     
Lawrence, N.              21        Ala. Greene Co.     
[Lawrence, Nelson - mabe be same as above] 
Lawrence, A. B.           28        Ala. Greene Co.      
Lawrence, A. J.           27        Ala. Greene Co.      
Lieser, J. P.             32        Ala. Greene Co.      
Logan, A. L.              40        Ala. Greene Co.      
Martin, W. [R.]           29        Ala. Greene Co.      
Martin, J[ohn W.]         18        Ala. Greene Co.      
Miller, W[illiam] D.      23        Ala. Greene Co.      
Moore, J. L.              44        Ala. Greene Co.              
Moore, W. D.              20        Ala. Greene Co.           
McGill, J[ohn] C.         23        Ala. Greene Co.           
[McCally, R. S.]
McCarter, G. [L.]         23        Ala. Greene Co.           
McMillan, J. B.           32        Ala. Greene Co.           
McKane, W[hitfield] B.    34        Ala. Greene Co.           
McGee, Zach[ariah]        24        Ala. Greene Co.            
[Moore, R. C.]
Morris, T[homas] W.       24        Ala. Greene Co.           
Morris, J. T.             17        Ala. Greene Co.            
Montague, J. F.           24        Ala. Greene Co.           
Potter, L. H.             23        Ala. Greene Co.           
Pool, Isaac W.            38        Ala. Greene Co.             
Pool, John H.             34        Ala. Greene Co.             
Palmur, W. M.             45        Ala. Greene Co.             
[Parsons, G. W.]
[Patridge, ?]
[Pew, J. P.]
Powell, Smith             17        Ala. Greene Co.             
Phifer, R. W.             25        Ala. Greene Co.             
Reid, W[illiam] H.        32        Ala. Greene Co.             
Reed, J[ames] M.          43        Ala. Greene Co.             
[Rhodes, Alvah]
[Richardson, Walker]
Roquemore, J. B.          31        Ala. Greene Co.             
Sims, R. W.               19        Ala. Greene Co.             
Stewart, James            18        Ala. Greene Co.             
Story, J[ames] O. A.      19        Ala. Greene Co.                
Smar(?), Isaiah B.        47        Ala. Greene Co.             
Simmons, G. W.            23        Ala. Greene Co.              
Stephens, B[enjamin] W.   26        Ala. Greene Co.              
Stephens, R[ichard]       33        Ala. Greene Co.              
Stringfellow, E. [R.]     26        Ala. Greene Co.              
Stringfellow, P. W. K.    21        Ala. Greene Co.              
[Stokes, James M.]
Stokes, T. J.             24        Ala. Greene Co.              
[Singletary, F. C.]
[Smith, Albert]
[Speed, J. W.]
[Taylor, William L.]
[Watson, R.]
[Weston, John F.]
Wheelan, Leander T.
Whelan, Charles          22        Ala. Greene Co.  [Hospital Steward]
Wheeler, J. E.           18        Ala. Greene Co.              
Wilson, E[lias]          41        Ala. Greene Co.              
Wilson, J. B.            29        Ala. Greene Co.              
Wilson, J[ames] L.       44        Ala. Greene Co.              
Wilson, W[illiam] H.     33        Ala. Greene Co.              
Whitehead, J. J.         28        Ala. Greene Co.              
Willingham, W. L.        17        Ala. Greene Co.              
[Whitfield, John W.]
Williams, Charles [L.]   22        Ala. Greene Co.              
Williams, J. A.
This transcription is from the original Muster Roll that is part of the collection at the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History. I have closely looked at the original document along with photocopies graciously provided by ADHA. Given the age and wear of the document and the handwriting style changes in the ensuing century, it is possible that this nevertheless contains errors. [email protected]

IMPORTANT  NOTE: Names in brackets are from additional sources and not listed in the actual Muster Roll. Please contact me about corrections and/or additions.

Additional information:


Avery James B.  After enlisting at age 23, young James B. Avery was captured and subsequently died on March 7, 1864, while being held as a Prisoner of War at Rock Island, Illinois. He is buried in grave number 791. (Back to Muster Roll)

Britton, Daniel H. From the February 1906 Confederate Veteran, at age seventy-one (b. abt 1834) Dan H. Britton died on Septemter 16th (1905) near Gallion, Alabama, He enlisted at the outbreak of the War and was Third Lieutenant in Company A of the 36th Alabama under Capt. James A. Wemyess. Britton served his Regiment well and participated in nearly all its battles until he was captured on May 22, 1864, after which he was a prisoner on Johnson's Island till the close of the war.(Back to Muster Roll)

Evans, Benjamin S. The June 1909, Confederate Veteran, contains a listing of deaths from the Camp Allen C. Jones, No. 266 UCV Camp noting that member B. S. Evans had died in 1908.
(Back to Muster Roll)

McGee, Zacharias.  Zach McGee was 24 when he enlisted in Company C of the 36th Alabama. He was captured and held as a Prisoner of War at Rock Island, Illinois, until he died on April 29, 1864. He is buried in grave number 1,099. (Back to Muster Roll)

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