Co. B, 36th Alabama Infantry - Muster Roll with details of individual soldiers were available.  

        Muster Roll of Company B of the 36th Alabama Volunteers commanded by Col. R. H. Smith. This Muster Roll is dated May 13th, 1862, while the company was stationed at Mt. Vernon Arsenal, Alabama. Original document part of the permanent collection of the Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.
Officers           Rank     Age   County

Carpenter, Nathan M.    Capt.       35    Greene 
Knox, J[ohn] C.         1st Lieut.  27    Greene 
Gorden, W. P. H.        2nd Lieut.  34    Greene [buried Resaca Confed. Cem.]
Cockrell, M. N.         2nd Lieut.  30    Greene 
McLemore, P[hillip] B.  1st Sergt.  31    Greene 
Watson, John A.         2nd Sergt.  30    Greene 
Mobley, R. H.           3rd Sergt.  24    Greene 
Gorden, S. J.           4th Sergt.        Greene 
Thompson, F. A.         5th Sergt.  19    Greene 
Handley, L[uman]. S.    1st Corpl.  21    Greene 
Mobley, W. A.           2nd Corpl.  22    Greene 
Porter, W. J.           3rd Corpl.  31    Greene 
Johnson, J. M.          4th Corpl.  33    Greene 
[Hill, Newton]              Sergt. 
[Lawrence, John]            Cpl.   
[Lott, T. A.]               Sergt. 
[Mobley, W. A.]             Cpl.   
[Riley, John]               Cpl.  

Privates          Age  County
[Adams, James H.]
[Allen, ]
Archibald, L[eroy] H.   23   Greene
Baldwin, H[enry] M.     24   Greene
Barton, W. M.           29   Greene
Buskin, J. J.           19   Greene
Boulton, J[esse] B.     34   Greene
Brassfield, W. W.       27   Greene
Brown, Joseph [T.]      19   Greene
Bryan, M. H.                 Greene
Burnes, Peter           18   Greene
Carmichael, J. B.       31   Greene
Carpenter, Jubal        24   Greene
Carpenter, S[am'l] J.        Greene
[Carter, James W.]
Carter, Joseph          39   Greene
[Chamblee, J. L.]
[Cockrell, Benjamin T.]
Cockrell, J. W.              Mobile
[Cockrell, L.D.]
Cockrell, Nathan        36   Greene
[Coleman, C. C.]
Coleman, J. C.          19   Greene
Coleman, John           37   Greene
Cook, J[ohn] J.         22   Greene
Cook, S[tephen] R.      34   Greene
Cox, Levi               25   Greene
[Daniel, John C.]
DeGraffenried, E. T.    25   Greene
DeGraffenried, J. F.    31   Greene
Doeggs,                      Mobile
Doeggs,                      Mobile
[Doigg, A.]
[Doigg, J.P.]
[Doigg, M.T.]
[Doigg, T. A.]
[Drummond, David T.]
[Drummond, Warren]
[Drummond, Warren J.]
Dunlap, James P.        20   Greene
Dunlap, J[ohn] J.       29   Greene
Dunlap, S. W.           28   Greene
[Dunlap, Thomas T.]
Eatman, H. H.           25   Greene
Eatman, H. T.           36   Greene
[Eatman, Madison]
[Ellis, R. W.]
Flannegan, James [A.}   17   Greene  
Gandy, Daniel           27   Greene
[Graham, Jesse S.]
[Handly, L. S.]
[Haleman, J. R.]          
Harkness, J. A.         18   Greene
Harkness, R. M.         25   Greene
[Harris, Benjamin]
[Harrison, George W.]
Harrison, J[ethro] B.   30   Greene
Henderson, E. W.        23   Greene
Henderson, D. D.        20   Greene
[Henderson, John E.]
Henderson, J[no.] R.    19   Greene
Henderson, W. F.        23   Greene
Herndon, E. W., Jr.          Greene
Hill, C. D.             16   Greene
Hill, J[ames] W.             29   Greene
Holl[e]y, Fred [N.]     17   Greene

Hughes, L. S.           21   Greene
Hughes, R. C.           18   Greene
[Hutton, M. C.]
[Jeffries, Ruffin]
[Jones, J. L.]
[Jones, W. C.]
Knox, A. J.             19   Greene
Knox, H[enry] D.        28   Greene
Knox, J. M.                  Mobile
Knox, S. P.             17   Greene  
Lay, Amos               25   Mobile
[Lawrence, John]    
[Lay, Lafayette] 
[Lay, Preston]
Leaville, J[oseph] M.   27   Greene [also spelled Leavell]
[Leavill, R. D.]
[Lett, J. F.]
[Lewis, Joseph M.]
Lorris, B. J.           20   Greene
Lorris, J. M.           26   Greene
Lunsford, J[ames] L.    34   Greene
Maraffe, J. W.               Mobile
[Martin, John]
Martley, John           21   Greene
Maugham, W. G.          48   Greene
Mays, J. H.                  Mobile
Mays, J. W.             33   Greene
McCully, D. W.               Greene
McMullen, W. F.         16   Greene [buried Resaca Confed. Cem.]
Merrill, S. R.          16   Greene
Morreau, W. A.          18   Greene
[Morrow, William A.]
[Murphy, J. C.]
[Murphy, Jasper]
Murphy, Josiah          18   Greene
Murphy, W. J.           33   Greene
Norris, W[illliam] A.   26   Greene
Oneal, James            43   Greene
Park, J[oseph] W.       21   Greene
Peacock, W[illiam] D.   26   Greene
[Pearson, L. A.]
Poole, T. J.                 Mobile
Porter, J[ohn] H.       29   Greene
[Pruett, Elbert]
Pyles, A. C.            24   Greene
Randolph, Brett              Greene
Rice, A[lexander] C.    25   Greene
[Richards, S. B. Carson]
Richardson, J. T.       27   Greene
Richardson, S. P. C.    27   Greene
[Riley, G. W.]
Salmon, W. F.           23   Greene
Scarborough, John [W.]  38   Greene
Scarborough, T. A.      24   Mobile
[Sellers, Elijah]
Shelton J[ohn] G.       21   Greene [buried Resaca Confed. Cem.]
Silliman, J. M.         29   Greene
[Slone, E.]
[Steele, Sydney P.]
Steele, T. M.           23   Greene
[Strantley, Jas.]
[Strickland, John]
Strickling, D. B.       33   Greene
Thomas, George L.       31   Greene
Thomas, H[arry] B.      16   Greene
Walker, T. W.           30   Greene
[Watson, J. A.]
[White, E. D.]
White, M. E.                 Mobile   
White, S. M.                 Mobile
Williams, Reddin[g]     23 
[Winston, J. S.]
Winston, M. S.          22 
Winston, N. M.   
Woodall, [John H.]      18
This transcription is from the original Muster Roll that is part of the collection at the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History. I have closely looked at the original document along with photocopies graciously provided by ADHA. Given the age and wear of the document and the handwriting style changes in the ensuing century, it is possible that this nevertheless contains errors. I welcome any additional information or corrections to this transcription. Names inserted in brackets are from the Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865.


Allen, ____. Chaplain C. M. Hutton recounted that although the soldiers had been instructed to remove the gun caps, not all did so when they fell out to rest after moving from Tullahoma. Unfortunately, one of the guns fired striking Private Allen in the leg breaking his thigh bone. Allen was carried to the house of a Mr. Huffman near the railroad station at Normandy. Fortunately for Allen, Dr. Herndon, the surgeon for the 36th Alabama, had chloroform available when he amputated the soldier's leg. Surviving the War, Allen became a physician in Rockdale, Tex. Back to Muster Roll

Archibald, Leroy H. Believed to be the L. H. Archibald that died as a Prisoner of War on Dec. 8, 1864, and is buired at Camp Chase, Ohio, in row 17, number 25, grave number 576. (Back to Muster Roll)

Cockrell, McLin N. While not sure, it is suspected that McLin Cockrell's middle name was Nathan.  McLin Cockrell as captured at Tunnel Hill and first sent to Knoxville for prisoner exchange. However, as Gen. Grant had other plans for the Confederate prisoners, he was then sent to Johnston's Island POW camp in Ohio, where he remained prisoner until the end of the war. McLin Cockrell owend a plantation owner in Pleasant Ridge Alabama. He married Permelia Elizabeth Coleman of Mt. Hebron Alabama. Family tradition has it that Charles Coleman Cockrell was the drummer boy for the company.
Picture of McLin Cockrell   Email their descendant     Back to Muster Roll

Haleman, J. R. Haleman's name did not appear on the Company's Muster Roll of  May 13th, 1862. However, his is listed as a Private of Company B of the 36th in the lists of Confederate dead at Rock Island. He was captured and died on December 23, 1863, as a Prisoner of War at the Rock Island, Illinois, prison camp. Haleman is buried in grave number 60 at Rock Island.Back to Muster Roll

Handley, Luman S. Born in Dallas County, Ala., September 29, 1840, Luman Handley served three years with the 36th Alabama. During his service he sustained an injured hand in the Battle of Chickamauga. After the War, Handley graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1869, and from Columbia Theological Seminary in 1872. In 1873, Handley was ordained by the Presbytery of Tuscaloosa in 1873. He was called to Birmingham in 1874, and served as pastor of the First Church from 1876 -1890 and the Central Church from 1890 until nearly the moment of his death. Handley died on November 26, 1910, of cardiac paralysis just hours after having baptized three infants. Information from Rev. C. M. Hutton's obituary, February 1911 Confederate Veteran. Back to Muster Roll

Harrison, Jethro B. Believed to be the J. B. Harrison that died as a Prisoner of War on Jan. 21, 1865, and is buired at Camp Chase, Ohio, in row 23, number 31, grave number 826. (Back to Muster Roll)

Henderson, P. W. The name "P. W. Henderson" appears on a headstone in Row 2, Confederate Rest, Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama. He is listed as a soldier from the 36th Alabama. The name "P. W." Henderson does not appear in any of my research. The only Henderson with the middle initial of "W." is E. W. Henderson. Could this be the same soldier? Back to Muster Roll

Hill, James W. Believed to be the J. B. Harrison that died as a Prisoner of War on Feb. 16, 1865, and is buired at Camp Chase, Ohio, in row 30, number 31, grave number 1292. (Back to Muster Roll)

Hutton, C. M. Believed to be the same person as "M. C. Hutton" from the Complied Service Records, C. M. Hutton was Chaplain of the 36th Alabama. He later wrote about his recollections of prison life for the Confederate Veteran. Back to Muster Roll

Lawrence, John.  Lawrencedid not appear on the Company's Muster Roll of  May 13th, 1862. However, his is listed as a Private of Company B of the 36th as one of the many Confederate dead at Rock Island. He was captured and subsequently died on January 1, 1864, as a Prisoner of War at the Rock Island, Illinois, prison camp. Lawrence is buried in grave number 96 at Rock Island.Back to Muster Roll

McMullen, W. F. Son of Chaplain Jame P. McMillen of the 42nd Alabama, W. F. McMullen was killed in the Battle of Resaca on May 15, 1864. He is buried in the Resaca Confederate Cemetery, Resaca, Georgia. Back to Muster Roll

Peacock, Willam D. Believed to be the Private W. D. Peacock that died as a Prisoner of War on Jan. 25, 1865, and is buired at Camp Chase, Ohio, in row 24, number 38, grave number 898. (Back to Muster Roll)

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       Tin type of McLin N. Cockrell from a Family Bible.  Tintype of McLin N. Cockrell from a Family Bible.
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