Co. A, 36th Alabama Infantry - Muster Roll with details of individual soldiers were available.  

    Muster Roll of Captain Charles S. Henegan, Company A of the 36th Regiment of Alabama Volunteers, C. S. A., commanded by Col. R. H. Smith. This Muster Roll was taken on May 13, 1862, at Mount Vernon, Alabama.
Name                      Rank                 Age  Where Joined for Service

Henegan, C[harles]. S.    Capt.                34   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Quarles, J[ohn] M.        1st Lieut.           37   Ala.  Sumpter Co. [resigned 22 Dec 1863]
Bell, T. D.               2nd Lieut.           30   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Stuart, R. F.             3rd Lieut.           47   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Meek, J[ames] T.          1st Sergt./[Capt.]   32   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Winston, W[illiam] E.     2nd Sergt./[1st Lt.] 20   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Wrenn, G[eorge] M         3rd Sergt.           37   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Wilkinson, J[oseph] B.    4th Sergt.           32   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
McDow, J[ohn] R.          5th Sergt.           33   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Brown, E. J.              1st Copl.            18   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
McInnis, J. D.            2nd Copl.            19   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Jackson, T.               3rd Copl.            23   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Stanton, J[ames] F.       4th Copl./[Pvt.]     24   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Knox, Joe [H.]            Musician             16   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Name                       Age  Where Joined for Service

Anderson, W. S.            31   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Arrington, A. J.           34   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Bailey, [Jeremiah] W. W.   21   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Bell, W. R.                37   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Bell, E. T.                     Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Bennett, D[avid] L.        24   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
[Binns, William A.]
Bivns, W. H.               29   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Boyd, J. [S.]              18   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Brantly, J. R.             26   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Brown, J. C.                    Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Brown, J. E.                    Ala.  Sumpter Co.
[Brown, J. A.]           
Browning, J. R.            29   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Carpenter, W. T.           17   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Chambers, T. J.            34   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Chambers, John [A.]        20   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Cherry, H[enry] F.         24   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Cherry, W. E.              24   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Clark, W. B.               23   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Crawford, W. G. L.         32   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Crooks, J. H.              22   Ala.  Sumpter Co. [later Sergeant]
Cockrell, L. D.            17   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Davis, M. W.               33   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Davis, J. B.               19   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Davis, W[illiam] H.        22   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Dillard, E. N.             22   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Donald, B. F.              18   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Drummonds, H. F.           32   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Drummond, K. M.            30   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
[Drummond, Thomas M.]
Eason, E. P.               31   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Ellis, W[illiam]           25   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Ennis, Robt. W.            20   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Epps, W. P.                19   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Epps, J. W.                26   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Evans, E. A.               24   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Fess, A. S. N.             35   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Garrett, J[esse] L.        22   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Gaboll, B. G.              27   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Gee, W[illiam] R.          22   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Gholson, J. H.             22   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Gibbs, W[m.] H.            20   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Gilbert, J. W.             27   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Gilbert, John M.           19   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Greenlees, W. M.           27   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Greenlees, R.              23   Ala.  Sumpter Co. [later Sergeant]
Grice, W. G.               22   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Heminwray, J[ames] O.      25   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Hodges, J[asper] C.        20   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Halt, T. W.                22   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Hutton, A[quila] D.        19   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Isbell, J[as.] B.          18   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Jackson, J[ohn] R.         30   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Jenkins, O. G.             22   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Johnson, T[homas] H.       35   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Kendall, J[ames] C.        28   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Kirkland, D. L.            30   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Lavender, H. E.            27   Ala.  Sumpter Co. [later Sergeant]
Leighton, C[harles]        26   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Little, A[ndrew] J.        28   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Little, T[homas] J.        26   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Long, H. D.                24   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Love, E. P.                32   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Lunsford, D. H.            31   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
McCain, G. H.              34   Ala.  Sumpter Co. [later 2nd Lieut.]
McCain, W[m.] R.           30   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
McDow, Jr., W. L.          31   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
McKerin, J. P.             26   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
McMahon, J[ohn] J.         17   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
[Meridith, Samuel]
Meridith, T. H.            18   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Minnoece, W. H.            19   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Mitchell, J. M.            30   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
[Murry, F. M.]
Nance, W. G.               37   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Naugle, J. J.              19   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
[Newton, Isaac] 
Newton, J[oseph] P[atrick] 16   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Norton, J. P.              34   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Nonell, L. J.              34   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Palmer, Luke               19   Ala.  Sumpter Co. [later Copl.]
Parker, F[rank] E.         16   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Pevey, J. R.               25   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Peteete, W. Y.             18   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Porter, R[obert] E.        18   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Ramsey, W. R.              25   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Rencher, A[braham] M.      17   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Richardson, Jr., B[ryant]  17   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Riley, W[illiam]           21   Ala.  Sumpter Co. [later Copl.]
Robbins, C.                48   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Shall, E. H.               29   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Sloane, J. R.              27   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
[Snider, Hillard Sellers]                        [died in Montgomery hospital, Oct. 1862]
Taukonsly?, J. H.          24   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Tartt, E. B.               32   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
[Tartt, J. W.]
Thompson, S[amuel]         32   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Thomell, B.                42   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Travis, T. A.              19   Ala.  Sumpter Co. [later Sergeant]
Waller, C. B.              16   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Thigpen, G. L.             38   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Williamson, B. J.          30   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Weir, J. H.                33   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Winslet, T[hos]            17   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Winslet, W[illiam]         21   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
[Winston, James M.]
Winston, Jr., J[ohn] A.    18   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
Wrearn,[?] W.B.            23   Ala.  Sumpter Co.
         NOTE: Names in brackets are from additional sources. Please contact me about corrections and/or additions.
This transcription is from the original Muster Roll that is part of the collection at the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History. I have closely looked at the original document along with photocopies graciously provided by ADHA. Given the age and wear of the document and the handwriting style changes in the ensuing century, it is possible that this nevertheless contains errors. I welcome any additional information or corrections to this transcription.
             Read the description of the  "Our Confederate Heroes"Monument in Livingtson that lists one hundred and thirty two names in panels on the shaft, showing company and command of soldiers from Sumter County, Ala., from the War of 1861- 65.
Bailey, Jeremiah W. Jeremiah W. Bailey, sometimes listed as W. W. Bailey as he appears on this Muster
Roll, was part of the troops surrendered by Lieutenant General R. Taylor, CSA, to Major General Canby, USA, on May 4, 1865, at Citronelle, Alabama. Bailey was later paroled on June 30, 1865, at Gainsville, Alabama. Bailey was captured at Spanish Fort, Alabama on April 8, 1865, and arrived as a prisoner of war at Ship Island, Mississippi, on April 10, 1865. Bailey was later transferred to Vicksburg, Mississippi, on May 1st and received at Camp Townsend on May 6th by Confederate agents of exchange.  E-mail Bailey's descendant
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Binns, William A. Died August 1, 1909, and is buried in Cemetery No. 1, at the site of the Alabama's only Confederate Veteran Home. Confederate Memorial Park, is located at Marbury, Chilton County, Ala. Confederate Memorial Park is located between Birmingham and Montgomery, a few miles off Interstate 65 and Highway 31 at 437 County Road 63. Confederate Memorial Park opens its gates from 6:00 am to Dusk; Museum hours from 9:00 am to5:00 pm. Admission is free.        Back to the Muster Roll

Greenlees, W. M. and Robert Calvert Greenlees. William McGowin and Robert were brothers that fought together in Co. A of the 36th Alabama. When William was killed in battle, his brother Robert had the somber duty of carrying him off the field. They also had another brother Joseph Busby Greenlees that fought in another regiment only to come home and die from his wounds.  E-mail Greenlees' descendant
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Hutton, Aquila D. From the October 1910, Confederate Veteran, the following information was learned. Aquila Hutton's parents were Gen. Joseph Hutton and Nancy Calhoun of Abbeville District, S.C., moved to Greene County, Ala. in 1821. Hutton was one of four brothers that served in the Confederate Army:  Lieut. William Bryan Hutton, of Company A, 5th Alabama Battalion, Archer's Brigade, Hill's Division, Jackson's   Corps, was killed in the battle of Chancellorsville on May 3, 1863. Capt. A. N. Porter, who commanded the 5th Alabama   Regiment, in his official report in "War Records," Series   I.,  Volume XXV.,   page   928, states that Lieut. W. B. Hutton, of Company A, 5th Alabama, behaved gallantly till he received a mortal wound. Aquila D. Hutton was a private in Company A, 36th Alabama Regiment, and was wounded in the battle of Chickamauga. Afterwards he was transferred to cavalry and became a lieutenant in the 16th Confederate Regiment. His death, in 1871, was due to exposure by his service in the army. The two others were members of the Alabama Corps Cadets, and the youngest, Emmett Calhoun Hutton, was under fire of the Federals at Tuscaloosa before he was fifteen. Back to the Muster Roll


Isbell, James B. Information from a family researcher: James B. Isbell was born on a plantation in Sumter County, near Gainesville. After serving a couple of years in the 36th Ala., he transferred to Forrest's cavalry corps, and later was elected captain of Co. H, 16th Confederate Cavalry (I can find no record of this regiment on the Internet). He served at Fort Pillow, the battle of Atlanta, Franklin, and Nashville. He surrendered on May 9, 1865, with Forrest's command at Gainesville, just a few miles from his birthplace. After the war, he moved to Arkansas, where he was a farmer and orchardist. His apples took first prize and a gold medal at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904. He died Feb. 8, 1914, and is buried in Clear Creek Cemetery, Horatio, Arkansas. E-mail Isbell's descendant                  Back to the Muster Roll

Murry, F. M. A headstone identifying F. M. Murry as a member of Company A, 36th Alabama, is in Row 3, Confederate Rest, Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama. Back to the Muster Roll.

Newton, Isaac and Joseph Patrick. These are two of the six sons of Richard Newton, Sr., that served in the War. Sadly, Isaac was one of the three sons that were killed in action.
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Winston, James M. The June 1905 Confederate Veteran, p. 283, noted, "Another one who wore the gray during that fearful period of 1861 65 has passed over the river to appear before the bar of eternal justice, where motives are not misjudged and acts are judged m love and mercy." Capt. James M. Winston was seventy-eight (born about 1827) when died at his home at Ramesy Station, Sumpter Co., Alabama. His obituary cites that he joined the 36th Alabama Regiment early in the War and in the spring of 1863 he transferred to the cavalry joining a new company being raised by Dr. D. H. Williams of Gainsesville, Ala. Winston was elected First Lieutenant and this company was was attached to a regiment commanded by with Col. Isham Harrison of  Mississippi. Winston's new company was later transferred to the 16th Confederate  Cavalry  Regiment, which was then commanded by Col. Armstead. After Dr. Williams, then Captain, was promoted to brigade surgeon, James Winston succeeded him as leader of Company A. Winston was Captain of Co. A. when it was surrendered by  Gen.  Forrest at Gainesville, Ala., in May, 1865. Married to the former Miss Broadway, Winston's widow, four daughters and one son survived him. Back to the Muster Roll


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