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36th Alabama Infantry

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Brewer, Willis.  Brief Historical Sketches of Military Organizations Raised in Alabama During the Civil War. Montgomery, AL:  AL CW Centennial Comm, 1962.  pp. 644-46 (2 photocopied pages).  E551.4B74.  (Brief history and roster of officers).

Confederate Military History, Extended Edition.  Vol. 8:  Alabama.  Wilmington, NC:  Broadfoot,  1987.  pp. 169-72 (3 photocopied pages).  E484C65.1987v8.  (Brief unit history).

Crute, Joseph H., Jr.  Units of the Confederate States Army.  Midlothian, VA:  Derwent Books,  1987.  Ref.   See p. 25 (1 photocopied page) for a concise summary of the regiment's service.

McInnis, Victor L.  "The Men of the 36th Alabama Would Find Both Tedium and Glory in Their Three Years of Service."  America's CW (9 Nov 1996):  pp. pp. 28, 32 & 88-89 4 photocopied pages).  Per.

Sifakis, Stewart.  Compendium of the Confederate Armies:  Alabama.  NY:  Facts on File, 1992.  pp. 105-06 (2 photocopied pages).  E551S53.1992  (Unit organizational history).

"Time Lapse."  CW Times Illus  27 (Jan 1989):  p. 50 (l photocopied page).  Per.  Vignette on and photo of Calvin Burton.

Wright, James W.A.  "Bragg's Campaign Around Chattanooga." Southern Bivouac  2 (1886/87):  pp. 461-68 & 543-49 (8 photocopied pages).  Per.

 "War Prisons and Poetry."  Southern Bivouac 1 (l885/86):  pp. 716-22 and 2 (1886/87):  pp. 344-48 (7 photocopied pages).  Per.

Note: The Carlisle Barracks site stated that its Photo Archive includes images of individuals from the 36th Alabama. However, a fellow research wrote the curator and was mailed a reply stating, that they searched the files but that "We are sorry to say that the bibliography was wrong.  We have no photos of members of the 36th  Regiment, Alabama Infantry, C.S.A."

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