Latinized Given Names

Latinized Given Names

English names generally did not develop from Latin but rather the principles of Latin were applied later; variations in these 'Latinized' forms are therefore to be expected. Remember that letters 'i' and 'j' as well as 'u' and 'v' were used interchangeably, so that Jacobus often appears as Iacobus and Avicia as Auicia, for example.

This list will be added to from time to time. It is composed of names collected from various sources including parish registers and is not limited to any particular time period.

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Abelotus masc. Abelot
Abrahamus masc. Abraham
Adam, Adamus masc. Adam
Adelardus masc. Alard
Ademarus, Adomarus masc. Aymer
Adelheidis, Alheydis fem. Adelaide
Adelicia, Adelizia, Aelizia fem. Alice
Adhelina fem. Adeline
Adrianus masc. Adrian
Ęgidia fem. Giles
Ęgidius masc. Giles
Agacia, Agatha fem. Agace, Agatha
Agewinus masc. Ailwin
Agilbertus fem. Ailbert, Albert
Agna, Agnes, Agneta fem. Agnes, Annis
Aemilius masc. Emlyn
Ailbertus masc. Ethelbert, Albert
Ailmaricus masc. Emery
Ailmerus masc. Aylmer
Ailwinus fem. Ethelwin
Alanus masc. Aleyn, Alan
Alberedus masc. Alfred
Albericus, Albredus, Albrius masc. Albri, Aubrey
Albinus masc. Aubyn
Aldricus masc. Audri
Aldrida fem. Etheldreda, Audrey
Alecia, Alicia fem. Alice
Alionora fem. Eleanor
Almaricus masc. Aumary, Emery
Aloysius masc. Lewis
Aluinus masc. Ailwin
Aluredus masc. Alfred
Aluricus masc. Elfric
Alyna fem. Aline
Amabilla, Amabilia fem. Mabel
Amata, Amia, Amica fem. Amy
Ambrosius masc. Ambrose
Amerigus masc. Emery
Amfelisa, Ampholisa fem. Amphyllis
Amfridus, Anfredus masc. Amphrey
Amia, Amica fem. Amy
Amicia, Amisia fem. Amice
Amicius, Amisius masc. Amyas
Ana, Anna fem. Anne
Anabella, Anabilia fem. Anable, Annabell
Ansellus masc. Ansel
Andreas masc. Andrew
Aeneas masc. Angus
Angilbertus masc. Engelbert
Angnes fem. Agnes, Annis
Anicia fem. Annis
Ankareta fem. Angharad, Ankret, Ankerit
Antonius masc. Anthony
Apsolo masc. Absalom
Araldus masc. Harold
Archelaus, Arculus masc. Archelaeus or Hercules
Archibaldus, Archulus masc. Archibald
Arcturus, Arturus masc. Arthur
Arnoldus masc. Arnold
Armanus, Armenius masc. Armin
Armetrua fem. Ermentrude
Artorius, Arturus masc. Arthur
Aubereya, Aubreia fem. Aubrey
Audierna fem. Odierne, Hodierne
Audoenus, Audoinus masc. Owen
Audomarus masc. Omer
Audria fem. Audrey
Auerucus masc. Avery
Augulus masc. Aule
Augustinus, Austinus masc. Austin
Aumflesia, Aunfelisa fem. Amphyllis
Avericus masc. Avery
Avicia fem. Avis, Avice
Aymericus masc. Aymer
Baptista m. or f. Baptist
Barnabas masc. Barnabas
Barnabeus masc. Barnaby
Bartholomęus masc. Bartholomew
Basilia fem. Basile, Basill
Basilius masc. Basil
Baudwinus masc. Baldwin
Beatricia, Beatrix fem. Beatrice, Betune, Beat
Bega fem. Bees
Benedicta fem. Bennet
Benedictus masc. Bennet; Berachyah (Jewish)
Beniaminus masc. Benjamin
Bernardus masc. Bernard, Barnard; Brian (Ireland)
Bertrandus, Bertrannus masc. Bertram
Bertranis fem. Bertranne
Beuicius, Bevicius masc. Bevis
Blaceus, Blasius masc. Blaise
Bricius masc. Brice
Brigida, Brigitta fem. Bridget, Bride
Cęcilia fem. Cecil, Cecily
Cęcilius masc. Cecil
Carolus masc. Charles
Christiana m. or f. Christian
Christianus masc. Christian
Christina fem. Christine
Christophorus masc. Christopher
Chrysogonia fem. Chrysogon
Chrysogonus masc. Chrysogon
Ciprianus masc. Ciprian
Cissota fem. Syssot
Claremunda fem. Claramund
Claricia fem. Clarice
Clementia fem. Clemence
Coelia fem. Celia
Coenburga fem. Cynburgh, Kinbrough
Colandus masc. Colin
Colecta, Coleta fem. Colette
Constantia fem. Constant, Constance
Constantius masc. Constant
Constantinus masc. Constantine
Crispianus, Crispinus masc. Crispian, Crispin
Cuenburga fem. Cwenburg, Kinbrough
Cunanus masc. Cynan
Cuthbertus masc. Cuthbert
Danielus masc. Daniel
Datius masc. Dace
Davidus masc. David
Denisia fem. Dionise
Dermicius masc. Dermont
Desiderius masc. Didier
Dionysius masc. Denis, Dennis
Dionysia fem. Dionise, Denise
Diota fem. Diot
Dominicus masc. Dominick, Sunday
Dousabella fem. Dowsabel
Dorothea fem. Dorothy
Dorotheus masc. Dorothe
Dousa masc. Douce
Droco, Drogo, Druco masc. Drue, Drew
Dulcia, Dulicia fem. Douce
Dulcibella fem. Dowsabell
Dunechanus masc. Duncan
Eadburga fem. Edborough
Eadgitha, Editha fem. Edith
Eadmundus masc. Edmund
Eadwardus masc. Edward
Ebulo masc. Eble, Eubold, Euball
Eda fem. Ede
Editha fem. Edith
Edmundus masc. Edmund
Edwardus masc. Edward
Egidia fem. Giles
Egidius masc. Giles
Egilwinus masc. Ailwin
Elena fem. Ellen
Elfredus masc. Alfred
Elianora fem. Eleanor
Elias, Ellisius masc. Ellis
Elisabetha fem. Elizabeth, Isabella
Elizeus masc. Ellis
Emelina fem. Emily
Emericus masc. Aymer, Emery
Emicia fem. Amice
Emmota fem. Emmott
Engelramus, Engelrannus masc. Engelram, Ingrahm
Eniandus masc. Enian
Ennes fem. Agnes
Erchenbaldus masc. Archibald
Erminus masc. Armin, Erme
Esthera fem. Esther
Ethelburga fem. Aubrey
Etheldred masc. Audrey
Etheldreda, Etheldritha fem. Audrey
Eua fem. Eve
Eubolo Eubulus masc. Eubold, Euball, Eble
Eudo masc. Eudes, Odo, Udy
Eudoardus masc. Edward
Euphemia fem. Ephame
Eusebia fem. Ysoye
Eustachia fem. Eustace
Eustachius masc. Eustace
Eva fem. Eve
Everildis m. or f. Everild, Averill
Evota fem. Evette
Eymerus masc. Imary
Ezote fem. Isotte
Fabianus masc. Fabian
Falcho masc. Falk
Falkasius masc. Fawke
Felicia fem. Felice
Felmeus masc. Phelim
Ferdinandus masc. Ferdinando
Ferminus masc. Fermin
Fiacrius masc. Fiacre
Fida fem. Faith
Fidelis masc. Faithful
Fides masc. Faith
Filamyna fem. Philomene
Fina fem. Fine
Firminus masc. Firmin
Fitzeus masc. Fitz
Florentia fem. Florence
Florentius masc. Florens, Florence
Folcho, Foulconus masc. Fulk
Fortuna fem. Fortune
Francisca fem. Frances
Franciscus masc. Francis
Francus masc. Frank
Fridericus masc. Frederick
Fulco, Fulqueyus masc. Fulk
Gabrielus masc. Gabriel
Galfridus masc. Geoffrey
Galterus masc. Walter
Galwanus masc. Gawain
Garinus masc. Warren, Warin
Gasparus masc. Jasper, Gaspar
Georgius masc. George
Gerardus masc. Gerard
Germanus masc. German, Germain, Garmon
Geroldus masc. Gerald
Gertruda, Gertrudis fem. Gertrude
Gervasius masc. Gervase
Geva fem. Eve
Gilebertus masc. Gilbert
Gilemota fem. Wilmot
Giliana fem. Gillian, Julian
Gilius, Gilo masc. Giles
Giraldus masc. Gerald
Girardus masc. Gerard
Gislebertus masc. Gilbert
Gladusa fem. Gladys
Godefridus masc. Godfrey
Godelacius masc. Guthlac
Goditha fem. Goodith
Goisfridus masc. Geoffrey
Goscelina fem. Joselyne
Goscelinus masc. Jocelin
Gosfridus masc. Geoffrey
Grahamus masc. Graham
Gratia fem. Grace
Gregorius masc. Gregory
Griffinus masc. Griffin, Griffith
Griselda, Grishilda fem. Grisel
Gualaricus masc. Valery
Gualterus masc. Walter
Guarinus masc. Warren, Warin
Guendoloena, Guenliana fem. Gwenllian, Wentlian
Guido masc. Guy
Guillielmus, Gulielmus masc. William
Gwendolena fem. Gwenllian, Wentlian
Hadrianus masc. Hadrian, Adrian
Hamo masc. Ham, Hamon
Hannora fem. Hannah
Haraldus masc. Harold
Hawisia fem. Hawise, Haweis, Hawes, Hayes
Helena fem. Helen
Helewisa, Heilewisa fem. Helewise
Helyas masc. Ellis
Hendricus, Henricus masc. Henry
Hereweccus, Hervicus masc. Hervey
Hercules masc. Hercules
Hesthera fem. Esther
Hieremias masc. Jeremiah
Hieronymus masc. Jerome
Hilaria fem. Hillary
Hilarius masc. Hillary
Hodierna fem. Odierne
Hoelus masc. Howell
Honoria fem. Honour
Honesta fem. Honesty
Hugo masc. Hugh
Humfredus masc. Humphrey
Idaburga fem. Edburgh, Edbrough, Edborrow
Ilaria fem. Hillary
Ilarius masc. Hillary
Ingelramus, Ingerannus masc. Ingram
Isabella fem. Isabel, Elizabeth
Isachus masc. Isaac
Isamaya fem. Ismay
Ismenia fem. Ismene
Iuo, Ivo masc. Ives
Jacobus masc. James, Jacob
Jacomina fem. Jacquemine
Jacquetta fem. Jackett
Jana fem. Jane
Janeta fem. Janet
Jeremias masc. Jeremiah, Jeremy
Joceus, Jodocus masc. Joyce
Jocosa, Jodoca fem. Joyce
Johanna fem. Joan, Jane
Johannes masc. John
Josephus masc. Joseph
Josias masc. Josiah
Josua masc. Joshua
Judas masc. Jude
Juditha, Juditta fem. Judith
Judocus masc. Josse
Juetta fem. Jowett, Ivote
Juetus masc. Jowett
Juliana fem. Julian, Gillian
Julianus masc. Julian
Junana fem. Jane
Justina fem. Justine
Justinianus masc. Justinian
Kananus masc. Cynan
Karadocus masc. Caradog
Kenewricus, Kenricus masc. Kenrick
Kenulmus masc. Kenelm
Kilianus masc. Killian
Kinburga fem. Kinbrough, Kenborowe
Lętitia, Letitia fem. Lettice
Lambertus masc. Lambert
Lancelotus, Lancilottus masc. Lancelot
Landebertus masc. Lambert
Laurentius masc. Lawrence
Lennardus masc. Leonard
Leodgardus, Leodegarius masc. Ledger, Leger
Leonellus masc. Lionel
Leonhardus, Leonardus masc. Leonard
Levelinus masc. Llewellyn
Levericus masc. Leofric
Ligerius masc. Leger
Lionhardus masc. Leonard
Loueda, Loveda fem. Loveday, Lowdie
Lucas masc. Luke
Lucasius masc. Luke, Lucas
Lucia fem. Lucy
Ludovicus masc. Lewis
Luelinus masc. Llewellyn
Mabilia, Mabilla fem. Mabel
Machutus masc. Mawe
Maceus, Macius masc. Macey
Madelgarius masc. Mauger
Madocus, Maidocus masc. Madog
Malachias masc. Malachy
Malcolinus, Malculinus masc. Malcolm
Marcia fem. Mercy
Marcus masc. Mark
Margareta fem. Margaret
Margeria fem. Margery
Margota fem. Margot
Maria fem. Mary
Mariana fem. Marion
Mariota fem. Mariot
Marmaducus masc. Marmaduke
Marta fem. Martha
Martinus masc. Martin
Matilda, Matildis, Matillus fem. Matilda, Maud
Matthęus masc. Matthew; Mawe (Yorkshire)
Matthia fem. Mathue, Matthew, Martha
Matthias masc. Matthias, Macy
Mauditus masc. Mawe
Mauricius masc. Maurice, Morris
Maya fem. May
Meliora fem. Melior
Mercia, Mericia fem. Mercy
Mereducius masc. Meredith, Maredudd
Meuricius masc. Meurig, Maurice, Morris
Micaelis, Michaelis masc. Michael
Milicenta, Milisenta fem. Millicent
Milo masc. Miles
Misericordia fem. Mercy
Moreducus masc. Meredith, Maredudd
Morganus masc. Morgan
Moyses masc. Moses
Murdachus masc. Murdoch
Muriella fem. Muriel
Natalis masc. Noel, Christmas
Naverina fem. Naverine, Naverin
Nesta fem. Nest, Anneis
Nicholaa, Nicolaa fem. Nichola, Nicole
Nicholaus, Nicolaus masc. Nicholas, Nicolas
Nigellus masc. Nigel, Niel
Normannus masc. Norman
Odo masc. Eudo, Eudes
Odonus masc. Ede
Oeneus, Oenus masc. Owen
Olaus masc. Olaf, Olave
Oliva fem. Olive
Oliverus masc. Oliver
Ollala fem. Eulalie
Orengia fem. Oragge
Oswinus masc. Oswin
Otheus, Otho, Otto masc. Otes
Owinus masc. Owen
Paganus masc. Pagan, Pain, Payne
Pancratius masc. Pancras
Pascha, Paschasia fem. Easter, Pasca
Pascho, Paschasius masc. Pascoe, Pascow
Patricius masc. Patrick
Peregrinus masc. Peregrine
Pero masc. Piers
Petronilla fem. Pertonell, Parnel, Pernell
Petrus masc. Peter, Piers
Philemonus masc. Philemon
Phillippa fem. Phillip
Phillipus masc. Phillip
Placentia fem. Pleasant
Plesancia fem. Pleasance
Prudencia, Prudentia fem. Prudence
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Quaspatricius masc. Gospatric
Quenborga fem. Kinbrough, Kenborowe
Quintinus masc. Quintin, Quentin
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Radegundis m. or f. Radigund
Radulfus masc. Radulf, Ralph, Rawlyn
Raimundus masc. Raymond
Randolphus masc. Randolph, Randal
Ranulfus masc. Ranulf
Reginaldus masc. Reginald, Reynold
Regulus masc. Rule
Reinerus masc. Rayner
Remunda fem. Claremund
Reinfridus, Renfredus masc. Renfred, Renfry
Resus masc. Rhys, Reese, Rice
Ricardus masc. Richard
Ricarda, Richarda fem. Richarde, Richoard
Riceus, Ricus masc. Rhys, Reese, Rice
Richemaya fem. Richmay
Richorda fem. Richord, Richoard
Robertus masc. Robert
Roesia, Rohesia fem. Rose
Rogerius, Rogerus masc. Roger
Rohelendus, Rolandus masc. Roland
Rosa, Rosia fem. Rose
Rothericus, Rudericus masc. Roderick
Saherus masc. Saer, Saher
Sapientia fem. Sapience, Wisdom
Sarra fem. Sarah
Saswallo masc. Sewall
Satiuola fem. Sidwell
Savaricus masc. Savary
Savarus masc. Saier
Scholastica fem. Scholast, Scholace, Escholace
Scientia fem. Sense
Seisillus masc. Cecil
Sescilia fem. Cecilia
Sewallus masc. Sewall
Sexburga fem. Sixburgh, Saxborowe
Sibella, Sibilla fem. Sybil
Sidneus masc. Sidney
Sidwella fem. Sidwell
Sigismondus masc. Sigmond
Silvanus masc. Silas
Sissota fem. Sissot
Stephanus masc. Stephen
Symon masc. Simon
Tedbaldus, Theobaldus masc. Theobald, Tybalt, Tedbald
Terentius masc. Terence
Terricus, Therricus masc. Terry
Theodoricus masc. Theodore, Terance
Theophania fem. Tiffany
Thomas masc. Thomas
Thomasia fem. Thomas
Thomasina fem. Thomasine
Thomasius masc. Thomas
Timotheus masc. Timothy
Tobias masc. Toby
Trothia fem. Troth
Turstanus masc. Thurstan
Udalricus masc. Ulric
Umfridus, Unfridus masc. Humphrey
Urianus masc. Urin, Urian
Vadinus masc. Valentine
Valentinus masc. Valentine
Vedastus masc. Foster
Villefridus masc. Wilfred
Vicentius, Vincentius masc. Vincent
Vivianus masc. Vivian, Phythian
Vortigernus masc. Vortigern
Vulstanus masc. Wulfstan
Waco masc. Wake
Wadinus masc. Valentine
Walaricus masc. Valery
Walburga, Walburgis fem. Walburgh
Waldebertus masc. Gaubert, Valbert
Waldeuius, Waldevius masc. Waldef
Waltheuus, Walthevus masc. Waltheof
Warbora, Warburga fem. Warborowe
Warinus masc. Warin, Warren
Walburga, Walburgis fem. Walburgh
Wenefrida fem. Winifred
Wido masc. Guy
Wibora, Wyborowa fem. Wiborowe
Wilhelmus masc. Wilhelm
Willelma fem. Willemine, Wilmot
Willelmus masc. William
Williametta fem. Wilmot
Wilmota fem. Wilmot
Winandus masc. Wynkyn
Wurtigernus masc. Vortigern
Ylaria fem. Hillary
Ylarius masc. Hillary
Yvo masc. Ives, Yvon
Zacharias, Zacharius masc. Zachariah, Zachary

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