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Ancient or antique.  Some of these dictionaries or their reprints are available in local libraries; some are available on line via the links below.  They are listed here for reference by members of the OLD-ENGLISH mailing list and other researchers.

1530  Palsgrave, Jehan
1543  Traheron
The most excellent workes of Chirurgerye, made and set forth by maister Iohn Vigon.  Medical.
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1548  William Turner
The Nature of herbes in Greke, Latin, Englishe, Duche & Frenche wyth the commune names that Herbaries and Apotecaries vse.
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1582  Richard Mulcaster
The first part of the Elementarie which entreateth of right writing of our English tung.  Word-list.
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1587  Thomas Thomas
Dictionarium Linguae Latinae et Anglicanae.  Latin/English
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1596  Edmund Coote
English Schoole-maister.  Grammar and hard-word dictionary
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1604-1617  Robert Cawdrey
A Table Alphabeticall, conteyning and teaching the understanding of hard usuall English wordes.
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1607  Cowell, John
Interpreter of Signification of Words
1616  John Bullokar
An English Expositor: teaching the interpretation of the hardest words in our language
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1623  Henry Cockeram
English Dictionarie: or, an interpreter of hard English words
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1653  Culpepper, Nicholas
The Complete Herbal
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1656  Thomas Blount
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1657  John Garfield
Physical Dictionary (scientific)
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1703  Hickes, George
1713  Coles, Elisha
English Dictionary
1717  Blount, Thomas
Law Dictionary and Glossary
1728  Chambers, Ephraim
Dictionary of Arts and Sciences
1740  Dyche, Thomas
English Dictionary
1749  Bailey, Nathaniel
Etymological English Dictionary
1755  Johnson, Samuel
Dictionary of the English Language
1775  Fenning, Daniel
Royal English Dictionary
1778  Elworthy, Frederick
Specimens of English Dialect
1788  Marshall, William
Cleveland Glossary
1790  Sheridan, Thomas
Complete Dictionary of the English Language
1806  Brown, Reverend John
Dictionary of the Holy Bible
1811  Hooper, Robert
New Medical Dictionary
1811  Grose, Francis
Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
1811  Grose, Francis
Provincial Glossary
1813  Coxe, Richard
Pronouncing Dictionary
1814  Grose, Francis
Provincial Glossary Supplement
1817  Coxe, John
Medical Dictionary
1818  Jones, Stephen
Pronoucing Dictionary
1825  Brockett, John
Glossary of North County Words
1829  Hunter, Joseph
Hallamshire Glossary
1835  Walker, John
Dictionary and Expositor of the English Language
1838  Holloway, William
Dictionary of Provincialisms
1839  Bouvier, John
Law Dictionary
On line
1844  Dunglison, Dr. Robley
Dictionary of Medical Science
1848  Barclay, James
Dictionary of the English Language
1855  Halliwell, James
Dictionary of Archaisms and Provincialisms
1855  Robinson, Francis
Yorkshire Glossary
1857  Wright, Thomas
Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English
Reprint at LDS Library, Salt Lake City
1858  Simmonds, P. L.
Dictionary of Trade Products
1859  Nare, Robert
Glossary of the Works of English Authors
1859  Hoblyn, Richard
Medical Dictionary
1862  Robinson, C. Clough
Dialect of Leeds
1865  Ogilvie, John
Comprehensive English Dictionary
1867  Smyth, Admiral William
Sailor's Word-book
1867  Jamieson, John
Etymological Scottish Dictionary
1868  Huntley, Reverend Richard
Glossary of the Cotswold Dialect
1869  Jennings, James
Dialect of Somersetshire
1874  Knight, Edward
Dictionary of Practical Mechanics
1876  Robinson, C. Clough
Glossary of Mid-Yorkshire
1877  Chambers, W & R
Eytmological English Dictionary
1877  Leigh, Edgerton
Dialect of Cheshire
1878  Wedgwood, Hensleigh
Dictionary of English Etymology
1879  Jackson, Georgina
Shropshire Word-Book
1881  Worcester, Joseph
Dictionary of the English Language
1881  Davies, T. Lewis
Supplemental English Glossary
1884  Stormonth, Reverend James
Dictionary of the English Language
1887  Hotten, J. C.
Slang Dictionary
1888  Addy, Sidney
Sheffield Glossary of Words
1889  Whitney, William
Century Dictionary
1890  Stroud
[Judicial] Dictionary of Words and Phrases
1893  Dartnell & Goddard
Wiltshire Glossary
1894  Hunter, Robert
Encyclopaedic Dictionary
1896-1905  Wright, Joseph
English Dialect Dictionary
1897  Annandale, Charles
Concise Dictionary of the English Language
1897  Lyons, Daniel
Dictionary of the English Language
1898  Brewer, Ebenezer
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
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1901  Taylor, Francis
Folk-Speech of South Lancashire
1902  Phin, John
Shakespeare Cyclopaedia and Glossary
1903  --
Licensed Traders' Dictionary
1904  Farmer & Henley
Slang and It's Analogs
1911  Onions, C. T.
Oxford Shakespeare Glossary
1911  Warrack, Alexander
Scots Dialectic Dictionary
1914  Skeats, Walter
Glossary of Tudor and Stuart Words
1924  Wilkinson, John
Leeds Dialect Glossary and Lore
1928  Annandale, Charles
New Gresham Dictionary
1929  Harman
Buckinghamshire Dialect
1955  Shipley, Joseph
Dictionary of Early English

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