Bruce Mertz 

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This Officer Candidate, Bruce Mertz, Class 54B is deserving of special recognition!!  Bruce has devoted his time, energy and spent money in assisting the Classmates of 58B finding their unaccounted.  Bruce what can we say, but a really big:

OCS First Class "THANK YOU!"


58B's "Sherlock Holmes"

Our Mr. Holmes single handed found the following 58B Classmates within about a three week period.  A feat that no one would doubt have been a real challenge for the original Mr. Sherlock with his pipe. 


Ernest L. Bobbitt Charles R. Miles
James R. Sutherlan  Robert W. Madden
Frank C. Chavers James J. Adams
James R. Hope Mack A. Houston
Kenneth R. Eiriksson Doris S. Young (Dowell)
Frederick E. Wagner Leo T. Fitzgerald
Helen E Trammell (Boyer) Harless E. Ruley
Lester J. Hunter Finnis E. Billingsley
Harlen H. Heimbach Carl D. Sorenson
Richard E. O'Hara William E. Bettencourt
Curtis E. Brown Lindsey J. Williams
James C. Combs Edwin P. Woods, Jr.
James L. Hinson, Jr. Donald W. Drumm


Bruce approved the above postings.  However, he DID NOT approve the posting below.


Bruce has NOT requested any financial assistance for his work in helping us find our Classmates.  His work is volunteered.  However, I know that he has spent several hundred dollars of his own money.  If you would like to make a contribution for this project please send your donation to:

Bruce Mertz
5208 Olive Dr
Concord, CA 94521-3112

Phone Number: 925-676-9337

E-mail Bruce