OCS Class 58B



James J (Joe) Adams (NOT Working, but last known)

Phil Agee

William E. Bettencourt (Does not want to be included on 58B Mailings)

Roman Biliunas

Donald P. Bjornson (last known, but NOT working)

Arlet Boyer (Helen Trammell)

Curtis E. Brown

Jack W. Brown

Bobby Burnett

Kenneth D. Butler

Gordon J. Brymer

Edward L. Callicotte

John A. Chamberland

Frank C. Chavers

Charles P. Clawson

Jim Colvig

Doyle D. Cooter

James C. Combs

George R. Crongeyer (NOT Working, Last Known)  

Curtis E. Darfler

Emily T. (Zajchowski) Deines

Frances DeLee

Dorie Dowell (Doris E. Young)

John Alfred Edwards

Robert A. Fields

Denny F. Foscarini

Edward Garcia

Harold E. Glazener

James A. Greenlaw

Benjamin D. Halsted

Gene Haskins

John R. Hayes

James L. Haynes

Harlen H. Heimbach

Merle Hicken

Jim Hilton

James L. Hinson

James R. Hope

John S. House (Last known, but NOT working)

Mack A. Houston (Last Know NOT working)

Lester J. Hunter

William D. Jefferson

Paul E. Jobe  

James L. Johnson

Teddy H. Jones

Rodney A. Keng

James E. Kent Sr.

Merle A. Kezar

Quentin Kuttenkuler (Does NOT want to be included on 58B Mailings)

William J. Lane

Robert W. Madden

James R. Marx

Ronald E. McDaniel

Wayne L. Menne

Richard E O'Hara

Prentis L. Ollis

Charles E. Preston

John M. Quinn

Chuck Ramsey

Robert W. Raynsford (Last known , but NOT working)

Harold Reddish

Donald B. Ricky

Joseph A. Rita

Vern A. Roddahl

George Rollman

Russell L. Ross (Wife wanted to be kept on mailing, but presently NOT working)

John W. Rulon (Family advised to to to keep on important mailings. However, now NOT working))

Theodore L. Sawyer (Family advised to keep on mailings, but presently NOT working)

L. R. Senecal

Daniel J. Sevin

Peggy Sheffield (Harry)

Jack R. Showers

Thomas J. Sizemore (NOT Working)

Carl Sorenson (Last but NOT working)

Glenn R. Stallard

Carl R. Stinson

Louis E. Stout

Teddie Sykes

Alan Tack (Stenseth)( Presently NOT working)

Carl A. Tatina

Ewing M. Thompson

James O. Tracy

Fredrick E. Wagner

Robert E. Wallace

Jack E. Walsh

Allen D. Wegner

Olaf C. Wiedemann

Richard D. Wilson