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Ian Frank DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

LINEAGE: Thomas and Margaret Davenport (marr c 1725)- listed in Oaths and Allegience 1723, and Poll Book 1728 for Lower Withington, Cheshire, England
son Peter Davenport bap 1727 Lower Withington, died 1818 at Swettenham, Cheshire, Married Sarah Deane 1749 at Macclesfield son Thomas Davenport bap 1770 at Swettenham, married Mary about 1790 son Daniel Davenport bap 1806 at Marton, Cheshire died 1893 at Marton, married Hannah Edge 1827 son John Davenport bn 1828 at Congleton, Cheshire died 1885 Marton, married Betty Holland 1868 son Henry Davenport bn 1881 at Marton, died 1960 at Brisbane Queensland Australia, married Jane Lees 1909 son Frank Edmund Davenport bn 1914 at Melbourne Australia, died 1999 at Melbourne, married Mary Florence Henshelwood son Ian Frank Davenport bn 1947 at Melbourne Australia, married Dianne Elizabeth Hadden

COMMENTS: Looking for research of Davenport families 1670- 1730 in the Marton, Lower Withington, Swettenham, Weltrough locations.
Janet Griffin <[email protected]> lives in ???. Her husband's 3x great grandfather was Daniel DAVENPORT who was born in Prestbury, Cheshire in about 1805.  He had two daughters, Lucy who was born about 1834 in Newbold Astbury or Congleton, Cheshire, and Catherine who was born about 1836 at Newbold Astbury or Radnor, Cheshire.  She don't know who their mother was, except that Daniel was widowed by the time of the 1861 census.  Lucy married John BOOTH in 1855 at Astbury and Catherine married George GRIFFITH(S) in 1862 at Brereton-cum-Smethwick, Cheshire.  Lucy and John's son, John, married Catherine and George's daughter, Elizabeth, at Brereton in 1889.  At the time of the 1861 census Lucy and John BOOTH were living at Davenport Lane, Brereton-cum-Smethwick.
Kevin DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Clinton Township, MI.  He is the last of six sons of Richard William Davenport of Liverpool, England.  He had 7 brothers and sisters in England and Canada; David Campbell, Arthur, Maggie, Dora, Daisey, Edith, and Marjorie.  Richard's other sons, all in Michigan, are Richard (deceased), David, Clifford, John Douglas, and Paul.   Richards father was David Campbell DAVENPORT of Newry, Northern Ireland.
Winifred Antonia DAVENPORT Auch <[email protected]> lives in Fort Washington, PA.
LINEAGE: "My father was Charles Harold Davenport, born in Exeter Devon. His father was Charles Agard Septimus Davenport born in Derby abt 1856.  Mother's name was Matilda Octavia Mason. Charles' father was Joseph LANCELOT Davenport born 1808 in Derby. Joseph Lancelot's father was Joseph Davenport, b.1779 - married to Sarah Walker -  both of Horseley, Derby
. Joseph Davenport's father was the Rev. Samuel Davenport who was married to Elizabeth Agard  (Agard a well-known name).  He was born 1751 in Leek Staffordshire. Rev. Samuel's father was the Rev. Thomas Davenport, married to Margaret LANCELOT. Rev. Thomas was born about 1722 in Siddington (Sithrington) Cheshire and Margaret Lancelot (wife) was born 1725 in Stoke-on-Trent,  Staffordshire. According to records at Oxford Rev. Thomas Davenport's father was also Thomas Davenport, Gentleman of Siddington (or Sithrington) Cheshire. The Wife's name may be Elizabeth Pillsbury, but this is not confirmed."

COMMENTS: "I am the first of my line to have immigrated to the US and thus am not familiar with the US Davenports. Rev. Samuel Davenport's brother was also a Minister of the Church but born in 1753.  (diff. date than that mentioned in your line). Am wondering whether the Lancelot name has any significance -  coming from the mother, Margaret Lancelot it was carried forward as a 2nd. (or first) name by some of the children. This is also the case with the AGARD name which has quite a history of its own. Other names in this line are Annable,  Harrison, Eeley, Walker, Radford, Mason, etc."
Geraldine Black <[email protected]> lives in Monticello, ME.  Her grandfather was Burtis DAVENPORT of Summerfield, New Brunswick, Canada.  At an early age he moved to Blaine, Maine. He had a sister named Maud and a brother named Judson. A second cousin named Zibe had a large family and he and his wife are buried in East Blaine with her grandfather and grandmother.  Geraldine has been told that Ezekial DAVENPORT was the first DAVENPORT to Canada.  She thinks that Fredricton was a relative to Burtis, but has no proof yet. 
David Lee Williams <[email protected]> lives in Waupun, WI.
LINEAGE: My gr gr grandfather was Thomas Dyer Davenport, born in England in 1805, died in 1852, where unknown, married to Thankful Patch of Wallingford, VT 13 Sept l830 in Claredon, VT. They had 10 children, all were born in New York state in and around Hoosick Falls, Little Falls, Utica and some in the Wallingford and Pawlet, VT areas. Great grandpa Davenport's name was Dewitt Clinton Davenport, born 12 Apr 1846 in North Hoosick, NY. He died in 1934 in Elgin, IL. I have information going forward but can find nothing going back from gg grandpa Thomas Dyer Davenport, such as his parents. His mother's maiden name could have been Dyer as in those days they gave the mother's maiden name to a son as a middle name, thus my fathers middle name of Le Roy "Davenport" Williams. Thomas Dyer is not buried by his wife Thankful here in Wisconsin, so it is my thinking that he died somewhere in the area where they were living at that time, possibly in the north Hoosick area.

COMMENTS: Their 10 children were Sarah Marion b.1833 Eugene Irvin b. 1837 Thaddeus Poliski b.1838 Robert Newton b.1843 Florence Almire b.1844 Frances Ann b.1832 David Thomas b.1841 DeWitt Clinton b. 1846 Elizabeth Alma b.1835 Arabella Sumpter b.1839.
Mary Anne DAVENPORT Park <[email protected]> lives in Glasgow, Scotland.  Her father was Michael Anthony (Tony) DAVENPORT, who was one of 14 children born to Esther and William DAVENPORT, "Tulnaree" Carndonagh, County Donegal, Southern Ireland.
Leanne Rogers <[email protected]> lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her lineage is: Mariann Tompkins & William Packham (Ontario); Frederick Tompkins (1895-1984) & Eleanor Draudson (1903-1966) (Alberta); Archie Tompkins (1870-1922) & Eliza DAVENPORT (1870-1906) (New Brunswick, then Alberta); Timothy Titus DAVENPORT (1839-1889) & Sarah Ellen Clark (1851-1928) (New Brunswick); Joseph DAVENPORT (b1793) & Margaret Tompkins (b1804) (New Brunswick).
COMMENTS: Looking for a studio photo (or any photos that exist, for that matter) taken of Eliza, probably in New Brunswick. 
Lesley Morgan Bailham <[email protected]> lives in Dublin, Ireland.
LINEAGE: Mother Rosaleen Morgan, (deceased 1983) nee Davenport, daughter of Henry Victor Davenport (deceased 1978), brother of Edward Davenport, emigrated to Boston Mass. Also sister Barbara Davenport (deceased) originally from Northern Ireland ?
COMMENTS: Looking to find any descendants of Edward Davenport of Boston Mass.
Jill Hyams <[email protected]> lives in Staines, Middlesex, England.
LINEAGE: My g-g-g-g-g-grandfather was the Rev. Thomas Davenport (1722-1795), latterly vicar of St Mary, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire. Thomas's 7th child and my g-g-g-g-gm, Alicia Ann Davenport (1759-1815), married William Tyson in 1786, but the Davenport name was continued in subsequent generations. Alicia Ann Davenport's great grand-daughter, Alicia Davenport Stanford (1860-1923), was the wife of Charles E Conrad, Montana pioneer and and founder of the city of Kalispell.
Martin Robert DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Mougins, Alpes Maritimes, France.
LINEAGE: Richard d.1623/4, Gt Wigston, Leics, UK>Henry:1587-1656>Thomas:1629-1709>George:1677-1712>Samuel:1708-1775>John:1737-1788>George:1782-1846>Robert:1816-1896>Cecil:1863-1926>Robert:1893-1961. From Richard to John they were farmers/landowners in Wigston, George was a banker in Oxford, Robert a farmer/landowner in South Australia, Cecil a medical missionary in China, and Robert a doctor in London.

COMMENTS: Family tradition has it that Richard was a younger son of the Bramhall, Cheshire, branch of the family, but no proven link has yet been found.
Barrie DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Middleton, Manchester, England.
LINEAGE: Edmund 1771 > Joseph 1812 > John 1848 > Joseph 1885 > Arthur 1920 > Barrie 1944

COMMENTS: Edmund lay claim to Bramhall Hall in 1820 but lost his claim through a poorly prepared case.

Dale Charles DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Frankston, Victoria, Australia.
LINEAGE: Dale Charles Davenport (Born 25.02.1979) son of Charles Clifford Davenport of Frankston, Victoria.

LINEAGE: "William Davenport born c 1885, and who died accordingly to an entry in a family bible in Middlesex, England, 19 Dec 1859 aged 64 he was my GT GT GT Grandfather. William was said to have been a Painter, Glazier and Gilder. William married Charlotte Head born in Sussex, c 1898/99 they had a large family of nine sons and two daughters from 1821- 1845. They lived most of their lives around Middlesex. Two sons migrated to Australia, John and then Richard (my line). Alfred Joined the Royal Navy, George was a Mathematical Instrument Maker. In 1869 when George was a widower, he married Eliza Wright at the Free English Church, Hackney, their home was 2 Tudor Grove, Hackney. When Charlotte died in 1880 her address was 4 Tudor Grove, Hackney, so it seems that the family were living here for a number of years. I have good photos of William and Charlotte and some of the children."

COMMENTS: "My father has been proven by the DNA project that he is descended from the Newberry Davenports. Does anyone have an English family tree from this line?"
Helen Shaw Krigsman (nee McCue) <[email protected]> lives in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
LINEAGE: Sanders Davenport married Susan Ballantine on 9th Oct 1775 in Saint Bride, Fleet Street, London, England.

They had the following child:
John Davenport born 1777 in England. He died 11 Mar 1836 in St Alban, Wood Street, City of London, London, England. Buried 16 Mar 1836.

He married Catherine Waldron about 1800 in Leicester, England. She was born in 1782. Died 11 Jan 1866 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.

John Davenport and Catherine Waldron had 16 children:

William Davenport b. 12 Nov 1800 Parish of Leicester.
Child not named b. 1802
John Davenport b. 4 Jan 1803 Parish of All Saints, Leicester.
Henry Davenport b. 10 Jun 1804 Parish of All Saints, Leicester.
James Davenport b. 16 Nov 1805 Parish of St. Margaret’s, Leicester.
Matthew Davenport b. 7 Jul 1806 Parish of St. Margaret’s, Leicester.
Charles Davenport b. 29 May 1809 Parish of St. Margaret’s, Leicester.
Thomas Davenport b. 9 Mar 18011Parish of St Leonards, London.
Robert Davenport b. 12 Feb 1813 Parish of Saint Olaves, Old Jewry, London.
Isaac Alfred Davenport b. 26 May 1814 Parish St Olaves, Old Jewry, London
Henry Davenport b. 13 Jul 1816 Parish St Olaves, Old Jewry, London
Arthur Davenport b. 21 Apr 1818 Parish of St Olaves, Old Jewry, London, England. He married Frances Anne Seivwright on 3 Feb 1848, Richmond, Tasmania, Australia. She was born about 1832. Dr Arthur Frederick Davenport was Archdeacon of Tasmania. They had 8 children.
Richard Davenport b. 11 Jan 1820 Parish of St Olaves, Old Jewry, London.
Mary Davenport b. 27 Apr 1821 Parish of St Olaves, Old Jewry, London. She died in 1863. She married Samuel Shaw.
Walter Davenport b. 25 Jan 1823 Parish of St Mary’s, Salington. London.
Matthew Davenport b. Parish of St Matthew’s, Bethnel Green.

Mary Davenport was my great, great grandmother, 1 girl of 15 brothers, I am looking for research of the ancestors of Sanders Davenport and Ballantine.

Mary’s Brother Arthur married Frances Anne Seivwright had 8 children.
1. Fanny Maria Davenport b. 16 Mar 1849 Richmond, Tasmania, Australia married George Wood Shoebridge b. 4 Sep 1848
2. Amy Clarisse Davenport b. 12 Apr 1851 Richmond, Tasmania, Australia married John Fletcher Walker
3. Walter Charles Davenport b. 13 Jan 1853 Norfolk Island, Australia
4. Katherine Davenport b. 28 Sep 1855 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
5. Lilian Davenport b. 7 Jan 1858 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
6. Arthur Davenport b. 7 Feb 1860 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
7. Frank Adolphus Davenport b. 2 Jan 1863 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia married Ethel Carne
8. Henry Glissold Davenport b. 16 Mar 1866 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia married Edith Russell.

COMMENTS: Trying to trace back to Orme Davenport b. 1086
Robert Simpson Davenport <[email protected]>  lives in Richmond, Surrey, UK.
LINEAGE: Joseph 1700, John 1752, John 1781, John 1811, Henry 1847, Joseph Henry 1877, Richard Simpson 1909.  There were Davenports in Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire, since the 1600's.  The founding father of this branch is Joseph 1700.  Then there were 4 main families descended from James the Grocer 1776, William the cabinetmaker 1778, John clerk to the Union of Poor Houses 1781 and Thomas the Innkeeper 1785.  There are probably 300 members, past and present of the Ashby de la Zouche branch.
Michael Stephen Davenport <[email protected]> lives in Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia.
LINEAGE: Father: Maxwell Davenport, 1919
His Father: Arthur Davenport ...from Tasmania.

Roger James DAVENPORT – c/o.  [email protected] born in London, lives in Kent, UK with his wife Barbara.
LINEAGE:  All London, England based. 
James c.1680, Saunders/Sanders 1720, Saunders/Sanders 1748, Philip Sanders 1779, Philip Saunders 1815, Benjamin Stokes 1849, Herbert Henry 1879, Jack Alexander 1911.  (NB, Saunders & Sanders were interchangeable)

Roger, as a direct male descendant of James Davenport b. circa 1680 (we believe in London) has been DNA proved to the Worfield/Chorley branch descended from Marton.

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