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"The New Haven Davenports"

The Rev. John Davenport was born in Coventry, England in 1597, the grandson of Edward Davenport of Coventry. He left his homeland due to a dispute with the church and arrived in Salem, Massachusetts aboard the Hector in 1637. He was one of the founders of of New Haven, Connecticut and Yale University.  He married Elizabeth Wooley and had a son John. The Rev. John Davenport died in Boston, Massachusetts in 1670.  Many of John's descendants settled in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. There is very good documentation linking this line to Edward Davenport of Coventry and through him the Davenports of Henbury.

CLICK HERE to view a PDF file of the descendants of Edward DAVENPORT of Henbury and Coventry, England

Christine Adams Rotello <[email protected]> lives in Danbury, CT.

Her mother was Rowena Raymond Adams.
Rowena's father was Frederick Raymond.
His father was Samuel Raymond.
His parents were Charles and Ann Raymond.
Ann was the daughter of Samuel Raymond and Clarissa Davenport Raymond.
Clarissa Davenport Raymond was the daughter of Deodate Davenport, who was the son of the Rev. John Davenport.
He was the son of John Davenport Jr., born 1635.
He was the son of the Rev. John Davenport who was born in England in 1597 and who immigrated to America in 1637. He was one of the original settlers of the New Haven colony.
He was the son of Henry Davenport, Alderman of Coventry, England.
Henry was the son of Edward Davenport, Mayor of Coventry.
Robert Daniel DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Glendal, AZ.

His father is Daniel Lewis DAVENPORT and his father is Lewis Romaine DAVENPORT.  His family tree goes back to Rev. John.
Delores Darrah <[email protected]> lives in Sacramento, CA.

LINEAGE: John Davenport - birth 1816 MacClesfield, Cheshire, England married Ann (Colton or Cotton) - birth 1825 London, England. Their daughter Sarah C. Davenport - birth May 1 1853 Enfield, Conn. I have a copy of certificate of birth from Hartford Cty Conn. married Albert Waller - birth May 2 1854 Canada. They were married May 1 1874 at Windsor Locks Conn. I have their marriage certificate.
I am looking for the parents of John Davenport.

I am also looking for the parents of Leorra Davenport Harding, I believe Leorra and Sarah are cousins.

COMMENTS: I have a photo of Joseph Davenport taken in Yokohama Japan. It does not have any dates on it. I also have photos of uncle Joe Davenport. Any info from the back has been lost due to the photo being cut for framing, and uncle William Davenport, taken by H. H. Frye 6 Mill Street, Grass Valley, Cal. As for which uncles , I don't know I presume it could be Sarah or Leorra.
Joyce Davenport Edwards <[email protected]> lives in Concord, NH.

LINEAGE: Father; William H. Davenport, Amherst, MA.
Mother: Corinne Emerson, Keene, NH.
Siblings: Joan Davenport Richter, Colorado; Dr. John Davenport, Madison, WI. (deceased); Phyllis Davenport Grocott, Springfield, MA. (deceased)
William H. Davenport's Father: John Kilburn Warner Davenport, b. 9 Jan 1877, d. Nov 1909
Mother: Sarah Pearl Taber, b. Holyoke, MA., 19 Jul 1878
William's Paternal Grandfather: Charles H. Davenport, b. Jun 1846, d. Nov 1912, South Hadley, MA.
Charles Davenport's spouse: Mary Warner, b. Greenfield, Mass. Feb 1845, d. 20 Dec.1910, S. Hadley, MA.
William's Maternal Grandfather: Frank Luther Taber, b. Holyoke, MA., Oct 1850, d. 16 May 1922
William's Maternal Grandmother: Sarah Jane Paddelford, b. Sherbourne, N.Y. d. Holyoke, MA.
Parents of Henry H. Davenport: Henry S, Davenport and Caroline (?)
Parents of Mary Warner Davenport: Anson Warner and Eunice Kingsbury
Parents of Frank Taber: Luther Anthony Taber and Lydia Wheat Bullock. Lived in Grafton, NH.

COMMENTS: I am trying to locate Sarah Pearl Taber Davenport Boyle's place and date of death.  She was my grandmother who was married for the second time late in life to William Boyle.  I have the Taber line way back in England and also Bullocks, both on my Father's side.  There is an Emerson-Davenport marriage way back, Persis Emerson to Simon Emerson m. 7--9-1761. Her ancestor was Richard Davenport of Salem Mass. who came from England in 1628.  I received an Email from the Davenport DNA project which states that my ancestor may have been Thomas Davenport of Dorchester, Mass.

Marc Kenneth Davenport <[email protected]> lives in San Diego, CA.

LINEAGE: Marc Davenport 1960, Marcy Davenport 1931, Dewitt Davenport 1869, Hudson Davenport 1838, Isiah Davenport 1816, Jesse Davenport 1775, Oliver Davenport 1723, Thomas Davenport 1682, William Davenport 1655, John Davenport 1605, John Davenport 1585,Thomas Davenport ?

COMMENTS:  I would like to know more about the Davenport's in England.

David Ray Davenport Jr. <[email protected]> lives in Butler, PA.

LINEAGE: My Linage goes back to John Davenport and Mary Hunt who had a son John who had a son William who married Mary Hitchcock who had a son Thomas who married Elizabeth Leggett who had a son Oliver who married Hannah Sobee who had a son Thomas who married Mary Elizabeth Brunson who had a son Miles who Married Elizabeth Pringle in 1841 who had a son Edward Austin Davenport  my Great Grandfather who married Ophelia J.Neely who had a son Leslie Rae Davenport my Grandfather who married Annie Evans who had a son David Ray Davenport My Father.

 COMMENTS: I have a lot of info on this line of Davenports from Luzerne Co. Pa. and Putnam NY.

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