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"The Barbados Davenports"

Humphrey Davenport was born before 1640 in Devonshire, England. He married (1st) Ann Collinson and had children Paramoog and Humphrey. His second marriage produced four more children - Rachel, born in Barbados, Richard, born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, William, and John. Humphrey died about 1680 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.
Doug Dobbs  <[email protected]> lives in Mercersburg, PA.    His earliest known DAVENPORT ancestor is Humphrey, rumored to be born about 1615, and who immigrated to Barbados, West Indies.   There his son, also Humphrey, has a recorded baptism in 1660.  This line goes to New Amsterdam in the later 1600's, then settles in Morris County, New Jersey from then on. Doug's line is through these descendants of the first Humphrey: Humphrey#2 (1656-1735), Humphrey#3 (bef 1714?-aft 1739?), Cornelius (1739-1815), Enos (1792-1879), Adams (abt 1830-1908) and Irene D. Spargo (1856-1947).
Joann Little Gustke <[email protected]> lives in Green River, WY.   She descends from Humphrey#1 (b. abt 1615, m. Rachel Holmes of Scituate, MA); Humphrey#2 (b. 1656, m. Annetje Rosenkrans, Kingston, NY); Humphrey#3 (b. 1697, m. Elizabeth Hiler, Kingston, NY); Jacob (b. abt 1732, m. Wyntie "Lavina" ?); Leah (b. 1782, m. David NORMAN (b. 1772) of Oak Ridge, NH); David NORMAN (b. 1811/1812, m. Delia LOSAW); Sarah Elizabeth NORMAN (b. 1854, Milton, NJ, m. Abraham LITTLE, b. 1846); David LITTLE (b. 1874, m. Katherine Elizabeth HOOPER); William Henry LITTLE (b. 1901, Wharton, NJ, m. Irene UTTER); and David LITTLE (b. 1926, m. Elizabeth Jane AMMERMAN).
Carolyn Blain Pruitt <[email protected]> lives in Hamilin, TX.   She descends from Elizabeth DAVENPORT (b. 1689, m. 1714 to David DE DUYSTER), daughter of Humphrey DAVENPORT (abt 1658-1727) and Ann ROSENKRANS, and granddaughter of Humphrey DAVENPORT (b. abt 1615) and Rachel HOLMES.
L. Hiler <[email protected]> lives in Oregon. His line is Humphrey DAVENPORT + Joanna ROSENCRANS; Rachel DAVENPORT + Nicholas HILER; Jacob HILER + Ann VAN WINKLE; John HILER + Mary ?; John HILER + Ruth GARRIGUS; Lewis Beam HILER + Mary Louisa BALL; Edward Everette HILER + Stella Teresa ECKMAN; Lewis Edward HILER + Hildegard Elisabeth FRITZSCHE; Elbert Lewis HILER; L. HILER [him].
Connie <[email protected]> lives in Glendale, AZ.
LINEAGE: "I am related to Humphrey Davenport through the Hiler Family. My grandmother Aura Hiler married Irving Marr. Her father was John Hiler who married Sarah Reynolds. I have a website if you want to know more. It is:"
Robert Lafollette Butch Devenport <[email protected]> lives in Chicago, IL.
LINEAGE: Humphrey Davenport, born 1615-1630, Barbados, married Rachel Holmes, William Davenport, 1664 Hartford Conn., mar. Elizabeth Nichols who died in her 27th year. He then mar. Ann Edwards in 1702. One of his sons was William Devenport who mar. Elizabeth Williams, widow of John Yeomen. One of his sons was William Jr., born in 1744 in Conn. and died in 1768 in Conn. He married Unknown but they had a son William D. Sr. who was born in 1766 in Conn., and mar. Nancy Pendelton in 1789 in Conn. and died in 1858. They had a son William D. Jr. born in 1789 in Conn., mar. Ester Stow in 1818 New York, and died in New York. One of their sons was James P. Devenport who was born in 1824 and mar. Harriet Amanda Brownell on Feb. 4, 1850 in Hanover, Chautaugua Co. New York and died in 1908 in Ferryville, Crawford Co. Wisconsin. One of their sons was William Harson Windy Bill from Ferryville who mar. Margaret Ione Hill in 1868 in Ferryville and died in 1925 in Lisbon, Ransom Co. North Dakota! One of their sons was Frank Eugene Davenport who was born in 187? in Ferryville, Crawford Co. Wisc. One of his sons was my father Robert Lafollette Blckie Devenport born in 1924 in Lisbon Ransom Co. North Dakota and mar. Betty Lou Huffman in 1946 in Chicago Cook Co. Illinois and died in 1980 in Edgerton Rock Co. Wisc. Then me, Robert Lafollette Butch Devenport born in 1964 in Prairie du Chien, Crawford Co., Wisconsin.
Terry (Wilson) Sorenson <[email protected]> lives in Beulah, ND.
John Davenport, Humphrey 1630 + Rachel Holmes, Humphrey 1656 + Anna Rosencrans, Humphrey 1697 + Elizabeth Hiler, Jacob 1732 + Hanna Mcclain, Leah 1782 + David Norman, William David Norman 1816 + Sarah Mandeville, Jacob Norman 1846 +Susan Matilda Peacock/Coles, Anna Norman 1877 + Augustus Leonard Hedden, Beatrice Hedden 1906 +Tuttle Pierson Johnson, Elsie Marie Johnson 1932 +Thomas Michael Wilson, Me
Jacqueline R. Burt <[email protected]> lives in West Jordan, UT.
LINEAGE: Humphrey Davenport (abt 1615) & Rachel Holmes; Humphrey Davenport, Jr. (1656-1727) & Annetje Rosencrans; Elizabeth Davenport (1689-1727) & David de Duyscher; Barent Duytscher (b. 1733) & Antje Hegeman; David Dutcher (1774-1845) & Jemima; Charles Dutcher (1812-1870) & Nancy Anne Ratcliff; William Henry Dutcher (1842-1920) & Sarah W. Pierce; William Reuben Dutcher (1868-1949) & Minnie Christina Bankston; Francis Marion Dutcher (1882-1980) & Zola Vera Ward; Vera M. Dutcher & James L. Davis; Jacqueline Davis-Burt.
David Felzke <[email protected]> lives in Cranberry Twp., PA.
LINEAGE: I descend from Samuel DEVENPORT b. 4 NOV 1794 in Morris County, NJ. His wife was Margaret SISCO b. 16 MAR 1805 in NJ, then via their daughter, Harriet DAVENPORT b. 25 May 1839 in Columbus, Franklin County, OH. Samuel's father is tentatively John Aley Davenport, then Humphrey III, Humphrey, Jr., and Humphrey who married Rachel Holmes, then another Humphrey who married Mary Sutton, then it gets real tentative.
COMMENTS: Have seen but one #2 Proof on John Aley Davenport being father of my Samuel, and would like to see more on this. Samuel & Margaret had fourteen children so would like to hear from other descendants of theirs.
Susan Stanton Katz <[email protected]> lives in Hubbard, OH.
LINEAGE: My Davenport (Devenport) line is: my maternal grandfather was Leon Fell. His mother was Emma Davenport. Her father and mother were George and Sarah Davenport. George's parents were Margaret and Joseph Davenport. They all lived in and around Big Flats, Elmira, Newtown and Ithica NY. This is also where the Humphrey descendants lived - - Nathaniel, Cornelius, etc. I am looking for the link between these families. I have been in contact with a descendant of Humphrey (Markle) and she tells me there is a connection, but does not know the details. If you have information on Joseph or George's family history I would very much appreciate your help.
Roger and Sharon Elliott <[email protected]> live in Anaheim, CA.
LINEAGE: Roger's line goes back through the Elliotts to his great-great-grandfather David W. Elliott who married Mary Ann Dutcher in 1852 in Ohio. Mary Ann's Dutcher line goes back to her great-great-grandfather David DeDuytser who married Elizabeth Davenport in 1713/14 in Ulster County, NY.
Elizabeth is the daughter of Humphrey Davenport and Anna Rosenkrans. Humphrey Davenport was born in Barbados. His parents have not been proved.

COMMENTS: Sharon's Davenport website is at:

Her Dutcher site is:

Teresa Jo "Teri" Dimmett <[email protected]> lives in Newfield, NY.
LINEAGE: Great grandmother: Harriet D. Davenport b. 1856 NY & Robert B. VanLeuven Sherman Davenport b. 1830 NY & Henrietta Brown Solomon Davenport b. 1808 NY & Ann W. Snyder Martin S. Davenport b. 1787 NY & Catherine Courtright Gerrit Jr Davenport b. 1753 NY & Catrina Osterhout Gerrit Davenport b. 1716/17 NY & Elizabeth Roosa Nathaniel Davenport b. 1686 NY & Lysbeth VanVliet Humphrey II Davenport b. 1656 Barbadoes & Annetje Rosenkrans Humphrey I Davenport & Ann Collinson
Carol DAVENPORT Parks <[email protected]> lives in Vineland, NJ.
LINEAGE: Peter Davenport b. NJ (wife Ann Cole) > Samuel Davenport b. 1815, NJ (wife Lucinda Myers) > John Wesley Davenport b. 1843, Pittstown, Hunterdon Co., NJ (wife Elizabeth Farrow) > George Bunnell Davenport b. 1869, Union, NJ (wife Augusta Rudden) > George Rudden Davenport b. 1905, Newark, NJ (wife Norma Babcook Joyce) > Carol (Davenport) Parks

COMMENTS: I know that I am a descendant of Humphrey Davenport of Barbados through yDNA testing. I have yet to find the connection.
Shawn DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Lancaster, PA.
LINEAGE: My fatherís family comes from Newfoundland N. J. area. Humphrey Davenport came here to settle in the late 1600ís. My fatherís name is Harvey Jr., then before him was Harvey, then George (1865), David (1833), John (1801), Peter (1700ís), Johannes Jan, who I believe was a brother of Cornelius and Nathaniel. Then came Humphrey Jr. in my line. I have a hunch weíre somehow Jewish, knowing that the DNA matches the Cohen gene. I personally need to get a DNA test. If anyone met my father or uncle and aunts they would say they look very Jewish. I really believe Humphrey had a father who was a Jew from Holland and took up the Davenport name in England. He belonged to the Dutch reform church in Barbados. He spent time in Holland and found a wife, Rosecrans, who was a Jew from Holland. New Amsterdam was considered New Jerusalem at that time. William Davenport seemed to be a real England davenport and may have raised Humphrey but they were not blood related. Thatís my hypothesis in examining the facts.
Robert R. DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in Succasunna, NJ.
LINEAGE: My father's ancestors all lived in the Newfoundland, NJ area with Humphrey II (b.Sept. 12, 1656)and his wife Anna Rosenkrans first moving from Kingston, NY where they lived for 27 years to Montville, NJ in 1711 after buying 750 acres from local indians and then after 6 years moving to Newfoundland,NJ becoming the first documented settlers in Jefferson Township, Morris County, NJ.
LINEAGE: Humphrey I Davenport & Ann Collinson (1st wife before Rachel Holmes)> Humphrey II (b.1656 Barbados) & Anna Rosenkrans> Humphrey III (b.1697 Kingston, NY) & Elizabeth Hiler> Peter (b.1738 NJ)or John & Jemima Brooks> Peter P. (b.1738 NJ) & Mrs. Mackley> John P.(b. 1801 NJ) & Delilah Powlison> Lewis (b. 1830 Newfoundland NJ) & Caroline Eckhart> Robert R. (b.1874 Newfoundland NJ) & Mary Bell> Harry E. (b. 1915 Succasunna NJ) & Frances Stevens> Robert R. Davenport

COMMENTS: Have quite a bit of information on Northern NJ Davenports
Kristine DAVENPORT <[email protected]> lives in South Carolina.
LINEAGE: John (1765-?) > Anthony (1806-?) > James (1827-1895) > Frank (1860-1937) > Earl (my grandpa) (1888-1960) > etc.

Both John and Anthony were born in NJ. James moved to Ohio, Michigan and then Indiana where his son Frank and his other children were born. James and his family finally moved to Nebraska where he homesteaded and remained.

COMMENTS: I know I am of the Humphrey line due to DNA testing but need help in connecting John (born in 1765 NJ) to one of Humphrey's sons. Any help would be deeply appreciated!
Loretta Babb <[email protected]> lives in East Stroudsburg, PA.
1. Humphrey Davenport b: 1595 England married Mary Sutton b: 1572

2. Humphrey Davenport Jr. b: 1620 Devonshire England d:1680 Hunterdon County, NJ married Ann Collinson

3. Humphrey Davenport III b: 12 Sep 1656, Barbados d:14 Jul 1735, Hanover, NJ married 18 Apr 1684 to Johanna Anna Rosenkrans b: 9 Oct 1667, Kingston, NY d: 5 Nov 1740, Albany, NY
* Humphrey was a soldier in the Colonial Militia
* Humphrey is buried in Marcella, NJ at Marcella Union Cemetery in Morris County.

4. Humphrey Davenport IV b: 25 July 1697, Kingston, NY d: 25 Oct 1768, Newfoundland, NJ married 3 Jul 1731 to Elizabeth Hyler or Hiler b: 15 Jun 1711, NJ d: 10 Aug 1780, Newfoundland, NJ

5. Anna (Annatje) Davenport b: Apr 1744, Morris County, NJ married William Weaver b: 1743 d: 1831, Jefferson, NJ
* William is buried in Oak Ridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Oak Ridge, NJ

6. John J. Weaver b: 14 Sep 1786, Jefferson, NJ d: 1820, Morris County, NJ married Mary Brown b: 1785, NJ

7. John J. Weaver b: 18 Jun 1811, Newfoundland, NJ d: 19 Jun 1873, West Milford, NJ married Mary Marion b: 1818, Macopin, NJ d: 1875, West Milford, NJ
* Both are buried in St. Joseph's R.C. Church Cemetery in West Milford, NJ

8. Domnick Weaver b: 1843, West Milford, NJ d: 1889, West Milford, NJ married 5 Jul 1863, West Milford, NJ Agatha Salles b: 1841, Baden, Germany d: 1892, West Milford, NJ
* Both are buried in St. Joseph's R.C. Church Cemetery in West Milford, NJ

9. Leo Weaver b: 18 Jul 1866, West Milford, NJ d: 1952, West Milford, NJ married 19 Sep 1887, Echo Lake, NJ Elenor Elisabeth Miller b: 1871, NJ d: 1910, West Milford, NJ
* Leo is buried in St. Joseph's R.C. Church Cemetery in West Milford, NJ

10. Lena Cecelia Weaver b: 24 Aug 1892, NJ d: 31 Jul 1992, West Milford, NJ married Martin Andrew Struble b: 5 Jun 1890 d: 1960
* Both are buried in St. Joseph's R.C. Church Cemetery in West Milford, NJ

11. Dorothy Ann Struble married William Frederick Atkins
* Both still alive

12. Debra Ann Atkins married John J. Babb Jr.
* Both still alive

13. Loretta Lynn Babb
Patricia M. Sood <[email protected]> lives in Chestertown, MD.
LINEAGE: Am seeking Timothy Davenport of Sussex and Morris Counties, NJ. He was probably born in 1805, but some records say later. He died in 1860 of intemperance in Jefferson Township, Morris County. He married Eliza Pittinger (Pettinger) of Sussex County and they had 4 daughters: Sarah C., Malinda, Harriet, and Nancy according to the 1850 census. Nancy is my gr. grandmother.  Timothy was listed next to Elijah in the 1850 census of Jefferson Township. He also is mentioned with Horace Davenport in Sussex County - they sold some land to Peter Davenport in Morris County. No mention of relationships however.  Any help will be gratefully received.

COMMENTS: I think Timothy belongs with the Humphrey Davenports because of the New Jersey location, but I haven't yet found any documentation placing him in any Davenport family. His wife died before 1850, and the girls were placed with other family members (Kimbles and Pittingers).

Betty DAVENPORT Peters <[email protected]> lives in Bolingbrook, IL.
1. William DAVENPORT & Comfort Fisher
2. George P. DAVENPORT & Nancy Clifton
3. Alfred S. DAVENPORT & Lucinda Tolley
4. Adolphus DAVENPORT & Alice Brown
5. Maurice DAVENPORT & Hazel
6. Betty DAVENPORT Peters

COMMENTS: I just started working on the Davenport line. I don't have much information as my Dad died when I was eight.  Mom died a few years later.  Dad was from Sangamon Cty, IL, which is where we lived. I do know Dad had been married before and had three other daughters (Maxine, Evelyn & Dorothy). I'm looking also for information on my grandmother's family. Brown is not an easy name to research. I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer.

Linda Simboli <[email protected]> lives in Philadelphia, PA.
LINEAGE: My husband is a descendant of Elmira Davenport, born 1841 in N.J. Death certificate states place of birth  was Newark. Father is William Davenport born in N.J. 1791. Other children of William are Robert Davenport, born 1833; Harvey, born 1835; Charles Davenport born about 1836; Henry H. Davenport, born 1844. The entire family was living in Trenton in 1850. I think they are descendants Of Humphrey, given their names and where they are living in 1850. I have been unable to find any information prior to 1850. Does any one know any information about Davenports in the Newark or Trenton area in 1850's or prior to this date.

Robert Buell Palmer <[email protected]> lives in Bangor, MA.
LINEAGE: Humphrey, b. Engl, who grew up Barbados and migrated to Mass, m. Rachel Holmes at Dorchester, dwelled Hartford CT, where my ancestor William Davenport was taken from him by the court for his mother playing cards on a Sunday.  William was assigned to a Capt Watts, and his daughter m. a Turner who imported sugar.  Humphrey and wife and daughter moved to NY City after this.  (Some Davenports were sugar importers before the Revolution, bringing sugar from Barbados which was later estranged).

COMMENTS: William would have been born Massachusetts or Hartford Connecticut.


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